My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop

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More than ten giant golems approached us slowly.

Golems are man-made monsters that cannot do any complicated movements. The only way they can attack is by swinging their arms, but their strength and reach make them quite the threat.

For ordinary adventurers, they’d have to prepare carefully before taking even one of them on. Had they been here in this situation, it would’ve become a one-sided fight with them being crushed to death.

「Too slow!」

Garnet jumped onto the a golem’s fist that had been smashed into the floor and ran up its arm. She then smashed the golem’s lower jaw accurately with a roundhouse kick.

That one attack destroyed the magic word which was used to animate the golem, and reduced it to a human-shaped cluster of rocks and mud.

「That’s the second one!」

「……! Garnet, behind you!」

A different golem behind Garnet swung its arms down at her just as she landed.

Just as I’d thought Garnet wouldn’t be able to dodge the surprise attack, she crossed her arms above her head and blocked the golem’s fist.

The impact caused the floor beneath Garnet’s feet to break, but since she boosted her physical ability with mana, she didn’t take any damage.

「Get down, White Wolf! I’m going all out!」

As soon as Garnet shouted that, she grabbed onto the rock fist tightly and turned her body sideways with all her might.

The golem’s giant body did a full rotation in the air while being supported by the arm that Garnet had grabbed onto.


The golem flew into two others, knocking all of them onto a wall.

— What an absurd power move!

The smashed golems and the wall crumbled down together.

It was as if calamity had taken the form of a young girl.

In terms of speed and accuracy, Sakura was definitely the stronger one. However, nothing could compare to the intensity of Garnet’s power and toughness.

Suppose Garnet did have some sort of weakness. It’d either be her being susceptible to surprise attacks, or her not knowing what to do in a prolonged battle.

With the way she spontaneously activated her skills, it’d consume a lot of mana over a long period of time. Therefore, she would be weak against getting ambushed before she could activate her skills, or with a long battle.

However, the explosive power she exhibits in every other situation was incredible.

「Geez… You’re way too enthusiastic about this.」

「It’s because I never got to go all out here until now. I gotta refresh myself sometimes.」

「What if you work too hard and use up your mana?」

「Things will be over before that happens. That guy over there’s taking it more seriously than I am.」

Garnet was looking at Travis, who was attacking as fiercely as she was.

「Hahahaha! With this many of them, it’s worth fighting!」

Travis’s one simple attack pulverised a golem’s leg.

Then, he aimed and drove his tough fist into it as it crashed down in front of him.

The golem’s chest was smashed through. The two rock arms shattered from the impact. Its faceless head rolled off.

He didn’t even need to aim for the magic word on the golem. Instead, he pulverised the golem to the point where it was no longer capable of battling.

The reason he aimed for the legs first was so he could deliver the final blow into its chest.

Had his opponent been smaller, it would’ve been destroyed on the first hit.

「No need to rush! I’ll take care of all of you one by one!」

Travis readied his mana-imbued fist and punched through the air before his eyes.

The large mana wave that launched from his fist flew into a few large-scale golems.

During the time the knocked-over golems attempted to get up, Travis had already smashed down another.

「Keep up with Boss!」

「We’ll do it too!」

Travis’s subordinates piled on the harsh attacks against the golems.

Some people used magic and others used conjured spears to pierce the golems. Some were even throwing bottles of explosive powder to destroy the surface of the golems.

They couldn’t fight alone like Garnet and Travis, but they skilfully coordinated with one another and steadily decreased the numbers.

「L-Luke-san! They’re falling over here…!」

Exactly as the engineer I was escaping with shouted, one of the large-scale golems fell towards us.

It was still functional, so it stretched its arms out in an attempt to smash us down as it fell.


「Get down!」

I put my hand on the giant fist coming down at us and activated 【Disassemble】.

Unlike living beings, a golem’s arm doesn’t have any resistance towards mana, which meant I easily dissolved it.

The skill worked its way up to its face, and I 【disassembled】 the first letter of the magic word by its jaw.

「That’s incredible…! Luke-san, you can fight too!」

「No way, it’s because my opponent had already been weakened! There’s no way I’d win if…」

We tried to run and escape, but standing in front of us was an unwounded golem.

「There’s no way I’d win if we fought one face on,」was what I was just about to say, and then it happened.

Even if I attempted to 【disassemble】 its leg to knock it over, the golem would probably kick me down first

「Haha… This one’s no good though…?.」

「Like I’m gonna let you!」

Garnet’s flying kick hit the side of the golem’s torso.

As if the attack had come from a catapult, Garnet’s kick was powerful enough to destroy half of the golem’s torso and knock it over.

「Protecting you is part of my job. I can’t have you getting smashed to death while I’m looking away, you know.」

「You saved me, but you kinda left it right until the last moment, don’t you think?」

「My bad, my bad. Not like I can teleport like Sakura, okay?」

After our short exchange, we escaped from the underground room while being protected by Garnet.

Even though we returned to the passage that brought us there, we could still hear the sound and feel the vibrations of the mob of golems.

It must be an intense battle, but there was no way we’d lose with Travis there.

「…By the way, White Wolf. If I remember correctly, didn’t Noire mention that there was an army of golems deployed at the demon king’s castle? I don’t know, maybe I’m thinking too deeply into it, but could this place be the demon army’s arsenal or something?」

Garnet looked around with suspicion. When the engineer heard that hypothesis, he whimpered and cowered.

Certainly, what Garnet said was very possible.

The nonsensical convoluted passageway could’ve been purposely designed to confuse intruders, because this ruin used to be a military base.

「The possibility isn’t zero, I guess. I can’t say anything without seeing the golems at the demon king’s castle though… Even if they were made using the same technology, I can still think of another hypothesis.

「Another? Like what?」

「The golems here were created by a different demon race, and the demon army was trying to excavate them to strengthen their forces. In that case, the ruler of the ruins is not a dark elf but of another demon race.」

Garnet hit her palm with her fist and looked convinced.

「That reminds me, there were mentions of the dark elves exploiting the dwarves and making them excavate the mines. Could it be that they weren’t trying to mine for ores, but golems…」

「We should report this to the Golden Fang Knights as soon as we get out of here.」

Garnet and I nodded at each other, and the three of us ran out of the ruins in a hurry.

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