Chapter 5

My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop

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I quickly scanned the severely wounded female samurai who had collapsed in front of me.

Her side was bleeding profusely. It was likely that the dragon slashed her there with its claws.

She must’ve had no time to administer any first-aid to herself given how much blood she appeared to have lost already.

As for the other young girl and I, neither of us had the appropriate medical equipment nor the healing skills to help her.

(Calm down… Think about what I did in the labyrinth… I’m sure I can do it…)

I had only tested my newly-discovered【Disassemble】function inside the labyrinth. It was inefficient against living objects, but it still managed to disassemble the light moss.

The fact was that it worked against a full-fledged living creature.

My guess was that the【Disassemble】function had separated itself from the 【Repair】skill and as such, it was now a standalone ability.

Before, the【Repair】skill disassembled the parts of the object that needed recovery along with the material used. Then, it simultaneously synthesized the materials needed to return the object to its original condition.

The entire process of 【Repair】was done in a flash. My hypothesis suggested that I could now stop the skill at the【Disassemble】function.

If I was correct, then I shouldn’t be able to use 【Disassemble】against a living object, just like how I couldn’t use【Repair】against one.

However, things worked out differently when I tried. I was able to【disassemble】the light moss, which was alive.

Either my conjecture was wrong, or the skill could now do the impossible…

「It’s sink or swim. Don’t resent me if I fail, okay?」

「I would never… do such a thing…… please…help me…」

Sakura gave me a weak reply. I got the consent from the person herself, so now it depended on my gamble.

The first possibility: The【Repair】skill does nothing and Sakura will bleed to her death.

The second possibility: Only the first half of the【Repair】skill works, meaning it’ll【disassemble】her side and she’ll die.

The third possibility: Something completely unexpected happens and she dies anyway.

The fourth possibility: The【Repair】skill operates against her body in some ideal way that will【repair】her wounds.

The odds were so poor it was pitiful, but if I didn’t do anything, Sakura was going to die. In that case, it was better that I at least tried, rather than feel regretful for not doing anything at all.

I placed my hand against Sakura’s side, and began using all of my remaining mana against her.

「Activate skill! Begin【Repair】!」

My overflowing mana shined so brightly it blinded me. Because I was exhausting whatever was left in me, I began feeling lightheaded and slowly lost my consciousness.

Slowly, I lost the feeling in my fingers. I couldn’t see whether the wound was healing or not. Then, I could no longer hear Silvia’s voice as she cried out Sakura’s name.

(Not yet… please, hold on for a little longer…!)

In these fifteen years, I have seen countless adventurers die from serious injuries. I couldn’t do anything for my comrades, who cried in pain and said they didn’t want to die.

That was the limit of what a useless third-rate adventurer could do.

I was frustrated. It was painful. The worst of all, I felt pathetic. I never wanted to go through those emotions again.

(That’s why, at the very least, for her…!)

My field of vision whited out completely, and all my senses vanished.

The moment I gave the last of my mana to Sakura, I lost consciousness.

When I regained consciousness, I was on top of a bed in an unfamiliar room.


Based on how much mana I’ve restored, it had been around half a day since I ran into the dragon.

I didn’t even think about attempting to sit up. I had completely exhausted all my energy, both mentally and physically. The best thing of all, the comfiness of the bed, was like paradise.

It was likely that this bed was just one of many at an inn. When compared to the cold, hard floor of the labyrinth that I had slept on for countless days, the softness and warmth of this bed was enough to make me tear up in bliss.

For me right now, this was the best bed in the world.

Just as I was about to close my eyes again, an unfamiliar girl walked into the room.

「Ah! Thank goodness, you’re awake!」

Let me correct that. A girl I have seen before walked into the room.

She was Silvia, the one who had been attacked by the dragon earlier.

She had wheat-colored hair that rested just above her shoulders, and was now wearing some light clothing that made her look like an inn worker.

I estimated that she was still a teenager. She was probably around half my age.

「…where, am I?」

「This is my home– ah, I mean, it’s an inn called Spring Leaf Pavilion.」

「So you brought me here… I’m sorry, but I don’t have any money, so I’ll leave right away.」

「Oh no! We don’t need payment! You saved our lives, after all!」

Ah, I see. From the girls’ perspective, I saved their lives.

「…I didn’t do that much. I lent the samurai my weapon because I thought that if she died, the dragon would come after me next.」

「Even so, you did so much for us. What’s important isn’t 『why you did it』but rather, 『what you did.』That’s what my grandma always told me.」

「She’s saying that as long as you did a good deed, it doesn’t matter if the motive was good or not… huh. Your grandma sure says some good things.」

About half of what I had said was just some simple flattery, but Silvia still smiled proudly.

How should I put it? She seemed like a nice girl, completely different than the swordswoman and the white magician from the hero’s party. As for the black magician… even when I thought about it now, I didn’t really know much about her.

I didn’t do anything amazing, but since she was thanking me, I decided to accept her kind offer and stayed in the bed. After all, both my body and mind were at their limit.

「Oh, that’s right… How is Sakura, the samurai? She didn’t die, right?」

「She’s fine. Thanks to you, she has completely recovered!」

Silvia made fists with her hands and looked like she was about to cheer in joy.

I truly felt happy knowing she was alright. Even though we were strangers, I’d have nightmares if the person I tried to heal died.

「Uncle, could it be that you used to be a famous cleric?」

「Unc…! No wait, well, I can see why you’d say that…」

That one word, said with such respect, gouged out my heart.

Well, maybe it was natural for her to use that term for me.

Since I hadn’t eaten anything for the last two weeks or so, my face looked completely worn out. Not to mention, I stopped caring about my appearance about halfway through, so my hair and beard got out of hand.

It couldn’t be helped if Silvia thought that I was older than what I really was. …Yes, that must be the reason why. I wanted to think that I was not at the age to be called “uncle” yet.

「I’m just a humble third-rate adventurer. My rank is E for eternal. I think I told you before, but I can only use the【Repair】skill. 」

「Eh? But【Repair】is…」

At that moment, my stomach made an unbelievably loud growl.

As I remembered about my empty stomach, I lost the strength to continue our conversation.

「I feel like I’m going to die…」

「Awawa!! Are you hungry?!」

「I’ve only had… water… for half a month…」

「Ehh?! I’ll bring you something immediately!」

Silvia left the room in a hurry without shutting the door.

I could hear Silvia’s voice from afar, but her tone was completely different than when she spoke to me.

「Mom! Get me some food! …eh, no! It’s not for me! I’m not eating it!」

When I heard her speak with an unreserved tone used only with one’s relatives, it made me think about my parents back home.

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