55 Part 2

“(But it wouldn’t be appropriate to give a warning right off the bat, would it?)”


In her own way, Noire was surely thinking of how to contribute to the shop, and hence her proposal of selling the magic items she created.


While showing up to work today without proper rest was not a good thing, rather than giving her a warning, fixing her exhaustion should take precedence.


“Selling magic items? That never crossed my mind. Sometimes I see magic items being sold by peddlers, but that’s unheard of in shops of Green Hollow.”

“… [Magic Tool Creation] is basically a subskill of Magic users, so … sometimes people would sell them for fundraising …, but seldom sold as their core products ….”


This subskill seemed to be in a similar situation as my [Repair] skill.


[Repair] skill is a subskill to various occupations that handle tools. Since using the main skill was the priority, in most cases, the accuracy of Repair was not high.


On the other hand, since [Magic Tool Creation] was the product of Magic users’ subskill, they were often sold together as complements to the main products. That way, the products could sell at higher prices, though the availability in the market would be limited.


As subskills products, the quality and availability were insufficient to fulfill the market demands.


“Well, if you’re in the metropolitan area, you can readily find specialized Magic Tool stores —.”


Garnet spread open the scrolls with great interest and cut into the conversation.


“— That’s probably because there are so many Magic users living in the city that the availability could be maintained.”


Each Magic user might only produce an insignificant number of products, but many of them would be able to produce reasonable gross numbers altogether.


Dealers specializing in selling magic items would be able to get enough supply in the city to keep their business going.


Perhaps something like a guild of Magic users limited to each city existed, which would encourage them to monopolize the sales of these items.


In any case, it had nothing to do with a rural town like Green Hollow.


“… Luke … what do you think? Do you think they would sell in this shop …?”

“Yeah, I think they would sell. Let’s sell these magic items as well from now on. First, let’s do a trial sale.”

“R-really?  That’s great ….”



I stooped over a little and peered into Noire’s face.


Perhaps she was not accustomed to being stared in the face like that; her pale white skin blushed noticeably.


“It would be bad if some impediments arose due to your lack of sleep. Shall we make the production of these items as a task during business hours in the future? It’s also part of the job to take a good rest.”

“Oh, … u-understood ….”

“Anyway, since the weather is pretty gloomy, we probably won’t have much customer traffic for the time being. So why don’t you take a nap?”

“B-but ….”


Although Noire was plainly being reserved, she headed to the bedroom when I insisted.


As usual, she seemed to be weak to being pressured after all.


Two adventurers were expected to work as part-timers as well today.


Customers would most likely wait for the light rain to stop before they resume their outdoor activities again. Even if Garnet and I, and the two part-timers were to handle the shop opening, we would not have any problems until before noon.


I was about to start preparing for the shop opening, when Garnet casually approached me from behind.


“So you’re selling magic tools as well, even though your shop is a weapon shop?  What an inconsistent guy you are.”

“Well, this is a weapon shop just because my skill can only supply for weapons, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to sell other products.”


It might just be a coincidence, but the shop sign read “White Wolf Shop” which did not indicate a weapon only shop.


If we could cover the market demands, this could be the perfect time to expand the product lineup as well.


“If you go that route, your shop will turn into the Jack of all trades. Are you planning to try and sell everything from cradle-to-grave miscellaneous odds and ends?”

“Haha. That might be interesting too.”


While joking around, we were preparing our shop to start receiving today’s guests.


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