My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop

  1. Tribrook Blacksmith Association




Then, during our next weekend, Garnet and I went to the blacksmith Travis had introduced us to as planned.

Our means of transportation were the horses we rented from Green Hollow Town.

Unless we had to stay long in Green Hollow, we could leave as early as the morning and return shortly after sunset.

“There are several ways to ride a horse. Usually, a full gallop lasts less than five minutes. If you’re traveling a long distance, it’d be best to go as fast as a human running.”

“Well, it is said that humans are the same way. By the way, wolves only run as fast as they can at the end, usually when they’re about to pounce on their prey.”

As we descended the well-maintained mountain road, I chatted with Garnet about horses in my spare time.

A knight by profession, Garnet was more knowledgeable about horses than I was.

As we spoke, I never got tired of seeing her happy expression.

“If you’re traveling for days, the horse will get fatigued because we’ll have plenty of water and food on board. If you’re able to switch horses, then it isn’t a problem. Otherwise, you’ll have to make sure to rest your horse.”

“But this time, the trip won’t take more than half a day. There won’t be any problem.”

“We shall let the horses walk for about two hours at a regular pace, take a break for thirty minutes, then walk for another two hours.”

The one-way trip took about four and a half hours, while the round trip would take around nine hours.

As such, I planned to leave early in the morning and return home around sunset. Basically, we could only stay in the city for a few hours.

If it was a mere trip, then it should’ve sufficed. However, the purpose of said trip was to have a meeting with the blacksmith.

If possible, I’d like to purchase a large number of swords from him. That way, not only would I be able to increase my stock of high-quality products, I’d also be able to use them as bases for the weapons I’d be making for Garnet.

So far, the White Wolf Store has been doing well. However, if no development were to be made, I don’t know how long the period of stability would continue.

Just as we had begun to deal with new products such as Noire’s magic item and Erica’s potions, we should also try to introduce new elements to our current products, the armory.

—and so, after four and a half hours of travel, we arrived at our destination, Tribrook City.

“It’s a lot livelier than Green Hollow! Is it because it’s a city?”

“It’s a lot more secluded than a regular city, though. White Wolf, have you ever been to the royal capital?”

“No, I haven’t. Besides, only A-rank adventurers can travel all over the country.”

We left the horses with a specialist and let them rest until it was time to return.

Then, we decided to walk on the main street of Tribrook City to the blacksmith Travis had introduced us to.

“Once we’re done with the Demon King’s Castle Realm, why don’t you take a break from the store and come to the royal capital? My parent’s mansion is also there, so there’s no need to worry about where to stay.”

“Still, it’s the knight captain’s mansion. Considering how luxurious the place should be, it’d be difficult for me to relax.”

Before we reached our destination, we got excited about something other than the main topic.

Of course, because of the nature of the subject matter, we didn’t make a fuss. Instead, we kept our voices down so that only the two of us could hear them.

Seen from the side, I wondered if we looked like a rural adult and an urban boy duo walking shoulder-to-shoulder and talking secretly.

If I was the passerby, I’d worry about their relationship.

“Now that you mention it, is the mansion in your territory?”

“I have two, actually. A knight of a certain rank will be granted a mansion in his own territory, and another mansion in the royal capital.”

Hee… isn’t that amazing?”

“Although, to my family, it’s quite a hassle. Once a year, my family is obliged to spend at least a few months in the royal capital. It felt depressing when they had to leave. Besides, the carriage rides were also boring and tedious.”

As she spoke from memory, Garnet made some exaggerated gestures. However, the details of the system itself were quite interesting.

Inherently, the Order of the Knights was an army of forces which existed during the age of the great rivalry.

After unification, they were obliged to maintain their old fiefdoms, while also contributing to the kingdom with their military and economic power.

On the other hand, as Garnet emotionally stated, the leading knights and their respective families were to live in the royal capital for quite some time.

Perhaps, it served to deepen their sense of belonging to the kingdom, and as a kind of hostage in case of emergency.

If they were to think of the royal capital as their second home, the risk of rebellion would decrease. Moreover, if the knight had a family in the royal capital, it’d serve as a powerful deterrent.

“…Hmm? Then does that mean you’re required to return to the royal capital for a few months?”

“No, I’m not going back. Simply put, it’s just an obligation to move my home to the royal capital. Some knight captains have long-term missions throughout the period and can’t be expected to remain in the royal capital.”

“I see. I think the main purpose is to take care of the family.”

“On the contrary, there was a knight captain who spent all year in the royal capital and left the territory management to his relatives. Perhaps, the duty of the lord was too troublesome for him.”

While exchanging conversations that could only be done with Garnet, we arrived to the designated address.

“White Wolf, you didn’t forget the name of your destination, right?”

“Of course not. Tribrook Blacksmith Association. It seems that we’ve arrived.”

The signboard ‘Tribrook Blacksmith Association’ was hung up on a large building facing the wide main street.

It wasn’t as large as the Spring Leaf Pavilion, but nearly several times larger than the guild house of Green Hollow Town.

“Rather than a blacksmith, it looks like an inn.”

“It looks similar to an association office. Most probably, he isn’t the only blacksmith there.”

In that sense, the place should be similar to the Green Hollow hunting association.

For the time being, I decided to enter the blacksmith association building and tell the receptionist of my business.

“Excuse me, I’m Luke from the White Wolf Forest, who’s scheduled to meet with Alan.”

“Please wait, do you have a letter of introduction?”

“Yes, this is an introduction from Travis of Black Sword Mountain.”

After completing the clerical and tasteless procedures, I was waiting near the reception area for the person I was meeting to arrive. Then, I saw a young man rushing from the back of the building.

There was a smile on his charcoal-stained face. By the way, the man appeared to be slightly younger than me.

“I’m sorry for the wait! I’ve heard all about you from Travis! Please come to this lounge!”

“O, okay…”

While being pressured by the excitement of blacksmith Alan, we moved to the lounge.

After Garnet and I had sat down on a good quality sofa for visitors, Alan cut the case in a fidgety manner.

“So, let’s get right to it, the thing you asked for is…”

“Of course, as a greeting, I’ve prepared a souvenir.”

I took a dagger out of my bag and handed it to Alan.

After he had nervously unsheathed it, Alan gazed intently at the silver blade.

“Oh, this is mithril…! Excuse me, but what is the alloy ratio…?”

“The alloy ratio is 70% steel and 30% mithril. It’s the same ratio as the standard specifications of wholesale we provide to the Golden Fang Knights.”

In terms of performance balance, the alloy of half and half was superior. The higher the mithril ratio, the more compatible it was with magic. However, it’d also cost a lot. As such, seven to three was the best for mass production.

The dagger I gave to Alan was especially synthesized for that occasion. At the same time, it followed the standard of the Golden Fang Knights.

“…It’s truly brilliant. Aah, how wonderful! I never thought the day would come when I’d be able to hold actual mithril!”

While preventing Garnet from saying, “What’s with this weirdo?” I decided to wait until Alan had regained his composure.

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