My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop






「This is… quite the scene…」

My eyes spun as I looked around the overwhelming underground room.

A great number of engineers and researchers were here, investigating the walls and floor and disputing with each other.

Then, there was a large scale adventurer party that was here to protect them.

Since the knights were facing off against the demons at the lower stream of the valley, they probably couldn’t afford to send their guys from the frontlines to a place like this.

The leader commanding the adventurer party was —

「Oh! Luke, you’re here! What are you doing in a place in this?」

「Travis, you… You look like you’re in the middle of a quest.」

「That’s right. I’m exploring the ruins and guarding the researchers. There isn’t a single monster here, but they wanted some protection just in case.」

Then, Travis looked over at Garnet who stood beside me.

「I saw you before, back at the bar. Are you Luke’s brother?」

「He’s the only worker at my weapon shop. I’ve been wanting to increase the number of staff, but unfortunately, the economic boom just made it harder for me to find people to hire…」

「Hahaha! Adventurers don’t have that kind of worry! In fact, we have too many guys that want to join the expedition, making it tough for us to decide! How about that, feeling jealous?」

「Don’t say that, hand some of those guys over. Also I hope your party ditches you and you end up solo.」

Since we’ve known each other for a long time, we could talk sarcastically.

It hasn’t been that long since I met the people of Greenhollow, so we weren’t at a level where I could throw out jokes like that easily.

I have relatively easy-going conversations with Garnet now, but if I were to compare it to my relationship with Travis who I’ve known for years, it felt like we still had some distance between us.

Because of that, I got too focused on the meaningless conversation between Travis and I.

「Oh yeah, I still haven’t introduced myself to the kid here. I’m Travis, the Black Sword Mountain. Or, did you hear about me from Luke already?」

「I’m Garnet. I’ve heard that you’ve known my boss since you two first started out as adventurers.」

Garnet saw Travis hold out his hand for a handshake, and she grinned like a bad child who’d just thought of a prank.

The moment they shook their hands, Garnet put some strength into her right hand.

「Take this!」


Garnet must’ve been gripping so hard my bones would’ve screamed in pain, but Travis looked like he was having fun and put some strength into his own hand. They suddenly started doing a grip challenge.

A couple of adventurers came to watch, cheering and jeering.

「Hahaha, Luke! This kid’s got some promise! Look, I’m not trying to make fun of your job, but I honestly think you’re wasting his potential by making him work at a weapon shop!」

Ignorance is bliss, as people say. As I held back my laughter, I looked away nonchalantly so he wouldn’t notice.

What would happen if Travis knew his opponent was a girl, his worst fear? Just imagining it made me want to burst out in laughter.

「…Um, Luke-san. If we could proceed with the main reason we’re here today…」

「Oh, sorry. You wanted me to 【repair】 something, right?」

The engineer asked in a reserved manner, so I cleared my thoughts and returned to the main topic at hand.

He brought me here because there was something he wanted me to 【repair】.

There was nothing else for me to do otherwise, and I understood that the most.

「It’s this way.」

The engineer led me to the mana switch box that was by the massive door covering the entire wall.

The switch box was a device that came with artificial dungeons, used as a dungeon trap or to control the opening and closing of trap doors.

The cover was off so the inside of the switch box was exposed, but it was obvious at first glance that it was broken.

「As you can see, there is a considerable amount of damage done to it. The investigation members who have 【Repair】 could not fix it. If we try to fix it manually, who knows how long it would take us…」

「I see… Do you have anything I can use as material?」

「Yes, please use this.」

I held out the pouch the engineer gave me and the broken mana switch box, and put in my mana to activate 【Repair】.

This was one of the reasons that I, a guy who has no redeeming qualities other than 【Repair】, wasn’t completely abandoned by other adventurer parties.

Dungeon mechanisms were not invincible; they could break. There were some cases where people couldn’t proceed further into a dungeon unless they got a certain mechanism fixed, so I prioritized them and took as many as I could.

But then, I only got my skill to a high enough level to do them in the last couple of years, and even then, situations like that only came up once every few months, making them a very unstable way of earning money.

「…There, I think I fixed it. Please try it.」

「Thank you so much! Well then, let’s try…」

The engineer began operating the mana switch box with joy.

The switch box began to vibrate, and I could feel mana seeping through the walls and floor.

Every time an unknown mechanism is activated in a dungeon, I feel waves  of anxiety and curiosity swell up inside of me.



Except, I just heard the one sound I never want to hear.

Just as I feared, the vibration suddenly became intense, and the entire underground room began to shake.

「What’s happening?!」

「T-the mana switch box activated on its own!」

I ended up preparing myself to be buried alive here, but what actually happened was something completely different.

At the back of the underground room, a cacophonic sound came from the massive door as it slowly opened on its own.

On the other side of the door was —

「Golems… And big ones at that…」

Even from where we were standing, I could tell that there were more than ten of them.

The golems were several times taller than us, and stood in a neat row within the space behind the door.

The oddities did not stop there.

The golems began to move one by one, swinging their arms as they walked forward.

「T-they’re coming!」

As the engineers panicked and tried to run, the golems swung their strong arms down as if they were trying to crush them. Their arms smashed through the floor.

Of course, as we had been standing close by repairing the switch box, we were not an exception. One of the golems swung its arm right at us.

(Shit…! At this rate… I’ll get smashed to death before I can use 【Disassemble】…!)

In the next moment, I saw a small figure fly right into the side of the golem, kicking away the arm that was about to hit us.

「You okay, White Wolf?!」


As soon as she landed, she dashed off and did a roundhouse kick right into the golem’s leg.

The golem sustained damage from Garnet’s attacks and collapsed onto its back.

However, Garnet didn’t stop her fierce attacks there.

Just as I thought that she was going to jump onto the golem, she lifted her tensed leg up high and swung down at its smooth rock face, trying to smash it open.

「Hey! Where’s the golem’s weak spot?!」

「There should be a magic word carved on its face somewhere! Shave off the first letter!」

「Shave it? This, huh?! Ugh, what a pain!」

Garnet aimed for the magic word carved on the golem’s face, which was around the area where a human’s mouth would be, and punched it with her tightened fist.

Her strike pulverized not only the first letter but the entire word, but either way, the golem finally went quiet.

Garnet had demonstrated the characteristics of her two skills: one was her superhuman strength, and the other was her body strengthening skill, allowing her to strike through a rock with her bare hands and still be unharmed.

Before, had she not been taken down by the large dragon’s surprise attack before she could activate her skills, I’d reckon the dragon wouldn’t have stood a chance against her.

「You did it…!」

「Don’t relax yet! There’s still a bunch we have to clean up!」

The army of golems didn’t only head to Garnet, but to everyone else.

Travis’s adventurer party reacted quickly and began dealing with them.

「Group two and three, protect the engineers and escape! Group one, stay with me! It’s our time to shine, go crazy all you want!」

Travis attacked the vanguard golems with his metal gauntlets.

The golem’s massive rock fist that swung down was greeted by Travis’s fist.


A clash, a thunderous roar, an impact.

The golem’s large build got knocked back forcibly and crashed down landing on the back of its head.

In terms of pure power, his strike was definitely stronger than Garnet’s. This was who Travis really was.

His physical strength and chivalry alone were enough to prove that him getting to rank A in the blink of an eye wasn’t just a fluke.

「It’s been a while since I got some opponents I can pummel. My arm’s itching for some action.」

「You’re doing pretty good, old man!」

「I’m not that old! I swear! I’m the same age as Luke!」

「Weh, seriously?!」

The two monsters with their boosted physical ability set out to exterminate the golems as they threw words at each other like there was no danger at all.

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