Chapter 2 My [Repair] Skill Became An Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up A Weapon Shop
Episode 56 Finally, Some Tranquility

When the light rain stopped some time later, Silvia came to the store carrying a basket.

“Excuse me. I brought the lunch you ordered.”
“I’m sorry for the trouble to have them delivered all the way here.”
“Don’t worry about it. It’s my job.”

Spring Leaf Pavilion offered lunch delivery service.

Even though Garnet and I could cook, it would be too much of a hassle to prepare meals during our lunch break, so we used the delivery service frequently.

Of course, the delivery was not always done by Silvia.

Since Spring Leaf Pavilion employed many staff, any one of them could have done the delivery.

In addition to delivery, Spring Leaf Pavilion also provided housecall food preparation service. We occasionally ordered this service as well.

“We have fewer customers than usual today.”
“Well, it’s normal like this whenever it rains. That being said, it’s about to get busy now that we’re approaching lunchtime.”

Many of our weapon shop customers were not currently competing. So they would usually delay their visit during days with bad weather.

I recommended the sleep-deprived Noire to take a nap because I was familiar with our customers’ visiting habits.

“Anyway, how much do I owe …?”
“Excuse me, how much are these?”

I was about to pay Silvia for the lunch delivery when a customer adventurer brought some merchandise to the counter to pay.

While I prioritized in responding to the customer first, Silvia stared at the merchandise displayed on the counter.

“… Oh, pardon me. Your total is a small silver coin for three people ….”
“Mr. Luke. Have you been selling these merchandise since before?”

Silvia inquired while pointing at the Charms and Scrolls Noire brought this morning.

“Oh, those? Noire made them with [Magical Tool Creation] skill.”
“Oh … what kind of tools are they?”

Since Silvia showed great curiosity, I explained the effects and uses of each item.

— First of all, half of the Charms belong to the Amulet category.

The effects of those Amulets were either to ward off evil or protect against misfortune.
The main purpose of those Charms was to avoid and repel harmful things.

— Charms with other effects were called Talismans.

These Talismans were the opposite of Amulets. They were designed to have beneficial effects on the owner.
The simplest example would be the “Good Luck Charm”.

“I see … Amulets and Talismans are the distinctive categories of Charms. I didn’t know about that.”
“Everything was created with a skill that imbued Mana into each item, making them very effective, unlike incantations. However, they are consumable items that become useless after the effects are utilized.”

— And those Scrolls were also known as Spell Scrolls.

They were not bulky at all, even though they were called Scrolls. Each of them was made of a larger piece of paper that was lightly rolled up and tied with a string.

Each Scroll contained one type of magic, which activation was done by pouring the appropriate amount of Mana into the opened Scroll. So it would be possible to activate different types of magic even for those that did not possess Skills.

There was a safety mechanism on each Scroll to prevent an undesired explosion. They were created so that they would not activate unless the strings were untied.

Of course, those Scrolls were single-activation consumable items as well.

“Even if they are consumable items, would you be able to use your [Repair] skill to make them reusable more than once, Luke?”
“No, it’s difficult to [Repair] consumable magic items. The most obvious example would be in the case of Scrolls.”

When activated, the paper and parchment material of a Scroll would disintegrate due to the energy from Mana that was poured into it, leaving behind a negligible amount of debris.

They were literally created for single-use only.

“In the case of Amulets and Talismans, it would be similar to utilizing [Repair] on used torches. Just like a torch that burns oil, these items use consumable materials that allow Mana to be imbued in it. Once they are exhausted, there’s no point in utilizing [Repair] on them.”

Even if [Repair] was utilized, the consumed oil would not be restored.

[Repair] skill was not a skill that could create something from nothing. Hence, it could not restore what was lost.

The reason why cracks on blades could be repaired using the skill was due to the total amount of material that remained unchanged. The material from other parts of the blade was diverted to fill in the cracks.

Supplement of materials would absolutely be indispensable for flawless execution of [Repair].

In the case of a used torch, the burnt oil would need to be refilled. Only then, [Repair] skill could work perfectly in restoring the torch to its original state.

“You can utilize [Repair] to restore burnt torches by preparing the replacement oil as well. But if you would go to that extent, it would be more efficient to replace the whole torch with a new one. The same applies to Magic Items.”

Unlike the weights and sizes of equipment such as swords and armors, Amulets and Talismans were considered accessories-level items.

Carrying spare materials for [Repair] would be no different than carrying an extra supply of the same item.

“If you can’t get a new one, I can restore it by utilizing [Repair]. But since we have Noire now, it would be unnecessary.”
“I see …. By the way, where is this Miss Noire?”
“I let her rest in the back for several reasons. I guess it’s about time to wake her up.”

It would be a perfect time to wake her up since it was almost lunchtime.

I left the counter duty to a part-timer adventurer and head to the back of the store toward the bedrooms.

First, I peeked into the third bedroom that was reserved for visitors.

“… She’s not here.”

Three bedrooms could be used in this residence-cum-workplace.

Since Garnet and I were already used two of the bedrooms, I recommended her to use this spare bedroom for visitors.

Could she have woken up and gone somewhere, or did she entered any bedroom at random because she was too sleepy?

“(I’m reluctant to peek into Garnet’s bedroom, so I’ll start from here.)”

When I opened the door to my bedroom, I saw a human-sized comforter on my bed.

She seemed to have entered my room by mistake since it was right next to the room I recommended.

“… What’s going on here, I wonder …?”

If it were a guy, I would just shake him and roll him off the bed. But it would be inappropriate since I was dealing with a girl here.

For the time being, I decided to call out to her and see what would happen.

“Hey, Noire. It’s noon already.”
“Hmm … Blanc …. Let me sleep a little longer ….”
“… Huh?!”

Noire suddenly jumped and rolled off the bed when she noticed that I was at the entrance.

In confusion, she tried to tidy up her long black hair, but it obviously was not working.

“I-I’m sorry …. I slept well enough, so I’m okay now ….”
“Well, I’m glad. But this is my room. The vacant room is next door.”

Noire froze and blushed from ear to ear.

After saying it, I realized it would have been better not to point it out after all.

“Lunch was delivered, why not eat first for the time being —.”

At that time, Garnet’s voice could be heard from the shop.

“White Wolf! The customer from Golden Fangs needs something urgently!”

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