My 【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop

  1. The Brilliant Dreamer





As planned, after the business hour was over, I headed for the Spring Wakaba-tei to meet the clerk candidate.

Of course, Garnet tagged along.

Since it was a relatively safe town, no escort was necessary. However, since Garnet said that it’d be boring to wait at home, I decided to bring her along.

“Welcome, Luke.”

While cleaning the entrance of the inn, Sylvia greeted me.

Apparently, the peak of the dinnertime had passed. Some guests were conversing idly in the dining room, which was next to the entrance.

In that seat, I spotted two familiar faces.

Sakura and Noire were also long-term guests of that place.

At the same time, I noticed a piece of paper spread out on their table. The two were too immersed in the conversation, they weren’t aware of our existences.

What are they doing?

However, because there was a more pressing matter, I’d have to prioritize that.

As Sylvia guided me to the room, she handed me a piece of paper.

“It’s a personal statement I’d usually hand out during an interview at my inn. As a matter of course, I asked the person to write their background. Please use it as a reference for when deciding whether to hire.”

A personal statement was a piece of paper containing one’s personal information.

When I registered to the Adventurer’s Guild for the first time, I was also required to submit the same thing. Albeit, the name of the document was different.

“Unless something serious happens, I don’t think that person will fail the interview.”

Actually, as long as the person didn’t have any serious character flaws, I was planning to hire them immediately and have them work.

After all, Sylvia was the one who recommended them to me.

For that reason, I didn’t think anyone with a problematic personality would come.

“I’ll use what I can get. Besides, it isn’t like I’d be losing anything…”

“Well, there’s that.”

While walking in the corridor, I casually read the personal statement.

‘Erica of the Walnut Street.’

She lived in Walnut Town, which was down the mountain road from Green Hollow Town. For some reason, she had decided to leave her hometown.

There were still some details written in the personal statement, but we had arrived. Within that room, my prospective employee—Erica of the Walnut Street—awaited. Thus, I postponed the confirmation of the contents for the time being.

“Erica, Luke has arrived. May we come in?”

“O, of course…! It’s okay!”

The girl’s nervousness could already be felt through the door.

Upon opening the door, Sylvia welcomed both Garnet and I in.

In the center of the room, two participants were sitting while facing each other. One of them was Sylvia, while the other was a girl about her age.

…Guh—I, my name’s Erica! Of the Walnut Street! Nice to meet you!”

Erica of the Walnut Street was a girl with a determined look on her face. Yet, as of the moment, said face was also dyed in anxiety.

Looking at how long and fluffy her brown hair was, it was difficult for me to imagine her running around the fields. She was neither an adventurer, nor a hunter.

On the other hand, she seemed like the type who’d spend her daily life in town or indoors.

“So, I heard that you want to work at our store?”

“T, that’s right!”

Erica was so nervous to the point that I felt bad for her.

Her shoulders were so tense, I couldn’t afford to laugh.

“There’s no need to be so afraid. Just speak to me the way you would to Sylvia.”

“Eh… but…”

“‘—Don’t worry, other employees aren’t that formal, either. By the way, this person’s really amazing!’” (Garnet)

“…Don’t imitate me.” (Luke)

Erica stared alternately between Garnet and I, before letting out a small gasp.

In White Wolf shop, the concept of hierarchy didn’t exist. As such, my two other employees treated me casually.

I also didn’t put much emphasize in that area. I believed it’d be better for people to act in the way that’d convenience them.

“U, uhm… the reason I wanted to work was… oh no, this’ll sound weird… Actually, I want to work at the White Wolf Shop because… uh, that—…”

Despite trying to speak properly, she ended up becoming incoherent.

Truly a fresh atmosphere, this is.

Judging from the situation, I assumed that she was sheltered.

…How nostalgic, many new adventurers also act like this…

If it was Sylvia, I was sure that she could respond appropriately. But, unlike Sylvia, who had helped with customer service since childhood, not many grew up like her in the world.

It wasn’t uncommon for a person to encounter a total stranger for the first time in his life.

For example, a young man who had just came out of a rural area.

In said rural area, everyone was like a relative. As such, upon applying for a job to a stranger, it wouldn’t be strange for someone to be overwhelmed.

A young aristocrat who was born in the city and spent his entire childhood attending school was another example.

In my case, I got tired of living in the city and tried to become an adventurer. At the same time, there were those who had a hard time because they inherently lacked working experience.

Erica was neither of those examples. Regardless, she didn’t seem to have a lot of life experience.

“You don’t have to try to speak so eloquently. It isn’t a deciding factor in whether or not you pass the interview.’

“I, is that so—no, I mean, is that how it is?”

“Of course. After all, you came as per Sylvia’s recommendation. Actually, I came to tell you about what your job entails.”

After I had expressed my intentions, Erica took a deep breath, seemingly relieved.

“However, there’s something important I’d like to ask you. Why would you come all the way to the Green Hollow to find a job?”

“—Yes! Uhm, my family is a family of pharmacists. For generations, we have been running a pharmacy in Walnut Town. Due to that reason, my parents want me to succeed the family business…”

Erica clenched her fist before her chest.

“…I want to open my own store! But it wouldn’t make sense to ask my parents for money. Besides, my parents already got their hands full with the pharmacy…”

“—Hence, you ran away and tried to make money in another town.”

“That’s right! If I were to work for a few years, I’d surely be able to save enough for the opening cost!”

I see, she came all the way here in the pursuit of her dream?

It was a story I could relate with.

I knew a guy who fled from the village chief’s house.

Her sense of fulfilment, as she strived for her dreams, I was also familiar with it.

In the end, mine didn’t come to fruition. Nevertheless, Erica’s dream wouldn’t necessarily suffer the same fate.

“Alright, then. Do you have the necessary skills as a pharmacist?”

“Of course! At home, I helped with the work. When it comes to mixing potions, I was said to be competent! Although, I may not have much experience with customer service… Still, as my father’s apprentice, I have other expertise…”

Erica was still fumbling with words. Regardless, it was enough for me to know that she had compounding skill.

“Then, why don’t you try to gain experience for the sake of your dreams?”

“…Eh? What do you mean by…”

“While our store claims to be a weapon store, we’re currently thinking of adding other products. Recently, we’ve just started selling magic tools.”

Honestly, for Erica to have such skills, it was a nice coincidence.

“If you’re willing, why don’t you prepare some potions to be added to our store’s lineup? In exchange, you may turn a part of our store into yours. What do you think?”

“…That’s wonderful!”

Erica stood up almost immediately, causing her chair to fall. Then, she squeezed my hand.

The brilliance in her eyes, it was the pure light of those who seek to attain their dreams.

“I’ll do it! Let me do it!”

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