My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop

76 If She is to be Your Enemy, I’ll Fight




The next day, the White Wolf Store hired several adventurers to open the business.

This time, it wasn’t to make up for the labor shortage.

Instead, I had put up a request for security guards. During times when the visitors were scarce, they’d take turns patrolling around the store.

Apparently, my store wasn’t the only one that issued such a request. In the Green Hollow Town, several adventurers could be seen patrolling the vicinity of the area.

The remnant of the mud golem, which had destroyed part of the Hollow Bottom Fortress, hadn’t yet been found.

When compared to the dragon, it wasn’t a big threat. Nevertheless, it was still the remnant of the Demon King’s army.

Thus, the security was tightened just in case.

Of course, it was also possible that the mud golem had stopped functioning in the mountains.

Afterwards, the day passed without any incidents. Almost at the same time as sunset, the bell rang from the central square of the town to signal the time.

That day, we were able to reach the closing time without any major troubles.

I didn’t know if it was because I hired some adventurers, or because there wasn’t any threat in general. Even if it was the latter, I didn’t consider the former as a waste of money.

After all, it was a safety measure.

For example, if one were to buy an expensive lifeline to scale down a cliff, only a fool would complain that it was a waste of money because they got off safely without breaking any bones.

“…Uh, excuse me, Luke… I’d like to discuss something… May I have… some of your time?”

“Oh, of course.”

As I prepared to close the store like usual, Noire spoke reluctantly.

“…It’s, about Blanc…”

I stopped doing my work to listen attentively to Noire.

That morning, I told Noire of Dustin’s testimony.

During the battle with the Demon King’s army that had surrounded the encampment in the Demon King’s Castle Region—a person believed to be Blanc appeared. Not to mention, she had acted in a manner that could only be described as supporting the Demon King’s army.

Strictly speaking, only her face could be confirmed. However, since it couldn’t be Noire, Dustin was almost certain of the fact that it was Blanc.

Of course, when Noire heard the story, she became terribly upset. Afterwards, she told me to wait until night to sort out her feelings.

Then, as promised, she had rearranged her thoughts.

“I, I thought that I was prepared… I am prepared, but… I’m sorry, my head went blank…”

“It can’t be helped. She’s still your sister.”

“…Thank you… So, uh… If Blanc becomes Luke’s enemy…”

Noire adjusted her breathing many times, before looking straight at me as if she had decided.

While tightly clenching her white hands, she mustered the words.

“…I will fight Blanc—! Although, you may not believe me, but… No, it’s alright… You don’t have to believe me… I’m merely saying that, I’m determined to do so… uh…”

Try as best as she could, the volume of her voice only became smaller.

Apparently, my judgment was flawed.

Once again, Noire took a deep breath and reiterated the continuation of her words.

“…I’m well aware that I’m a coward… Still, I don’t want to experience the same guilt twice…”

With that said, Noire bowed deeply and left the store without waiting for my reply.

From the other side of the door, I could hear that Noire and Erica were having a conversation.

Erica’s voice was ecstatic, while Noire sounded confused.

“Noire, have you spoken with the store manager?”

“Y, yes… Then, let’s go home…”

“Didn’t I promise to go to Sundial Forest to get herbs during our next vacation? For that purpose, I’d like to invite my friends. Well, even if I said that, there’s only Sylvia and Marida.”

“…I see, then let us four go… No, perhaps it’d be better to invite Sakura… Sakura is tough… We can rely on her in case of an emergency…”

The conversation between the two faded away. When I couldn’t feel any traces of them, Garnet appeared. She watched the entire situation unfold from the back of the store.

“Will she truly fight Blanc? Even if she truly meant it, when they met in person, she might be struck by their family bond. Once that happens, she might change her mind.”

“I can’t deny that. But just the fact that she put it into words is enough. I truly thought that she might keep her mouth shut without saying anything.”

Of course, it wasn’t like I didn’t trust Noire.

However, when I put myself in her shoes and considered that her relative was on the enemy’s side, I deemed it as possible.

Whether it was family love or romantic feelings, love was a formidable driving force that drove human beings.

As a result of his love towards the princess, King Alfred successfully ascended to the throne.

“Hey, White Wolf.”

Garnet sat down on the chair behind the counter I usually used, smiled cheekily while speaking softly.

“You need to believe in Noire. Leave the role of being suspicious and wary to me. It’ll be easier on the both of us.”

“…I’m sorry for the inconvenience. It should be alright. After all, I hired Noire while fully knowing that this time would come. While I know that it’s difficult to believe and doubt at the same time, I’ll manage.”

Upon learning that the hero had been transformed into half chimera and half dragon by the hands of the demons, I expected that the other two would also turn against us in some way.

Blanc wasn’t an exception.

It was only to be expected that she’d be the enemy of the human race. The only unexpected thing was the timing.

“Alright, then have it your way.”

Garnet burst out laughing. Nevertheless, her expression was gentle.

Despite having shared all the secrets I had, Garnet still gave me a difficult time.

At the very least, in exchange, I had to finish the promised weapons and armors.

As high-performance as possible, while also as soon possible…!

“Anyway, Garnet, I was contacted by Travis earlier. The blacksmith agreed to forge the weapon. He said that he’s located in a town that can be reached in a day by horse. I plan on going there during the weekend. Would you like to accompany me?”

“Only the two of us?”

“It’d be the best to have the mithril be made in a size and shape that would be easy to use. Afterwards, I’d [Synthetize] it.”

Garnet pretended to contemplate a little before laughing like a child invited to play.

“Alright, let’s go. There’s no need for any extra luggage, okay? After all, you’re the only one I’d be escorting.”


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