Chapter 7

My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop




The next day, I went to a public bathhouse in Greenhollow Town (the town Spring Leaf Pavilion was located in) to wash away all the dirt and grime accumulated on myself.

During the disastrous half-a-month lifestyle in the dungeon, I could only wipe myself with some spring water. About a week in, I no longer had the time or energy to do so, and I gave up on grooming myself as it was trivial by that point.

I felt that it would be some sort of harassment on my part if I continued to sleep in the inn’s bed in such a dirty state.

「Amazing, there’s an open-air bath here.」

I said out loud in surprise as I entered the bathhouse in the early morning.

According to the manager at the bathhouse, Greenhollow was surrounded by many mountains, and among them were many natural hot springs. Since the water was too hot to bathe in, they mixed in some river water to cool it down to an appropriate temperature.

Most of the townspeople came to the bathhouse almost everyday to bathe, it seemed.

Unexpectedly, I was the only one here at the moment, but that was likely due to the time. Most people came after work so they could relieve the fatigue they accumulated during the day.

「I feel a bit nervous. It’s like the bathhouse was reserved for me.」

First, I used some soap and scrubbed every nook and cranny of my body.

, I shaved off my beard, and then used a knife to roughly trim my hair.

It felt like I came here to do a major clean-up rather than to take a bath.

「Fuu, I feel so much better already.」

I submerged myself into the bathtub, feeling all refreshed now.

「…I’ve got slimmer than I’d thought. I didn’t exactly want to diet either…」

I took a look at my body.

Since I wandered around the labyrinth for half a month without eating anything, my body had lost all its fat, like it had been scraped off. I hoped that I didn’t lose all of my muscles in the process.

「Rather than saying that I 『slimmed down』, I think I’m just 『worn out』. Ahh, I don’t like this. That’s a bad way to lose weight.」

I laughed at my own ironic joke, and slapped my upper arm so I could pour hot water on myself.

It didn’t seem like I was going to stop my bad habit of talking to myself anytime soon. After wandering through the labyrinth by myself, that habit built up.

If only I could just fix myself through my【Repair】skill, but alas.

After my bath, I explored Greenhollow Town before returning to Spring Leaf Pavilion.

Apparently, the adventurers staying at the inn had left for work, so both the entrance and the dining hall were quiet.

Right as I thought I’d return to my room to get some more rest, an Eastern girl with black hair suddenly came up to me and spoke in a friendly manner.


「Hm? Oh, you’re…」

「Thank goodness. I had only heard that you’ve woken up, but I’m glad to see that you’re well enough to walk around too.」

「…You’re Sakura, right? Are you feeling better too? How’s your wound?」

For a moment, I couldn’t remember who she was, but I managed to recall her name soon after. She was the samurai that fought against the dragon to protect Silvia.

The reason I couldn’t remember was plain and simple: The first time we met, I barely saw her face.

When I ran over to the girls at the beginning, I only saw their backs. When I had thrown my sword over to Sakura, I was still looking at her from behind.

When Sakura collapsed after bringing down the dragon, I quickly treated her with my 【Repair】skill and lost consciousness soon after as well.

In the end, I never had a good look at Sakura’s face. In total, I probably looked at her for less than a minute. Of course I would have a hard time recognizing her.

Not to mention, I couldn’t remember Silvia immediately when I saw her the second time. The same thing happened with Sakura, that’s all.

「Thanks to your help, I had a complete recovery. I don’t even have any wounds. I will definitely return this favor.」

「You’re exaggerating… anyways, let’s not loiter around, we can talk inside. There are a lot of things I want to ask you too.」

The both of us went into the Spring Leaf Pavilion and sat down at a table in the dining hall. Then, Silvia, the daughter of the inn, brought over some fancy-looking breakfast that we didn’t order.

「…I’m not proud of myself for saying this, but I don’t have any money, remember?」

「Like I said, we don’t need any. It’s our way of saying thanks, and all of this is still not enough. If the two of you hadn’t been there, I would’ve become the dragon’s lunch.」

「That’s not a joke I want to hear right before eating.」

Not to mention, the breakfast consisted of a meat dish.

「Luke-dono, let us accept this meal with gratitude. It is impolite to refuse one’s good will.」

「Your mouth’s starting to droop.」

「Hah?! ……Please pretend like you didn’t see anything.」


Well, she had a point. I wouldn’t exactly look cool refusing the free meal. Let’s accept Silvia’s good will here.

After Sakura and I accepted the breakfast, Silvia sat down beside Sakura.

In fact, she even brought her own lunch over for some reason.

「Aren’t you working right now?」

「I’m on break, so I decided I’ll have an early lunch. When customers come in for lunch time, it’ll get too busy to find time to eat.」

Right now would be the perfect time for brunch, and there weren’t many customers.

It would probably get very busy for Silvia soon.

「I have to say, what a disaster that was. Nobody would ever expect to run into a dragon while gathering herbs.」

「I am ashamed of myself. If only my beloved katana didn’t break… but that is merely an excuse.」

「Oh, that reminds me. Sakura, are you an adventurer?」

I asked her, and she shook her head.

「No, I am currently travelling to gain more skills in combat. I stopped by this town so I could rest in their hot springs.」

That meant the reason that Sakura protected Silvia was not because she was being paid to do so, but because she wanted to.

My first impression of Sakura was that she was serious and straight-laced, but now she seemed more softhearted.

「The opponent was taken down with a single stroke of the sword I borrowed from you. That could only mean that my preparations were insufficient.」

「No way, that was not an opponent you could win against just because your weapon was good. Even people who have a perfect set of equipment can die in a blink, it’s not that rare.」

To be honest, the way Sakura fought left a stronger impression than the sharpness of the sword.

Even some top-class adventurers wouldn’t be able to move in the way Sakura did, especially with a heavy wound.

Our conversation reminded me that Sakura’s katana had been split in half. I wonder what she did with it.

……As I thought about it, Sakura brought up the topic herself.

「By the way, Luke-dono. I heard that you are in possession of the 【Repair】skill. May I request for a repair from you?」

「Are you talking about your katana? Of course I’ll do it. But first, let’s eat.」

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