Chapter 8

My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop




After breakfast, I decided to return to my room so that I could repair Sakura’s katana.

While it didn’t really matter where I did the repairs, it was best if I did it somewhere where nobody was watching. This was a personal reason of mine, as I was the type of person that couldn’t focus on my work if there was too much noise around me.

「Is it okay if I watched too?」

「You want to? I don’t mind, but I don’t think it’ll be interesting.」

I wasn’t sure what exactly captivated Silvia, but she decided to sit in on the repair procedure.

A cramped room with two young girls and a considerably older man… This was exactly the type of situation that caused misunderstandings when viewed without context.

Obviously, I wasn’t going to do anything suspicious. It wasn’t in my character to take advantage of them in this situation. Not to mention, I would probably get killed if I lost control of myself here.

Although I received a mysterious power-up, I shouldn’t take my weakness lightly, as I was still a man who could only use the【Repair】skill.

「Your request for me is to【repair】your katana, right? Sorry, but do you mind showing it to me?」

「I don’t mind. Please take care of it.」

Sakura placed a katana that was broken in half on the table.

The end of the blade and the grip was there, so I had everything needed to restore it.

There should be no issues when I【repair】it.

「Now, let’s get started…?!」

The moment I touched the blade, a barrage of information rushed into my head.

I could see the current status of the blade, and the abilities it had. I could also see how the katana was constructed, along with all of its properties.

My five senses wouldn’t be able to gather those kinds of information.

(The same thing happened to me before… that’s right, it was when I tried to eat the fruit hanging on a tree after getting out of the labyrinth. The moment I touched it, I knew the insides were rotten…)

Maybe this was another new change that my【Repair】skill got. I guess I could call it【Analysis】.

Now, I would first【analyze】the object needing repair, 【disassemble】the damaged parts and the repair material, then【synthesize】all of it together to complete the【repair】.

The most convincing explanation I could think of now was that the fully automatic【Repair】skill had evolved into individual abilities.

「Luke-dono? Is something the matter?」

「No, I’m fine… Anyways, this katana’s gotten【repaired】several times already, right? Did you happen to go to blacksmiths that offered cheap 【repairs】?」

Sakura looked startled when I asked her that.

「What?! You could tell that much?! It appears I cannot hide anything from a professional…」

「You’re exaggerating, I’m not a professional.」

I corrected her in case that sprouted more misunderstandings.

「Alright then, give me a moment. Active skill, begin【Repair】!」

I used my mana against the blade of the katana, and began restoring the blade to its original form.

A few seconds later, Sakura’s katana was sparkling like a brand new sword.

「There, it’s done.」

「Eh, you’ve finished already?!」

Sakura’s eyes widened in shock.

「All of the masters I had requested a repair from took a long time just to fill one nick in the blade….」

「That probably meant their skill level was low. The time it takes and the accuracy of the【repair】depends quite a lot on the skill level. 」

When I partied with other adventurers, I had hoped my skill would be useful to them, but most of them made me do odd jobs that didn’t involve any【repairs】, or I only helped maintain their armor.

On the other hand, there were times when some adventurers would request countless【repairs】from me in a single day just so they could save money.

In the end, I did train my【Repair】skill a considerable amount, so my level was probably rather high.

……Despite that, my ranking as an adventurer was still low.

Even if my【Repair】skill was strong, there was nothing else I could do but odd jobs, meaning I was considered extra baggage for the parties.

「I know you’re probably tight on money since you’re traveling, but you should at least put more money in when it comes to maintaining your equipment.」

「Y-yes… Since my traveling expenses were low, I could only afford to request blacksmiths who offered cheaper services…」

「I understand, but still. The reason your katana broke in half was because the durability had dropped from too many low quality【repairs】done on it.」

「…How embarrassing.」

I might have been a bit harsh, but I couldn’t ignore it either, since the girls’ lives were in danger because of it.

It wasn’t rare for people to die because they thought【repairs】weren’t that necessary.

It was especially dangerous for those who graduated from being a beginner.

