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The day after the battle at the frontline encampment, the White Wolf Shop opened as usual.

Since a battle had just occurred yesterday, I thought of taking a day off to rest. However, many customers seemed to be looking forward to the store opening. In the end, I decided to serve the customers without any change to my schedule.

Such was the beginning of a peaceful day without any signs of problem.

…Although, regarding problems, there might be one.

Last night’s wine, I wonder if Garnet and Noire left any for me…

“Excuse me, may I take a look at that amulet?”

“Go ahead.”

The magic items that Noire created had attracted the customers’ attention.

In Green Hollow Town, both the adventurers—the target group—and the general public shared the same interest for magic items.

“Huh, isn’t this a Talisman? How intriguing. Usually, it can only be found at a merchant’s stall. Not to mention, it’s cheap…”

“In the first place, it’s rare for magic items to be sold outside of the city.”

In order to create a magic item, one’d be required to establish the [Create Magic Tool] skill with their magic. As such, for those who didn’t possess said skill, it was an impossible feat. As for the essential skill itself, [Create Magic Tool], it was one of a wizard’s sub-skills.

The wizards prioritized their works and research. Hence, they’d create magic items only when required, or because they wanted to sell them to a merchant for profit.

As a result, the balance between supply and demand had become unstable. Unless it was a city with many wizards, magic items would rarely be seen at the storefront.

Yesterday, Noire explained the gist of things to me.

Apparently, it was also the reason why many adventurers didn’t use magic items.

Most of the time, the magic items were obtained by chance. Due to that, only a minority of people would regularly purchase and incorporate them into their tactics.

—Conversely, if it’s a stable supply, the adventurers will use it more frequently. Noire might have discovered a surprisingly good demand.

On rare occasions, merchants specializing in magic items would visit Green Hollow for sale. However, as of the present, they were out of stock.


The gap between the demand and the supply was the key—Sylvia said it before. It was her grandmother’s teaching.

The sale of magic items was the prime example.

“Excuse me, White Wolf, is there any talisman that might aid me in hunting?”

While looking at the display shelves of magic items, a hunter came to the counter with such a question.

“By that, do you mean a hunting charm?”

“Indeed. I’d like one that can ensure a successful catch.”

“Since I’m not very familiar with it, I shall relay your question to the creator. If it can be made, I shall add it to our list of products.”

“That’d be great. If it goes on sale, I’ll order one for every member of the hunting associate.”

After seeing off the hunter, who laughed as he left, I wrote down the previous request in my memo.

This is the fifth request from the townspeople. As I thought, they’re truly interested in the magic items.

The effects of amulets and talisman weren’t limited to those related to combat.

If strictly classified, the so-called [Charm] could either refer to a passive amulet, or an active one. The same was true for the kind that wish for good health, or for good fortune.

The problem was whether or not Noire could create them with her [Create Magic Tool] skill.

As I thought about that, a person returned to the sales floor, about to take a break.

“…Break time, finally…”

“There was another request for amulet products from the residents. This time, the hunting associate would like one that can improve their performance. I’ve been wondering, but can you make such a thing with the [Magic Item Creation]??”

“…I, can’t.”

After pondering a little, Noire replied.

“Be it ‘Amulet’, or ‘Talisman’… the more specific and definite it is, the more effective… For example, an amulet that wards off misfortune… or a talisman that improves concentration…”

Basically, an amulet would reject harmful interference, while a talisman made beneficial interference to the user. Although, that piece of information might be irrelevant for the time being.

“On the contrary… if it’s too ambiguous… as in, the range is too wide… it won’t yield the desired effect…”

“In the case of the hunter association, they want something that can benefit them in all aspects of hunting. Considering their broad request, the created ‘Talisman’ will be rendered less effective. Is that what you’re saying?”

Noire nodded faintly.

“…Still, I think I can create amulets with reasonable effects… such as, raising their awareness to the animal tracks, or one that can conceal their presences… As long as it’s more specific, I may be able to make them…”

“I see. It’s worth adding to the product lineup.”

“…But, be careful… I’d advise against using a lot of charms… Surprisingly, many people don’t know… Putting on too many may lead to mutual interference… In such case, the user’s magical power might interfere with the charm’s effect… It’d be best to narrow it to just one… Even better if an expert were to help with the adjustment…”

I made a note of Noire’s explanation.

Ever since I became an active adventurer, I did my best to cherish the knowledge I received from the professionals.

After all, [Repair] was the only skill I could use.

Therefore, if I wanted to keep my title of adventurer, I had no choice but to amass both knowledge and experience.

If I were to feel satisfied with my current self, that’d be conceited of me.

The valuable opportunity to attain knowledge from a professional—it couldn’t be wasted no matter what.

Despite following the same routine for 15 years, I was once again reminded of how vast the world was. There were many areas I was yet unfamiliar with.

If people all over the world could exchange knowledge in an instant, my fifteen years’ worth of efforts and innovations might be overcome in a few days.

However, that kind of thing could still be considered a dream.

Even if it were to be realized, it’d only happen around 500 or 600 years later.

“For the requested magic items, what kind of materials do you need? Please make a list of them for the time being. I’ll post a gathering request to the Guild House later.”

“Oh, okay… Understood…”

Noire wrote the list of required materials with a pen.

Afterwards, I continued to serve customers while looking sideways at the situation. Then, Garnet casually approached me.

“It seems that the clerk candidate introduced by Sylvia has arrived at the Spring Wakaba-tei* (Guest House). Why don’t we go take a look and decide whether or not to hire them?”

“That’s right. What about tonight?”

The third regular clerk following Garnet and Noire.

If everything went well, managing the store would be much easier with the help of a fourth person. Not to mention, it was someone introduced by the Adventurer’s Guild.

While looking forward to meeting the candidate, I decided to finish that day’s job early.

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