My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop




Since we got the Black Magician Noire as an employee for White Wolf Shop, things have been more stable here.

Being able to shorten the time it takes to complete the paperwork played a big role in it.

Up until now, I would have to carry over the paperwork I couldn’t finish on the day of to the next day. The work piled up more and more, forcing me to use my day off just to balance the books.

However, we finished everything for this week on time.

Thanks to that, I could finally spend my 『day off』 properly.

I could finally improve the situation of not being able to rest on the shop’s rest day.

— And so, it was my day off. I took Garnet with me to visit Spring Leaf Pavilion.

We didn’t come here for work or a request. Instead, we came purely as customers to eat at the dining hall there.

「Hey White Wolf, can I really order anything I want?」

「Only if you finish everything you order.」

Garnet leaned into the chair next to the window and looked through the menu with joy.

I didn’t tell Garnet the reason why we came here today. It wasn’t because I wanted to eat out, but because I wanted her to eat the things she likes.

A few days ago, after we talked about whether we should hire Noire or not, Garnet felt disgusted regarding Noire’s motives and ended up in a bad mood.

Now that Noire started working, nothing had come up between them during work, but I couldn’t help but feel bad about it.

Therefore, I decided to use our day off hoping to get her to feel better.

The way of cheering her up I thought of was to 『treat her to a meal.』 I could only call it a cheap tactic though.

But, it couldn’t be helped. I still didn’t know much about Garnet’s interests and preferences.

「Oh, they have a cream cake set. They started selling stuff like this, huh? Maybe I’ll order it.」

「That’s surprising.」

「The fact that I’m ordering it, not because they’re selling cream cakes? You’re so obvious.」

Garnet leaned across the table suddenly. Since she caught on, I looked away slightly hoping she’d let it go.

「Anyways, that’s pretty rare. I didn’t expect a rural town to sell all this stuff that uses sugar. The prices are crazy too. Here, take a look.」

「……Whoa, even a small silver coin isn’t enough.」

Sugar was a sweetener that could only be made in the southern regions.

Obviously, that meant Westland could only import them, but a long time ago, only the elites and rich people could afford to use sugar.

When I was a child, I would think of honey when sweeteners were mentioned, and even those couldn’t be used easily.

However, once King Alfred united Westland, trade with the southern regions gained an unbelievable amount of stimulation, causing a dramatic increase in the circulation of sugar, and consequently causing the price of them to fall.

Even so, sugar was a sweetener that was one rank above honey.

「Whoa, seriously?! They even got black tea!  Maybe I’ll order that together with the cake sets. Hey, Silvia! Come take our order!」

Garnet called for Silvia with all smiles.

Black tea was imported into the country as well, and they were mostly produced from the eastern regions, where Sakura’s homeland was.

Here, it was considered a luxury good even though it didn’t cost nearly as much as sugar did, but in the past, being able to drink black tea with sugar in it was only for the elites.

Along with the development of Westland, the prices of black tea dropped like sugar did, but commoners today didn’t drink them often. Instead, they drank herb tea, which they could procure themselves.

「Okay, what would you like?」

「Two cream cake sets. As for drinks, we’ll get black tea.」

「Two sets and black tea, coming right up.」

「Anyways, I didn’t expect you guys to carry stuff like that here.」

「It’s because we got many requests from high-ranking adventurers and knights for them. I’ll prepare them right away, so please wait.」

After Silvia took our orders, she took off towards the kitchen.

As Garnet rested her chin in her hands, she looked around the dining hall in a good mood.

It was clear that she was looking forward to something she liked.

「You must like black tea.」

「I guess so. It’s not bad when you have it together with sweet stuff. I haven’t had any at all since I came here.」

「The only places around here that serve black tea are a small handful of high-class stores.」

Greenhollow Town was developed with a focus on the hot springs.

Only a few places, like the bath house that Garnet took me to, aimed at the elite class. Those places should be serving high class food and drinks.

For a business that serves the general public like Spring Leaf Pavilion, to be serving things with high class ingredients meant a big change must have happened.

Greenhollow Town’s economy was changing considerably.

The underlying cause was, without a doubt, me. I still don’t know whether I should be happy or not that I caused such a change though.

「Hm? Look, White Wolf. There’s another guy who ordered a cake set here.」

Garnet whispered to me while looking at a table in the corner of the dining hall.

Sitting there was a single man with a gloomy atmosphere around him; it was Dustin, the Dual Spear Wielder.

He was sitting in the corner of the dining hall while carrying his two spears which were wrapped with a curse-marked cloth.

「Isn’t that your acquaintance? Dude, it really doesn’t suit him.」

「Don’t worry about that. People will think the same thing about us a little later.」

As Garnet spoke her mind, I held the heavy thoughts in my head.

The reason Dustin was having a cream cake set which didn’t suit him wasn’t because he thought it looked delicious.

He was bringing a piece of the cake to his mouth systematically, all while looking like a ghost as usual.

–Of course. That guy didn’t actually like sweets.

The one who liked sweets was his partner who died ten years ago.

His partner loved honey and sweet fruits, and would happily accept sugar, which was still a high-priced good then, as a reward over money. Dustin would always be surprised by his action.

I could count with my fingers the number of times I met his partner, not including the time in the dungeon where he met his end. And yet, he left such a strong impression on me.

During that time, Dustin was sarcastic, but he also had a hint of kindness within him.

Dustin had completely changed since then — Even so, he couldn’t forget about the things his partner had loved.

「……Hey White Wolf, what’s up?」

Garnet bent her head to the side slightly.

I was showing her an expression I rarely made. Was she worried about the gloomy face I was making?

「No, nothing. Don’t go staring at the other customers.」

「I know that.」

In the meanwhile, Silvia’s energetic voice came to our table.

「Thank you for waiting! Here are your cream cake sets!」

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