Chapter 65: Death Battle of Blood and Ice

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Inside the not-so spacious ice dome, while facing the dark elf warrior Nordri, I tried to analyze the situation as calmly and as quickly as possible.

I was seething with rage, but this wasn’t the kind of opponent that could be defeated by losing control of myself due to anger.

To begin with, we had 3 points in our favor.

Firstly, Nordri had abandoned his greatsword, which I had “Fused” together with our defensive wall. Nordri was unarmed.

Secondly, thanks to Nagi’s surprise attack that crushed Nordri’s right eye, his accuracy had been greatly reduced.

And lastly, I had yet to show him all of my skills.

This last point was the most important of them all.

I hadn’t showed him “Disassemble” at full power yet, and I haven’t used the amulet and scroll Noire gave me before the battle at the suspension bridge.

Since I would definitely lose in a hand-to-hand combat against him, my winning chances were limited to the cards I had in my hand.

“You want to kill me? Know your place, human!”

An icy blade formed on each of Nordri’s armored fists, then he closed the gap between us with amazing speed.

In response to his attack, Sakura quickly drew her wakizashi, which was also made with Hihiirokane alloy.

Her red-hot blade efortlessly cut through and melted the icy blades.

Then, a thrust from that same scorching blade was aimed at Nordri’s unprotected head.

“Nice try!”

A rush of cold air quickly exploded from the palm of Nordri’s held out hand.

In the blink of an eye, the heat from the wakizashi created via her “Ignition” vanished, and everything from the tip of her blade to Sakura’s elbow was completely covered in ice.


“I’ll deal with you later!”

Nordri mowed down with a kick, hitting Sakura on the side of her body and sending her crashing onto the wall of the icy dome.

At the same moment, the surface of the ice wall changed its shape, and Sakura’s lower half became instantly trapped within he icy wall.

She could only move her left arm somewhat freely. With both of her legs trapped, she couldn’t activate her teleport-like skill.

“Damn it…! Mr. Luke!”

“There’s no point killing you now. This guy will just bring you back from the dead like before. So…”

However, Sakura had given me enough time.

“Black Fire!”

The magic crystal contained within the scroll formed a magic skill that poured down black flames on Nordri.


Immediately he held his arms over his head—trying to protect his face, but the dark flame kept heating up his armor mercilessly.

Nordri’s armor itself had become something like a brazen bull.

Had this been a one-on-one battle, I would’ve probably been killed before even taking the scroll out, let alone opening and activating it.

(“Normally, after its spell is activated, the scroll would quickly crumble to dust due to this particular spell’s high load… So the flame itself would normally last a few seconds… But!”)

What would happen if I were to use “Repair” continuously on the scroll even before it started to crumble, and faster than its decay rate?

The answer was this.

Far from crumbling, the Black Fire scroll kept on unleashing its effects, increasing its strength with every passing second.

Had this been my old “Repair” skill, this would have definitely be impossible. But after its evolution, “Repair” had improved and become a very powerful technique.

However, I also became aware of an unexpected dangerous fact.


The scroll itself was being overrun with the abnormal heat of its own spell, becoming so hot I could feel my hand starting to get burned.

Not only did I have to keep using “Repair” on my own hand as well, I also didn’t know for how long the magic crystal contained within could go on before being completely used up.

(“I knew it, this was a mistake! I can’t control the scroll’s spell! As long as I keep on using “Repair”, my magical power will keep on being drained endlessly.”)

Scrolls are supposed to be single-use items.

If a scroll’s decay is prevented by some external factor without considering the means to stop their effects from the beginning, those effects will go on continuously as long as there is magical power to fuel them.

This kind of thing, it could only be referred to as a spell gone haywire.

Knowing this at this moment wasn’t going to help much, but it was also impossible to know that beforehand.

Either my magical power would run out first, or I would burn to death. While readying myself for this kind of battle, Nordri released a huge amount of magical power.


His metal armor, which had heated up to the point that it could burn flesh, burst out of his body and its pieces flew in all directions.

In its place, an ominous-looking icy armor was covering his whole body up to his head.

“Kh! Can that ice protect him from these flames…?””

Just like the ice wall making the dome, Nordri’s ice armor would regenerate in a blink of an eye right after being melted away, blocking the black flames from reaching his body.

“Die, healer!”

With an incredible speed, he dashed through the flames and unleashed an attack that pierced through the scroll in my hand.

The black magic flame was interrupted, and Nordri’s fist kept going, sinking through my chest.

Several of my ribs wer broken, and his fist even tore through my internal organs, causing me to spew fresh blood out of my mouth.


“Mr. Luke!”

“I barely missed your heart, huh? Guess I can’t aim correctly with just one eye yet.”

Had Nordri been in top condition, that attack would have definitely killed me on the spot. The severe pain in my chest was the proof of it, making me realize this horrible truth.

“Don’t die just from that! I’ll make sure to cut off your head before you have a time to regenerate yourself!”

With a swing, an ice blade appeared on his other hand. But as he was about to strike, the upper part of his icy armor suddenly shattered into tiny pieces.

“What the hell!?”

The sudden event took Nordri by surprise and caused him to stop his attack.

What I did was very simple. Someone who had been with me for a long time would have understood immediately. I just simply touched the ice armor and activated “Disassemble”.

