55 Part 1

My [Repair] Skill Became An Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up A Weapon Shop

Chapter 2 Episode 55 Sudden New Products




— The promised solution for the lack of manpower problem that had long plagued my White Wolf Shop had finally arrived.


I just hired Noire to help in the shop.

She was introduced by the Adventurer’s Guild.

She just moved from the neighboring town and was a good friend of Silvia’s.


The fifth person had not decided whether to accept the job offer. But if everyone gathered, including Garnet and me, we would have a team of five people.


With just the five of us, we could run the shop without hiring part-timer adventurers. Conversely, hiring adventurers would allow us to have days off other than the regular closing day.


Finally, I could build a system for a proper shop.

It was nostalgic to recall the beginning when I started the shop alone.


“At any rate … Noire is late today.”


It was almost time to start preparing before opening the shop, but the second employee, Noire, had not shown up yet.


“Could she have overslept?”


Garnet, who was cleaning up after breakfast, came back with an astonished look.


“It would be fine if that’s the case ….”


Through the window, we could see the cold light rain was drumming on the leaves of the plants.


The security of Green Hollow Town was relatively good, but there were still possibilities that she could have suffered a sudden illness or an unforeseen accident.


There were also other possibilities that I did not want to think about —


While my thoughts were drifting toward the negative direction, the culprit came into the shop through the back entrance.


“… S-sorry … I’m late ….”

“No, you came just in time. Did something happen today?”

“Actually … I tried to make something like this yesterday ….”


Noire opened the sack that was hanging on her shoulder and excitedly spread the contents out on the counter.


Handmade accessories with intricate patterns that fastened simple scrolls.


I had been living an adventurer’s life for a long time and had seen my fair share of miscellaneous items, but Noire said she “tried to make” these items.


“No way, did you make all these yourself?”

“I have … the skills .… Although it has been a while, … but I think … they turned out pretty well. Will these … sell in the shop …?”


While inquiring, Noire turned toward me with her timid gaze as if sizing up my reaction.


“Could it be that you mentioned going shopping with Sakura yesterday for this?”

“… Yes, I wanted to buy some materials ….”


Noire smiled awkwardly, and her lack of sleep showed through her face.


It was already late when she came home from shopping for the materials yesterday. By the time she finished making these magic items, it must have already been deep in the night.


Lack of sleep would obviously reduce work efficiency.

Whether it was physical work or brain work, it would result in poor performance if the person was struggling to stay awake.


Being well-rested was an ironclad rule even during adventures. Unless there was a time limit, proper sleep was always important.


While this was no adventure job, providing services for the customers would require a fresh appearance. Perhaps she should be given a warning for showing up exhausted.


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