Those people would be focused on the fact that they could use their trained skills with ease, and so they end up neglecting the most basic things, like the maintenance of their equipment.

I knew of a few young prideful adventurers who met their end because of that.

If I didn’t warn Sakura now, she would likely end up on that path as well. I didn’t mind if she thought I was a terrible person because of my nagging.

「Luke-san, why don’t those people train their【Repair】skill some more? I think it’s really convenient that you can repair things in an instant.」

Silvia, who had been watching on the side, threw that question over in a naive manner.

Well, it was normal for her to think about that. When I first started out as an adventurer, I had the same question.

「Before I explain, Silvia, what do you know about skills?」

「Umm… Skills are the abilities granted by the gods that reside in the temple related to your profession, right? I’ve received several skills that are useful for work at the inn from the goddess of household harmony at her temple.」

Of course, even Silvia had a few skills of her own.

Compared to me, who only had the【Repair】skill, it was faster to count what skills I had from the bottom up. I felt reality hit me once again.

「…Yes, that’s exactly it. You can’t get any skills from unrelated gods, and yet only those gods know exactly what they can grant us. The worse case scenario is when you only get one skill, even if you worked the same job for over ten years.」

A concrete example of that was me.

When I had gone to a temple for adventurers to ask for the god’s divine protection, the only skill I received was【Repair】.

I had never received a new skill despite how long it’d been since then.

「Of course, different gods can bestow different skills to us. However, 【Repair】is considered a『common skill』because you can receive it from many different gods.」

「Really? Why is that?」

「From what I’ve heard, it’s because any job that uses tools would eventually need it【repaired】.」

The exception to that would be jobs that don’t necessarily need tools to function.

An example of that would be a temple where the god residing there governed over singing abilities. The likeliness of getting【Repair】there would be virtually zero.

On the other hand, it would be rather easy to receive【Repair】from a god that governed over the fine arts.

Of course, whether or not the believers receive the【Repair】skill depended on the gods.

「Let’s return to your question. The reason those people don’t train their【Repair】skill is plain and simple. They have a main skill that’s used for their actual line of work.」

「I see… They are prioritizing the skills used for work, so they only train those instead.」

Silvia nodded, satisfied with the answer.

「The【Repair】skill works at low levels, but since it’s not that effective, most people only use the skill when their tools are damaged. If the damages are too great, they just buy another one to replace it.」

Those who didn’t have the skill would be satisfied by asking someone in the same profession to repair it. Artisan groups were a tightly knit community.

However, my explanation was about artisans and their tools.

Weapons get damaged easily, which meant they required a lot more【repairs】. They get worn down faster than a regular tool.

「Not many people do【repairs】professionally, so most people who do【repairs】for money are people like blacksmiths who do it as a side business.」

「In that case, the reason why they offered their services at a low price and the resulting poor quality was because their【Repair】skill was low level…」

Sakura finally accepted my explanation.

However, she didn’t look as satisfied as Silvia, and instead looked rather concerned.

「Therefore, I must pay you a suitable amount for the excellent【repair】you’ve done for me, Luke-dono. Since I am travelling, I do not have much money on me, but…」

I quickly stopped Sakura from opening her wallet, and shook my head.

I could tell her wallet didn’t have much in it.

It’d be suspicious if she carried around silver coins, much less gold coins. The weight of her wallet suggested that she only had copper coins.

「I guess since this is a job, I should receive money for it, but if you hadn’t been there when the dragon attacked, I would have become the dragon’s food. Let’s just say this is my way of saying thanks, so I don’t need any compensation. If you request a repair from me again, I’ll consider payment then.」

If I had made one wrong step, I would’ve ran into the dragon after escaping from the dungeon, and it would’ve eaten me.

Sakura might have feelings of gratitude towards me, but I also had those same feelings towards her.

「T-thank you very much!」

Finally, Sakura had a bright smile appropriate for her age.

This expression suited her more than the strained look she had before, I vaguely thought.

Well, the face she made right before we ate might’ve been a little too relaxed.

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