Breaking through the ice wall might take some time, but since the ice armor was significantly smaller, it wasn’t that difficult for me to do.

(“Now’s my chance…!”)

I hurried and “Repaired” the injury in my chest, while my other hand tried to touch Nordri’s body.

Seeing that, Nordri got worried and backed away from me.

He didn’t know that “Disassemble” was extremely difficult to use on a living being. That was why he assumed the worst and got away from me just in case.

To remain as an unknown enemy with unknown capabilities… That was my last chance at winning this battle.

“Don’t come near me with that hand of yours! If our army could be so easily defeated by the tricks of a nobody like you after having toyed with you lot this far, it would bring us nothing but shame! You ought to know your place and pay for your insolence by struggling until you die!!”

Several clusters of cold air formed around Nordri, and icy spearheads appeared from them.

I immediately understood Nordri’s next move, then reached out for the ice wall behind and managed to use “Disassemble” to scrape off a small portion of the ice wall’s surface.

“Die struggling, human!”

He then fired his icy spearheads quickly at me.

“Damn it!”

A moment ago, I had used some of the remains from Nordri’s “Dissasembled” icy armor to “Repair” and mold the icy wall.

The result was a sorry excuse for a small protective wall, which I tried to use to defend myself from the incoming icy spearheads.

The icy projectiles shattered upon impact, and some shards still managed scratch my cheeks.

The numbers of icy projectiles being fired at me increased rapidly, and I kept on using the debris from these icy spearheads to further expand my protective wall.

Evading was not an option.

Because Garnet was still lying unconscious right behind me.

(“So far so good! But the problem is what comes up next! What is he going to do now?”)

“Really impressive. But still, to use ice against me is just such a reckless thing.”

Nordri flicked a small bead of ice with his fingertips.

The moment it hit the ice barrier I had made, cracks began to run through it.


Realizing what was happening, I quickly threw myself in front of the lying Garnet.

The barrier shattered, and along its debris showering on us like a heavy rain falling sideways, a large number of ice bullets roared as they flew towards us.

Soon enough, the ice dome was filled with silence.

Having become Garnet’s shield, my whole body was pierced by countless icy shards. I couldn’t move away from my position in front of Garnet.

Of course, I activated “Repair” too, making it work through my whole body without even holding out my hands together.

The best I could do was to move my head a little and make some facial expressions.

“To think you would prioritize that human’s life first, instead of your own.”

Nordri began to approach us calmly.

It was as if he was certain he had already won.

“How interesting. And I have come up with a great idea.”

“S… Stop.”

I put in some power into my hand in an attempt to raise my body, crawling away from my position on top of Garnet.

I could hear Sakura’s screaming voice, but I couldn’t understand what she was saying.

“First, I’ll take this human apart in front of you. Limb by limb. I’ll let you revive this human as many times as you want. But I will also tear this person apart again and again.”

“I’ll… Kill you.”

“Of course, allowing this human to die from blood loss won’t do either. I’ll freeze the parts where I cut through, and tear each limb away little by little.”

Despite still being unable to stand up properly, I still managed to turn around and face Nordri.

But Nordri simply walked past me, and at the same time, several ice thorns and stakes appeared on the ground under me, sticking into my flesh and holding me in place.


“You’ll soon realize how foolish of you it was to oppose us.”

Nordri extended his hand towards Garnet, who was still unconscious.

Even if I were to immediately “Disassemble” the ice thorns and stakes, since I had lost a lot of blood, my body would have no power left to stop Nordri’s attack.

That’s right. My “body”.

“Let’s start with the skin on your face, shall w—Whoaahhh!?”

That was the first time Nordri screamed in pain.

His whole body was pierced by several red thorns.

They were similar to the icy thorns that were piercing through me, but their color was the exact opposite, and their shape was also terribly distorted.

If the icy thorns he had created were sharp like needles, these were like twisted thorns.

The ice pierced through his legs, arms, and abdomen, taking away his body’s ability to move freely and causing it great pain.

“Wha… what is this! What is this!”

“Didn’t I just show it to you…? Oh, did you really think my ice manipulation was limited to just creating walls?”

This was, of course, a bluff.

All I did was use the ground that had sucked a lot of my blood, the same ground that Nordri stepped on, as a material, then “Disassembled” the icy thorns and “Repaired” them back.

I only used a small amount of ice, most of the substance material was blood and soil. As expected, the “Repair” ended up incomplete, recreating the sharp thorns into distorted shapes.

No matter how good he was at manipulating ice, he wouldn’t be able to do much about these bloody thorns..


As if to protect his body, Nordri tried to create another ice armor.

Placing my left hand on his shoulder, I used “Disassemble” on this new armor while also using “Analyze” to read into the body structure of this dark elf.

The positions of their internal organs was the same as a human.

The only way to defeat him, for someone without any special fighting talent like me, was to strike his most fatal point directly.

“This can’t be happening… I won’t believe it…! Please forgive me! Your Majesty Gandalf!”

I pushed my palm onto Nordri’s back, using “Synthesize” on the ice debris and my own blood to create an ice-blood stake.

From this close distance, it cleanly pierced through Nordri’s heart.

A couple of seconds after that, Nordri’s heart went completely silent, and the icy dome began to make a loud noise and crack away before shattering into pieces.


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