Episode 58

The Battle on the Suspension Bridge


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Nervous about the rapid approach to the front line, I looked at the point where the knight accompanying me was pointing.

A large number of people were gathered at the edge of the cliff overlooking the river far below.

Knights, soldiers, adventurers – it was a large group that could be recognized at a glance as several dozen people.

Some of them, who seemed to have defensive skills, were on alert along the edge of the cliff, ready for an attack from the other side of the cliff.

The rest of them seem to be reinforcements waiting for me to arrive and [Repair] the suspension bridge.

“I’ve brought Mister Luke with me! What’s the situation?”

“It’s still the same! It seems that the Demon King’s army is observing us!”

The knight guiding me hurriedly ran to the suspension bridge.

There was a group of adventurers that I recognized.

“Dustin! Were you the high-ranked adventurer who requested for cooperation?”

“If you’re willing to cross paths with the Demon King’s army, then there’s no reason to refuse.”

Dustin, the two spearman, took one look at me and quickly returned his gaze to the other side of the cliff.

As usual, his words and actions lacked “heat” like a ghost that had mistakenly appeared at midday.

“Two Eastern adventurers are already on their way to the rescue ahead of us.”

“Sakura and Nagi? Did you really let them go by themselves?”

“They volunteered. Of the adventurers who were available, those two were the only ones with the skills to go over the cliff on their own.”

Dustin’s voice was thin with emotion as he simply stated the facts.

Sakura’s 【Shrinkage】skill would easily take her over the cliff, and I would not be surprised if she offered to help herself.

I looked around and saw Nagi’s partner, Melissa, standing there with a worried look on her face.

(…First, fix it. I can think about anything else after that!)

I rushed to the side of the suspension bridge where it was dropped to check the damage.

Most of the suspension bridge was hanging down on this side of the cliff.

Apparently, it was simply cut off from the rope on the other side and dropped.

“This won’t take long. Prepare to charge.”

I took out a red magic crystal from my pouch and poured in the magic power of [Repair] with all my might.

The magic crystals were provided by the Royal Palace.

I have no hesitation in using it sparingly in these situations.

The hanging suspension bridge was enveloped in the light of magic power and seemed to float up like a curtain driven by the wind, and the next moment it was back in its original position and shape as designed.

“- [Repair] complete!”

As soon as I left the side of the suspension bridge, reinforcements were crossing the bridge in droves.

It’s a bold move that doesn’t take into account the possibility of failure.

Or did they decide that they didn’t even have the time to check the strength of the bridge?

“Attack incoming! Get ready to intercept!”

Immediately after the commander’s order sounded, a rain of long-range attacks poured down from behind the rocks on the other side of the river.

Arrows filled with magical power, stone rubbles with wind pressure acceleration, flaming bullets of various sizes.

The skills and techniques of the knights intercepted them.

Protection by a magical barrier in the form of a shield, the shockwave of a rigid sword, cutting and dispatching with excellent swordsmanship.

Magical support from the rear also boosted the knights’ assault.

One of the things that particularly caught my attention was Melissa’s magic.

A vortex of gusts released by Melissa drowned out the flaming bullets of the demons that fell in an arc and blew them away.

“What kind of magic is that, [Elemental Magic]?

“This is no time for admiration! We’re about to get caught in the crossfire! Get the hell away from here!”

“No, not yet!”

Even though the knights were still in the process of crossing, a stray bullet of flame almost hit the suspension bridge and set it ablaze.

Every time it did, I poured in the magic and used [Repair] from the bridge’s embankment and continued to [Repair] the damage as quickly as possible.

Soon, most of the reinforcements had finished crossing the suspension bridge, and the attacks from the demon tribe began to concentrate on the other side of the river.

There would be no need to continue the [Repair] of the suspension bridge if they have crossssed it.

I took off from the side of the suspension bridge, Garnet pulling on my arm.

“I hope Sakura is all right.…”

“There’s no way she’s going to get hurt that easily. You don’t need to worry about her.”

At first, I left the scene with Garnet and Noire, and observed the progress of the battle from a short distance away.

The Golden Fang Knights have an overwhelming advantage in the war.

The Demon King’s army had clearly misjudged the timing of the interception, and the delay in their initial response directly led to the result.

“Look, White Wolf. I guess they didn’t expect the suspension bridge to be fixed in an instant. They were probably planning to shoot at us while we were struggling to get across the cliff, but they’re in a panic because they were wrong.”

Perhaps Garnet’s amusing analysis of the war situation was correct.

The enemy troops had obviously finished setting up their interception positions and must have been planning to see how and when they would attack.

It was my [Repair] that swept that operational plan off its feet.

This is not egotism or self-consciousness.

It was a development that I could only assume had happened.

“Ha… ha… ha…”

When I looked back, I saw Noire, tired from running, struggling to catch her breath.

“Are you okay?”

“Huh, I’m fine.”

“By the way, you gave me a bunch of stuff earlier, but I didn’t end up using any of it.”

I removed the amulet from the pouch.

It was an intricately designed metalwork with a red stone similar to a magic crystal embedded in the center.

Looking at it again, it was well made as an accessory, and I felt that there would be demand in that direction.

“If you didn’t use it, it’s even better.”

“Well, that’s right.”

Eventually, the reinforcements broke through the interception net around the bridge and rushed in the direction of the besieged position.

The intercepting troops of the demon tribe also moved in pursuit of them, and suddenly the surroundings were enveloped in silence.

“I guess that’s it.”

Just as we were about to return to the surface, the knight who had led us here came back from the other side of the bridge.

“Mister Luke. I would like to request some additional work from you. We’ll pay you extra for your services.”

“What is it?”

“As soon as the liberation of the position is complete, we must reestablish our defensive posture and prepare for the next attack. I need you to help me with your [Repair] skill.”

I lightly rummaged through the contents of my pouch as I considered my response.

I have four magic crystals left. Whether or not it’s enough depends on the situation of the camp.

If we go back to Hollow Bottom Fortress, there should be more stock, but we don’t have time to do that.

I looked at Garnet and she nodded back at me, as if to say, do what you want.

“All right, we’ll be right there.”

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