Chapter 6

My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop




— ever since I became an adventurer fifteen years ago, I haven’t returned to my hometown; not even once.

My parents had opposed of me becoming an adventurer, and so I left our home, ending our relationship.

My father had angrily shouted as I left, 「It’s impossible for someone like you to become an adventurer!」 At that time, I rebelled with all my might, but in the end, I think he was right.

Mom said it was okay for me to come home whenever I wanted to. How could she say that? Had she no shame?

(What am I going to do from now on…?)

I still have no intentions of going back home. However, when I asked myself if I wanted to continue on as an adventurer, I hesitated in answering “yes”.

I suffered inside a dark, cramped labyrinth for two weeks, feeling hunger and thirst and pain, and was exposed to danger every second.

This nightmare-like memory would likely never be forgotten, and so I hesitated in returning to my job as an adventurer.

「Sorry for the wait!」

As I thought about that faintly, Silvia returned to the room with such force she looked like she was going to slip.

「It’s just some wheat porridge, but my mom said that it’s good for you if you had been fasting.」


If you suddenly eat a lot of food right after fasting, you would die from that and not from hunger.

I didn’t know how or why that was, but I had witnessed it happening before.


The plain and simple bowl of porridge entered my stomach and hit the bottom. It was the first time I’ve ever thought that wheat porridge tasted delicious.

I even forgot that Silvia was watching me, and silently continued to fill my stomach.

「Even so, I was so surprised. I never expected anyone to save us since we were at the bottom of the dungeon…」

「…Bottom? Weren’t we in front of a dungeon?」

「That was the bottom, you know? It was the fifth floor.」



Clearly, our conversation did not make any sense.

I found Silvia and Sakura right after I escaped from the labyrinth. There was no way we were at the bottom of a dungeon.

However, it didn’t sound like Silvia was joking around either.

「…Okay, um. This might sound like a strange question, but what’s the name of the dungeon we met in?」

「It’s the rank E dungeon, 『Sundial Forest』. Look, that’s a picture of the dungeon hanging over there.」

Silvia pointed at a picture frame hanging on the wall. There was a painting of a simplified-looking dungeon there.

On the left half of the painting were five concentric circles. It looked like the bird’s eye view of the dungeon.

On the right half, there were slopes that were shaped like staircases, and at the bottom was a smooth inverted triangle. That appeared to be the cross-section view of the dungeon.

It looked like a mortar, or rather, it was more like an amphitheatre.

「Ahh… I see now. It’s an outdoor dungeon.」

An outdoor dungeon is one of the many types of dungeon formations.

A regular dungeon would be isolated from the outside world save for the entrance and exit, but an outdoor dungeon was the opposite. Just as its name implied, the interior of the dungeon was an『atrium』, with open air and sunlight.

In that case, the forest I went into at the top of the stairs was not actually the outside, but rather the lowest level of a different dungeon.

(In other words, those stairs connected『Hade’s Millenium Corridor』to the『Sundial Forest』. It’s rare for dungeons to connect to each other underground.)

Since only my career was long, I should know more about things concerning the adventurer world and dungeons, but it seemed like there was still a lot I had to learn about.

In society, it was normal for information to be withheld from the lower class.

「We went to 『Sundial Forest』because we wanted to pick some medicinal herbs for my grandma.」

「For herbs? Isn’t it obviously too dangerous for amateurs to wander into a dungeon? Didn’t anybody stop you two? 」

When I said that, Silvia objected in a dissatisfied manner.

「『Sundial Forest』only got recognized as a dungeon last year. We’ve been going there to pick vegetables and herbs for a long time, and there were never any problems.」

「Mm… I guess it’s because outdoor dungeons are harder to recognize.」

The royal palace uses mainly these two requirements to recognize a dungeon:

First, an area where the ecosystem is mostly ran by monsters.

Second, an area that is relatively lower than the surrounding land.

Therefore, places like the『Sundial Forest』would be declared a dungeon as long as it fulfilled those requirements, even if it was only a mortar-shaped building with no ceiling.

「But if it was recognized as a dungeon, then that means it has monsters, right? There was a dragon there after all…」

「We didn’t know that thing was going to be there! The guild house didn’t put out a warning either! 」

Silvia argued back so strongly, I could only stare in surprise. Even if that was the case, they should still have expected some danger.

「…So the guild house didn’t know then? That the giant dragon was wandering around?」

「That’s right! When I reported to the people at the guild, they were all shocked!」

The adventurer’s guild has branch offices of all shapes and sizes everywhere. Some offices combine themselves with an inn or a pub, and others are standalone buildings.

The ones that are more important and manage a large district are called『guild branches』. Ones that manage individual towns and villages are called 『guild houses』.

The main duties of a guild house are mediating the requests from the locals and processing payment for the materials gathered from dungeons. However, that is not all they do.

The guild house plays an important role in offering information to the locals that they get from adventurers.

The town or village pays a fee for the information, making it a vital source of stable income for the guild house in that area.

That’s why it’s hard to imagine that the guild house in this area would not release information about something as dangerous as a dragon being in the area.

「Well, if the guild didn’t know either, then I guess it couldn’t be helped. Sorry, I made it sound like I was blaming you.」

「Oh no, please don’t worry about it. You were just worried for us. But really, that dungeon usually only has small animal-like monsters there.」

There are a variety of monsters out there.

On one side, there were powerful beings like dragons and fenrir wolves. At the opposite end were weak monsters that get preyed on by regular wolves.

Usually, most people would see a weak monster and think it is just some sort of animal unless a specialist actually comes and checks.

「So, uncle… Actually, before I ask, what is your name? My name is Silvia. I work at the Spring Leaf Pavilion.」

「…I’m Luke. I’m from the White Wolf Forest.」

We common folks didn’t have 『family names』like nobles did.

If both parties are locals, then they only state their name, or they introduce themselves as the child of so-and-so. Some state the person they work for.

If not, they usually do what Silvia and I did; I said the name of my hometown, and Silvia said the name of the inn.

In Silvia’s case, she might introduce herself as 『Silvia, from the Sundial Forest』to somebody outside of town.

「Luke-san, why were you at the dungeon… huh? He fell asleep…」

After I finished the wheat porridge, I laid back down on the bed and closed my eyes.

I felt bad for Silvia, but I couldn’t maintain my consciousness any further. My instincts told me to rest my body as soon as I could.

Just before I fell asleep completely, Silvia’s soft voice reached my ears.

「Thank you so much, Luke-san.」

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