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Chapter 64: Four Generals of Demon King’s Army: Nordri of Ice

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“Mr. Luke! I regret to say this, but it seems that there’s one particularly formidable foe in the enemy lines!”

Almost as soon as Sakura shouted while wiping the blood on her forehead, a dark elf in armor appeared through a hole in the wall.

A strong and robust warrior wearing a metal armor that completely covered his dark indigo-skinned body, save for his head.

His appearance would come as quite a shocker for for someone who only knew about the classical elves mentioned in fantasy novels.

Not only that, but he also looked like a totally different being, compared to the dark elves I’ve met before.

“Hey, White Wolf… That guy does feel a lot different from other dark elves, don’t you think?”

“Judging by his looks, he seems to a brawn-over-brains kind of person.”

Behind the dark elf warrior’s back, soldiers were still fighting fiercely.

This warrior was clearly someone who is one step higher in terms of influence.

Trying to force that guy back through the hole in the wall so I could “Repair” it was definitely not realistic.

Of course, the decision on what to do in this kind of situation had been discussed with Supervisor Dwight  beforehand.

He called it a “Division Strategy”.

I would “Repair” the wall while leaving that warrior on this side. Then, after he was isolated on this side of the wall, we would attack him.

“If they can keep that guy in check until I reach the wall…”

Instead of giving a loud signal to start the operation, I winked at Sakura and Garnet, and also at Noire who was a little further away.

But Noire didn’t even notice my gaze, instead being stuck in place with a face as white as a sheet and trembling.

“Ah… Aah, ah… Nor… dri…”

“Oh, aren’t you  the black wizard of that group of fugitives? I heard from a report that you have  been guiding those knights, but… To think that we would meet in this place.”

Sakura and Garnet jumped at him slashing with their swords.

With a swing of his greatsword, the dark elf called Nordri managed to repel both attacks.

Moreover, he still had his eyes set on Noire, showing off how effortlessly he had done away with their assault.

“I wonder what the big sister you’ve abandoned would think of you if she were here right now. Wait, no, was it your little sister? Well, it doesn’t matter.”

“Don’t you dare ignore me, you bastard!

Garnet jumped at him with an overhead longsword slash, but the dark elf’s lifted his own greatsword with just one hand, blocking the attack and sending Garnet’s longsword flying away.

Sakura had snuck behind his back, but Nordri used his free hand to stop her blade as well.

He didn’t stop the attack just with the strength of his armor. He had actually frozen the blade solid the very moment it came into contact with his hand, stopping it in its tracks.

“What an interesting blade. It seems to be made with a mineral I’m not familiar with. It would make for a nice prize after killing you.”


Sakura used “Ignition” skill on her blade to super-heat it, and with a strong blow on the handle, the ice was completely destroyed, releasing it from Nordri’s grasp.

The momentum from Sakura’s hit had caused the blade to cut shallowly through Nordri’s armored palm, and the few drops of blood that poured from it tinted the remains of the ice on his hand red.

“…This is getting more and more interesting.”

While they battled, I took my chance to “Repair” the wall, completely closing the large hole in the wall.

The “Division Strategy” was a great success. But I wondered if we could really defeat that dark elf.

“Nordri… I remember that name…!”

Back then when Noire was talking about the details of the hero’s party’s disappearance, that name was mentioned once.

A follower of Demon King Gandalf, and one of the 4 dark elf warriors that fought the hero Falcon. Noire knew the names of 2 of them—Nordri and Austri.

He was one of the enemies who, despite having his weapon destroyed during the battle, managed to defeat the hero Falcon.

“That thing you did to close off the wall… Could it be what they call “Repair”? To think I would take off my eyes from it for just a moment, and yet it would be enough time for you to completely restore it… So that’s how it is.”

Countless icy thorns began to rise at Nordri’s feet.

By quick response, Sakura and Garnet took some distance from him, but just after doing so Nordri turned his back on them without hesitation, and quickly rushed towards me.

“The leader…”

So fast. It felt like my body wouldn’t be able to keep up with his speed.

Just as I was halfway trying to dodge him, Nordri’s greatsword was already coming down right in front of me.

“…is you!”

His greatsword came down so fast that my eyes could barely follow it.

At that moment, Sakura appeared in front of me, and with her godlike speed, met the greatsword with her own blade.

A high-pitched sound of metals clashing with each other echoed.

As the price from diverting the greatsword’s trajectory away from me, not only her Hihiirokane sword was broken in half, but Sakura’s own body was literally bisected like nothing but a lump of meat.


She couldn’t even scream.

