「Thank you for waiting! Here are your cream cake sets!」

Silvia placed down our orders.

There was a slice of cake plastered evenly with white cream sitting on a brand new plate, and on the side was a similarly new tea cup filled with red-colored black tea.

There were small fruits decorating the cake, making it look vibrant in color. The fruits made the cake look more delicious.

「Ohh, this is the real deal! Time to dig in……」

Garnet immediately grabbed a fork and stuffed a piece of cake into her mouth.

Thinking about how she said that 『it’s not bad when you have tea together with sweet stuff,』 her expression made it sound like a lie.

She was smiling broadly before she even drank the tea.

I knew she’d get mad at me for pointing that out, so I decidedly to eat my cake quietly.

「……Mm! This……」

I was surprised. I thought I wouldn’t like something so sweet, but one bite proved to me just how delicious it was.

I see. Now I somewhat understand why Garnet was in such a daze over it.

「As expected, only Silvia’s place got it! Maybe I should drop by everyday for this?」

「Don’t do that, you’ll wreck your stomach.」

As we chatted with each other, we continued having our cakes.

We were about to run out of tea in our cups, but Silvia dropped by with a kettle.

「Would you like a refill? You get one cup for free.」

「Then I’ll have some.」

「Me too. I was surprised at how good the flavor was.」

「Thank you very much.」

I didn’t really understand the difference since I never really drank black tea, but if Garnet was saying it was good, then it probably was.

Silvia didn’t leave after she poured the tea, and instead stood there staring at us.

「……Is something wrong?」

「Oh no, I was just thinking about how well the two of you get along now.」

Silvia said with a smile. Garnet and I looked at each other at the same time.

「I mean, the atmosphere was super strained between you two at the beginning, and you’d fight almost immediately every time you met.」

「Now that you’ve mentioned it, it was kinda like that.」

Garnet and I had the worst first meeting. It felt rather nostalgic thinking about it now.

I saw Garnet as a brat and a terrible person to be around, while Garnet saw me as a criminal who dealt with mithril illegally.

「Well…… A lot of stuff happened between us.」

Our relationship definitely improved after the second dragon appeared in 『Sundial Forest』.

Garnet received life-threatening damage from the dragon’s ambush,  and I threw all personal feelings aside to heal her at the risk of my own life.

After that, the poor impressions we had of each other went away as we talked more, but… I didn’t expect Garnet to start living and working at my shop. I wouldn’t have even dreamed about it.

「Nothing’s better than the two of you getting along. Anyway, please call me over if you need anything else.」

Right after Silvia left our table, the bell above the entryway rang.

「Welcome! ……Oh, welcome back, Sakura. You must’ve finished your job then.」

「It was a simple request. Guarding and carrying luggage for someone is like taking a walk.」

Sakura came through the door, along with another person. A magician with long black hair — Noire.

「First, I’ll bring the things up to the room… Oh, if it isn’t Luke-dono? And Garnet too.」

「Yo, Sakura. The two of you are doing quests together now?」

Garnet looked over at Sakura and Noire who was standing behind her.

Noire tried to hide behind Sakura, but since Noire was slightly taller, she still stuck out.

「Noire isn’t an adventurer. She’s a commissioner and I’m the contractor.」

「……I wanted to, go shopping in the neighboring town…… I asked her to be my guard and luggage carrier……」

Now that she’d mentioned it, the two of them were holding a lot of bags with both hands. It seemed like they went shopping rather than dungeon crawling.

I couldn’t tell what was inside the bags, but seeing as Noire was carrying them without a problem, they didn’t seem to be heavy.

「Huh, okay. What’d you buy?」

「That’s… a secret… you’ll find out… soon, I think…」

「Hmph. You… don’t seem to be planning to do something bad and keeping it a secret from us. If you were, Sakura would’ve stopped you.」

「Of course.」

The three young girls talked to each other — though, that wasn’t exactly an accurate description.

Noire was probably close to my age, within ten years apart, and both her and Sakura saw Garnet as a boy.

Anyway,  I listened to their conversation while casually observing Garnet.

— It seemed like she was no longer in a bad mood.

It made sense for Garnet to talk to Sakura with ease since they were friends, but now she didn’t sound upset talking to Noire either.

In fact, Noire looked more nervous talking to Garnet, who was younger than her.

「Anyway, we’re going to drop off the luggage in our rooms.」

「Are both of you staying here?」

「Yes. We’ve rented a room for the long term. Greenhollow doesn’t have much rental houses after all.」

That’s true. When I asked the guild house for『a building I can run a weapon shop out of,』they could only offer me an empty house that was moments away from falling apart.

Greenhollow Town might not be expecting many people to move into their town.

Perhaps that would change later on though.

After we watched Sakura and Noire return to their room, Garnet went 「Hmph」  sarcastically.

「Hey White Wolf. Did it look like I was snapping at Noire?」

「…Well, it didn’t look that bad. But, you were clearly not pleased with her.」

「I guess so. I still think her reason for working at the shop is a load of bullshit though.」

Garnet drank her cup of tea in one go, then leaned back on her chair and opened her mouth.

「Still, her work ethic is a different story. Thanks to her doing all of the annoying work, we can relax like this. I guess I should thank her for that at least.」

「……I see, that’s good to hear.」

A small breath of relief came from the bottom of my heart.

I didn’t want Garnet to feel any discomfort while working at White Wolf.

Since she was actually there to protect me, I thought I should make sure that she spends her time there nicely.

「A slice of cake isn’t enough. What else should we get…」

I was about to order some more food, but Silvia came running back to our table when she should’ve been in the kitchen.


「Hm? What’s up?」

It didn’t seem like some trouble came up.

In fact, she looked like she was about to give me some good news.

「I got a letter from a friend who lives in the next town over. They’re leaving next week and moving to Greenhollow, and they asked if I could introduce them to a job. Luke-san, your shop is still hiring, right?!」

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