Chapter 9

My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop




At any rate, now that I had finished fixing Sakura’s katana, I suddenly had nothing to do.

I groomed myself, satisfied my hunger, checked to see that Silvia and Sakura were okay, and【repaired】Sakura’s katana…

All of the urgent things I had to do were done already.

I thought about what I could do next, but nothing came to mind.

More accurately, I thought about returning to my job as an adventurer, but I had absolutely no motivation to do so.

(I don’t feel like accepting any quests… or challenging a dungeon…)

I knew the reasoning behind that.

I was left behind by the hero’s party half a month ago. Due to the experience of hunger, isolation, and fear, my mental state had taken quite the beating.

I would be exaggerating to say that my heart was in shambles, but honestly it felt close to that.

As expected, my mind needed to take a long break.

「But still, it must be tough having no money while travelling. How do you earn money?」

My head was filled with negative thoughts, so I tried to change the mood by chatting with the girls.

「Um, that’s…」

「Judging by your expression, I guess you don’t have a way to. I would recommend you do something, but…」

As I thought about what she could do, a good idea came to mind.

「Silvia, there’s a guild house in this town, right?」

「Eh? Y-yes. The local pub runs it as a side business now.」

「Then, how about you become an adventurer, Sakura? You can pick up quests whenever you’d like, so you can earn money whenever you want to.」

With Sakura’s combat abilities, she would have no trouble ranking up quickly.

If she wanted a bit more flexibility while she’s travelling, then there was no better job than that.

「I have some minor business with the guild house, so I can come with you.」

「I really can’t thank you enough… you’ve done so much for me.」

「Ah, then how about I bring you two there? My childhood friend works there. Her parents own the bar, and she works at the guild house as a receptionist as well.」

And so it was decided that we would all head to Greenhollow Town’s guild house together.

「…Wait, no. Silvia, don’t you have work to do?」

「Don’t worry, going is part of my job. We buy alcohol from the pub, and my mom happened to ask me to pick up some cooking alcohol from there.」

I see, the pub was also a liquor store.

They didn’t only sell alcoholic drinks to customers, but they also sold alcohol to other stores that needed them.

Spring Leaf Pavilion was the biggest inn in this town.

If the pub was good enough to be used as a liquor provider for the inn, then it might’ve been the most suitable place to start up a guild house for a small town.

「By the way, Luke-san, why didn’t you make a business out of your【Repair】skill?」

Silvia suddenly asked me as we walked down the path towards the guild house.

「If other people don’t train their【Repair】skill, doesn’t that mean you don’t have many rivals? My grandma said you should take advantage of opportunities like that.」

「I’m starting to get curious about your grandma …」

Yesterday’s saying was empathetic, but today’s sounded like a merchant said it.

My image of the relaxed kind-looking grandma became a crafty old lady merchant instead.

「Actually, I had the same question as Silvia. You are a master at the【Repair】skill, seeing as you can even【repair】wounds on a body when the skill should only work with tools and weapons.」

「No, no. It was only recently that I could do those things, that’s why.」

The conversation reminded me that I hadn’t explained my situation yet, so I gave them a quick summary.

— Due to some unexpected trouble, I was kicked out of the party by the party leader while we were doing a quest for a dungeon.

While I wandered around the dungeon for half a month, my【Repair】skill suddenly transformed.

Using those new abilities, I escaped from the dungeon, and ran into the two of them soon after. —

When I put it that way, I realized just how terribly cruel the situation sounded.

「That’s horrible… what a terrible party leader!」

「Indeed, he is. I would’ve killed him on the spot if he did that to me.」

Silvia and Sakura were both angry.

I didn’t mention that the party leader was a hero recognized by the kingdom, but Sakura still sounded like she wanted to kill him.

「Well, let’s put that aside. The reason I continued to be an adventurer was because… I look up to them.」

When I was a child, a party of adventurers came to my hometown.

They told me about their glorious adventures, planting a seed of intense adoration in my heart.

When I thought about those stories as an adult, I realized part of it might have been made up.

Even so, I could not throw away the feelings I had towards 『adventurers』.

It was so strong, I ended up rebelling against my parents who told me not to do something stupid, and ran away from my hometown.

「That’s why it didn’t matter to me that there were better ways of making money.」

「…Luke-dono, don’t you have any regrets?」

Sakura asked with a bit of sadness in her voice.

「Definitely not. I did what I enjoyed, after all. However… I barely survived this time. Maybe it’s a good chance for me to turn over a new leaf.」

「Does this mean you will be retiring?」

「That’s another choice for me, but for now, I’m thinking of taking a break and doing another job to make money. A job I can do leisurely would be nice.」

That was part of the reason I wanted to go to the guild house; to check whether there were any side jobs I could pick up.

The adventurer’s guild offers their help to retiring adventurers wanting to settle into a new job.

Many adventurers who were starting anew used this service.

「…Ah! We’re here!」

「I see, it really is a pub. Well, the style of it isn’t unusual.」

We cut our conversation short and headed into the Greenhollow Town guild house / local pub.

It was still early in the afternoon, so there were barely any customers at the bar.

We looked around and saw that there was only a group of rookie-looking adventurers.

「Welcome… oh, it’s just you, Silvia. Why are you here at this time?」

「I guided these two here because they have some business with the guild. Ah, let me introduce you. The receptionist there is Mareeda.」

Silvia faced us to introduce the receptionist.

Mareeda felt like the complete opposite of Silvia, who seemed to be young and naive.

If Silvia hadn’t mentioned that Mareeda was her childhood friend, I would’ve mistaken her to be an adult and not a young girl.

「Oh look, you’ve brought over the samurai girl staying at your inn and… onii-san, are you new here? I’ll make it cheap for you.」

「That’s what you say to customers at a pub.」

「Oops, wrong line. What do you need? A quest? Or are you registering as an adventurer?」

Mareeda asked while laughing in a strange manner. She then picked up a stack of blank forms sitting on the side of the counter.

「I’m already registered as an adventurer. She’s the one that’s registering.」

「I am inexperienced, but please take care of me.」

「Everybody here is inexperienced, so don’t worry. We have a lot of medicinal herbs around this area, and the jobs for picking them are low risk, so many newcomers come here for work. Here, if you want to register, then fill this out.」

Urged by Mareeda, Sakura began filling in the adventurer registration form.

Every adventurer started off here.

It didn’t matter if it was an eternal third-rate adventurer like me, or a legendary adventurer who could crush A-ranked dungeons. We all started off by writing our name on this piece of paper.

Sakura’s innocent figure reminded me of when I first registered fifteen years ago, and nostalgia welled up inside of me.

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