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  1. A Weapon Shop’s Colleague and a Fellow Adventurers





—Despite having promised to make the best equipment for Garnet, working at the store was still my main priority.

During the morning, Sakura helped me. Then, from the afternoon onwards, the four of us—Garnet, Noire, Erica, and I—worked at the store.

In additional to the usual business, I’d also be teaching Erica, the newcomer. Moreover, I also introduced the new trial products to the customers.

Noire’s magic items still piqued many interests. The customers would often ask about them. By the way, the miniature scroll—the eastern version charm of the western magic scrolls—was also attracting a lot of attention.

The potions Erica brought as a souvenir sold out in no time. She was constantly requested to sell more.

“Are they made by a Walnut Street pharmacist? How wonderful! I’d like to buy more!”

“Why, if it isn’t Erica of the Walnut Street. You’ve grown. Personally, I think it’s a great thing that you left the house.”

“I’ve always been indebted to the potion of fatigue. It truly helps me recover some stamina.”

“I tried mixing the same potion using the same herbs, but all it gave me is a stomach ache. As I thought, there’s a difference in skills!”

Strangely enough… or perhaps, as expected, Erica’s concocted potions were well-received by the residents of the Green Hollow Town.

Although there was some distance between the Green Hollow Town and the Walnut Town, the two, neighboring, towns had an amiable relationship.

It was evidenced by the friendship between Sylvia and Erica, who each came from a different town. Apparently, the two towns had shared an exchange for a long time.

“Our family would purchase the ingredients from the Sundial Forest. In return, the Green Hollow Town would order the finished products from us.”

Hee… Well, from the way I see it, being robbed of customers by their runaway daughter is good medicine for overbearing parents.”

Garnet would listen to Erica’s story in-between work with enthusiasm.

But unlike what Garnet said, there was no telling if Erica’s success was considered as a bitter event to her parents.

Perhaps, rather than trying to interfere with their daughter’s independence, they might be willing to lose some customers for the sake of their daughter’s dream.

Again, there was no telling about that.

If I was still a newbie adventurer, I probably wouldn’t have come up with such a hypothesis.

However, over the years, as I approached the age of my parents at that time, I began to discover something else. Apparently, encouraging their child in an easy-to-understand manner wasn’t the only form of support they were capable of.

…I should stop. It’s useless to think about that. It’s not like I’m close with the other party. In fact, I don’t even know them.

While dismissing such vague thoughts, I raised my face.

Then, my gaze was met with Garnet’s. Her face, which was tilted to the side, was right at the tip of my nose.


While letting out such a yelp, I almost fell off the chair.

Pfft—! Ahahaha—! What’s that about—!?”


“My bad. Despite having called you numerous times, I didn’t get a reply. I thought you’d fallen asleep. More importantly, a customer is asking to see you. I have to warn you, though. He seems troublesome.”

As I tried to sit back on the chair, Garnet tapped on my shoulder. Then, she pointed her thumb towards the store entrance.

A man with two magic spears stood there. His weapons were concealed with a cloth. On said cloth, a spell crest could be seen.

It was Dustin, an A-rank adventurer.

“…Judging from your face, it doesn’t seem like you came to buy a weapon.”

“Luke of the White Wolf Forest, we need to talk. I have a request for you. As soon as your business is over, come to the Spring Leaf Pavilion.”

“Considering that it’s not something we can discuss here, then most likely…”

I didn’t finish my words. Instead, I sneaked Garnet a glance. Then, I turned to Dustin and resumed.

“…Do I have to go alone?”

“It doesn’t matter how many people you bring to the inn. However, only I, you, and Travis will be involved in the talk.”

“Travis, as well?”

The face of the man, who looked like a large dog wearing a lion skin, flashed across my mind.

“Then, it’s just right. I have some businesses with Travis.”

“It’s decided, then. I’ll be waiting.”

When leaving, Dustin cast a chilling glance at Noire, who was doing paperwork in the corner of the accounting counter.

I couldn’t understand his intentions, but that gaze alone was enough to scare Noire. As proven by how she crouched behind the counter to hide.

Erica, who couldn’t conceal her confusion, blurted a question.

“W, who the heck is that person?”

“He’s Dustin, a dual-spear wielder. He, along with the other A-rank adventurers, are helping the Golden Fang Knights to defeat the Demon King.”

“Eh!? But why would such a person come to this place…?”

I didn’t know what Dustin was trying to say, nor of his request.

However, I was confident that it wasn’t an unscrupulous errand, but one related to the subjugation of the Demon King.

It was only obvious, considering the personality of the man called Dustin.

He wasn’t one to blow things out of proportion.

Considering that the conversation would be held between only us three, he probably had his reason.

“Anyway, I have no choice but to see him.”

Afterwards, we finished the day’s business without any problems. Then, as per the agreement, we went to the Spring Leaf Pavilion.

I brought my three companions.

Garnet, as always. Then, there were Noire and Erica. Since they were staying at the Spring Leaf Pavilion. they considered the act like returning home. As such, the two had no problem going with me.

“Welcome! Oh, it’s Luke. I’ve heard about it. Please let me escort you to the room.”

“Then, I’ll go. Wait here for a little.”

After leaving the three in the dining room, I followed Sylvia to the room at the back of the first floor.

Rather than a room for accommodation, it was more suited for holding a meeting, since the chance of being disturbed was low.

“Luke, you’ve arrived.”

There was only Travis in the room.

Albeit he was sitting on a chair intended for two people, there was barely any space left for one person.

“It seems that the leading person hasn’t arrived, yet.”

“What is that person doing…?”

“Before that, Travis, I have one thing I’d like to ask.”

I sat in the chair opposite of Travis and instead talked about a personal matter.

“I’m looking for a scrap of armor. However, I’d like for it to be the highest quality possible. Preferably, one that is higher by a notch than the ones that can be obtained through the guild. I’d like to use it as a base to [Synthesize] with Mithril. Do you have any idea from where I could procure it from?”

“What, so it’s about purchasing materials for your products?”

“Well, that’s about it…”

While leaning on his back, Travis rubbed his chin and began to ponder the answer to my question.

“Hmm… a scrap of armor that is better than the ones being traded in the guild? I have no idea.”

“I see, then it can’t be helped.”

“But if you’re talking about a new one, then I might have a clue.” Travis grinned.

“You see, there was a man who left my party to took over his family business back then. Nowadays, he has become a reputable blacksmith. If it’s your request, I’d be happy to relay it to him.”

“Is that true!? Thanks! Then, can I leave it to you!?”

In case of Garnet’s equipment, it was a step forward.

The products sold at the store used the scraps that the Adventurer’s Guild traded in.

As such, there were barely any outstanding, high-quality, items. If my goal was to make a more powerful armor, then the result would almost definitely be unsatisfactory.

“Luke, Travis, another person has arrived.”

Sylvia’s voice could be heard through the door.


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