63 – Aggravation of the interception






Standing atop the remains of the clay-like figures was Dustin, who had returned inside the base.


“I’m leaving the repairs to you. Did I miss any?”


“It doesn’t… seem like it. What exactly are these? How did no one notice them getting close?”


“No idea. Don’t ask me.”


I wasn’t really expecting much but it looks like he doesn’t know any details.


Either way, I repaired the wall but there wasn’t any time to breathe a sigh of relief as more threats came pressing on.


A portion of the destroyed clay dolls resurrected and came attacking once again.


“How unrefined.”


It didn’t startle Dustin one bit as he swung his spear and kept destroying the dolls yet again as they rose back to life.


“I’ll handle things here. Just go ahead already.”


“Got it, I’ll leave it to you.”


“Mr. Luke!”


Just as I was about to move to the next location, Nagi appeared before us with a sudden gust of wind.


The skill seemed fundamentally different from Sakura’s “Shrinkage”.

Probably some kind of a high-speed movement skill.


“A large-scale magic is coming! Please take cover in case interception fails!”


“One after another…! Got it, I’ll be ready to repair it!”


“Thanks! I’ll go and inform the others!”


Leaving a strong whirlwind, Nagi disappeared.


Soon after, a fireball big enough to light up the entire base could be seen in the air, dropping down towards the center of the base.


“Leave it to me! I’ll go all out!”


Intense mana started whirling around Melissa, slowly turning into a fierce wind.


“Full power, release! Tornado!”


And like a violently rushing stream, the tornado stripped away the heat and flame from the fireball.


Within a matter of seconds, the fireball disappeared, and so did the tornado as it’s role was over.


A sphere of thorn and stakes was left behind.




Immediately after, the sphere exploded, raining down thorn and stakes towards the center of the base.


An attack that still has an effect even after being deflected–No, rather it has the most effect on the very person who tries to deflect it–an embodiment of malice.


All the thorns and stake from the sphere rained down on Melissa, who couldn’t move as she exhausted most of her mana.


“No way–”


“Damn it–!”


The very next moment, Nagi came in at a physics defying speed and pushed away Melissa to protect her.


With a thunderous sound and cloud of dust, blood splashed everywhere as countless thorns and pickets landed.


“Nagi! Melissa!”

The sand cloud mixed with a fresh smell of blood slowly cleared up.


The next thing that entered my vision was Melissa, who had been considerably wounded and Nagi, who was in a pool of blood. Numerous locations on his body seemed like they were deeply gouged out.


Melissa immediately rose up but Nagi didn’t move an inch.


The rate at which he was bleeding was absurdly high–a vital blood vessel might have been torn.


Melissa immediately understood what had just happened and crawled towards Nagi frantically.


“No… no, no! Nagi! Talk to me, Nagi!”




Just as I started sprinting towards them, I was jabbed in the sides with a spear handle.


Taking the second blow of the day, I went flying towards where Nagi and Melissa were at.


(Dustin…! That bastard…!)


I desperately tried to keep my consciousness intact as I landed just before the impact of the thorns and used my dismantle skill.


Although it is true that I reached here way faster than I would have if I ran, there’s a limit to how reckless one can be.


I avoided getting skewered by all the thorns on the ground and immediately used “repair” on Nagi’s body.


As I confirmed Nagi’s breathing slowly went back to normal, I understood the reason behind Dustin’s reckless behavior.


It was not because he would have died if I hadn’t healed him immediately.


I understood the motive behind why Dustin went to the trouble to send me flying like that despite him being indifferent towards everything.


(Even then… that hurt…! He didn’t have to use that much force, did he…?!)


I felt my ribs creaking as I breathe.

Even though I can repair it, I don’t like experiencing pain like this often.


After finishing up with healing Nagi and Melissa, I need to fix myself up as well.


Praying that the situation would settle down a bit for a while, I removed my hand from Nagi’s body as the repairs were complete.


“Nagi… will Nagi be alright…?”


“At the very least, he’s still breathing. If he has that much stamina left, then he’ll probably be fine.”


“Th-thank you… very much… Uuu… Nagii……”


As I repaired Melissa’s wounds too while she sobbed over Nagi, I also began repairing my broken bones with my spare hand.


During that time, Garnet came running in from the walls.


“White wolf! You alright?!”


“Yeah. More importantly, what’s the battle status? Don’t tell me there’s already more happening.”


Although the situation did not really allow me to not do anything, I did have to leave my post for a while.


It would be great if something irreversible did not happen in that time.


“No, it’s all good. Putting that aside, what’s with that guy?! That’s beyond reckless!”


“He was probably overlapping this scene with his partner’s.”


Although the situation is very different, Dustin’s partner’s cause of death was also blood loss from getting pierced.


He probably could not bear to see a pair of lovers separated because of such a reason.


Garnet seemed to have inferred it from that one sentence. He looked very disgusted as he clicked his tongue but didn’t say anything more about it after that.


“Tch… I guess I was right about putting off punching him…”


“….Did you say something?”


“Nothing! Let’s get back to work!”


Just before leaving the scene, I raised an important question to Melissa.


“Melissa. If they sent another one of those, would you be able to deal with it?”


“I…I can! That was like a surprise kill attack! If I have another person put up a protective wall, we can do something about it even if things come out from the inside!”


“Alright, got it. I’ll leave this place to you then!”


Seeing Nagi’s consciousness slowly come back with a glance, I went running towards the facilities that were damaged.


As I went about repairing one thing after another, a different messenger came in a big hurry.


“Mr. Luke! A part of the enemy army is trying to wrap around that wall! Please be ready to repair!”


“The other side, right? Understood!”


The first priority is the walls.


No matter what part of the camp they destroy, as long as they don’t get through the walls, we will be the ones ultimately winning.


Just at the moment I was about to make my way towards the other side–


“Stop, White Wolf!”


An explosive force blew open the wall, sending one of the personnel there flying along with the broken pieces.


They skillfully broke the fall and raised their face. Garnet and I knew that face all too well.


“……! Sakura!”



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