I stretched out my arm, and the moment I came in contact with Sakura’s mangled body, I poured out all of my magical power into her.

“—hack! Khoff khoff!”

With her body now put together again, Sakura coughed several times, enduring her own body’s urge to collapse due to pain.

Though it felt like an eternity, the truth is that it only took less than a second. It had been the fastest my “Repair” skill had been able to undo that amount of damage.

I couldn’t help but be surprised at how well the “Repair” had gone. It had been nothing short of a miracle. I couldn’t help but think that I would probably not be able to do something like this, this quickly, ever again.

But, I wasn’t the only one who was astonished by that.

“What… was that?”

Nordri was completely dumbfounded, and his face distorted into anger, his voice turning into a loud roar.

“You! What did you do?! Are you kidding me!? Do you think I’ll just accept that!?”

He was about to swing his greatsword again in anger.

But before he could do that, Garnet grabbed his arm.



With his superhuman strength, Garnet flung Nordri away towards the side of the wall, where many knights were rushing in.

Flinging him away from us and into the incoming knights would be like killing two birds with one stone.

But then…


A huge wall made of earth suddenly appeared between Nordri and the knights before they could collide with each other.

It wasn’t something Nordri had made, because even he looked surprised.

But Nordri did react quickly to that situation.

He changed his posture mid-air, safely landing on the earth wall.

As if that had been some kind of signal, the earth wall shifted, catapulting Nordri back to this side before shattering.

Thanks to the meddling of an unknown third party, Nordri had been thrown back at us with immense speed.

Nordri covered his entire body with ice, becoming an icy cannonball of sorts, crushing its way through our defensive wall once again before crashing straight onto Garnet.



No scream was heard. The only thing I could see was the sight of Garnet coughing up blood.

I went straight for her without thinking of anything but the need to “Repair” Garnet as soon as I could.

Nordri was standing there, with his greatsword resting on his shoulder. Then, as if to provoke me further, he stomped on Garnet’s leg, breaking it instantly.

His eyes were burning with killing intent directed straight at me.

But due to that, he wouldn’t be able to notice a stealthy assassin coming at him from outside of his field of view.


A short blade stabbed Nordri’s right eye.

The one who held it was someone who suddenly came flying down from above, lightly landing on Nordri’s shoulders. It was none other than Nagi.

“Do it! Now!”

With his high speed, Nagi’s disappearance made Nordri lose his footing.

In his distress, Nordri swung his greatsword, but with one of his eyes crushed and his posture broken, he couldn’t aim correctly. His greatsword passed over my head and stuck itself into the wall.

I took that chance to unleash my magical power at the point of impact, and “Fused” the greatsword and the wall together.

Using that ability, I made it so that the greatsword and the wall were one and the same thing, which reminded me of a certain fabled sword that couldn’t be pulled out of a stone.

“Disassemble” could be used to undo my spell, but right now, it was impossible to tell the greatsword and the wall apart from one another aside from the point where they had come into contact with one another, and besides, trying to pull it out would be nothing but a waste of time.

“Garnet! I’ll patch you up right now…!”

As expected, Nordri fruitlessly tried to retrieve his weapon from the wall, giving me the time to take Garnet and run away while using my “Repair” skill.

How ironic. This time it was my turn to hold Garnet in my arms.

“Idiot… Don’t you go thinking that returning a favor like this actually makes me happy…”

“Like hell I’ll let you run away from me!”

“Mr. Luke!”

Sakura used her teleportation skill to appear behind me.

Immediately, a terribly cold air ran through our surroundings.

The next moment, I noticed that the way ahead–—no, all sides had been covered by an ice dome.

“This human fort that came out of nowhere… Our plans, ending in failure… All of that was because of you… You alone!”

It was just Nordri and us in here.

I touched the ice wall and try using “Disassemble”, but as it regenerated quite quickly, it would have taken me a long time to destroy it completely.

“We were wrong! The one that we need to kill is none other than you! You! Only you, and I will do it myself! I’ll offer your head to His Majesty Gandalf on a silver platter!”

“Ah, is that so…?”

After finishing using “Repair”, I laid Garnet to rest on the ground and remembered what I had told Garnet once.

—If someone important to me were to suffer the same bitter fate as me, I’d make sure to return the favor to whoever happened to be responsible—

—I don’t care what anyone else says. I would strike back with my own hands until I feel satisfied.

Yeah, that’s right. Just as I said back then.

That’s why, even knowing how reckless it sounds, I just couldn’t help but say this:

“What a coincidence. I also want to kill you.”

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