1. Four Generals of the Demon King’s Army: Austri of the Earth




“Luke, Travis, another person has arrived.”

Sylvia’s voice could be heard through the door.

Then, a man came in without knocking. It was none other than the person who had arranged the meeting in the first place—Dustin, the duel-spear wielder.

“How slow! Where have you been, Dustin?”

“If you want to complain, complain to the Golden Fang Knights. It’s their fault for wasting my time.”

While listening to Travis’s complaint, Dustin leaned his spears against one corner of the room, before stopping beside the table.

Apparently, Dustin wouldn’t be sitting on a chair. Instead, he was going straight to the main topic while standing there.

Of the three people there, two were A-rank adventurers. The two could also be considered as the pinnacle of adventurers.

The remaining one—or rather, me, was of the lowest ranking. I was an E-rank adventurer.

If one were to think about it calmly, under normal circumstances, such a combination would be impossible.

“So, what’s the matter?”

“That’s right. Be quick with it.”

“I’ll explain step by step. First of all, it’s related to our battle the other day, when we defeated one of the Four Demon Lords.”

Despite seemingly being reluctant to speak, Dustin began to explain in a clear voice.


—Two days ago, the Golden Fangs Knights were involved in the battle over the encampment that was under construction at the [Demon Castle Realm].

Shortly after I was trapped in an ice dome by Nordri of the Ice, one of the Four Demon Lords of the Demon Army, something unusual happened at Dustin’s side.

Dozens of clay dolls had emerged. No matter how many times they were defeated, they’d only be born anew.

Then, one of them began to make an eerie sound from the gaping cavity that was its mouth.

“—Kukuku. Despite his big mouth, Nordri seems to be struggling.”

Almost instantly, the doll’s head was crushed by a spear, and it ceased functioning entirely. However, another doll began to make the same voice.

The same thing occurred after about three or four dolls were crushed. The dolls would open their mouths one after another, and continued to speak as if singing in a circle.

“Even though I went out of my way to create that huge wall.”

“I also kept the strongest man busy.”

“And yet, look at that mess.”

“Poor me. Looks like I’m in for another scolding from His Majesty. Kakaka…”

Dustin was looking at the series of events with a cold look.

In front of his opponent, all Dustin’s enemy ever talk about was himself.

In Dustin’s eyes, it was but a foolish act, one filled with both ignorance and pride.

—while listening to the enemy’s remark, he inwardly though, “Any hero could’ve done it.” He was silent because he’d break the enemy’s illusion.

After seeing that the enemy had no intention of revealing himself, Dustin gave up even listening to him. Thus, he swung his magic spear and unleashed it.

“Flash, Lightning—!”

The thrown magic spear drew a complicated trajectory, akin to a thunder that pierced across the sky. After having slaughtering all the clay dolls, the spear returned to Dustin’s hand.

Useless, useless, useless! My fellowship with Nordri has come to an end! From now on, this Austri shall carry out His Majesty’s orders!”

Like a wave, a part of the ground began to surge. It gave rise to another wave of countless clay dolls.

Akin to a landslide, the wave spread to its surrounding.

“The Four Demon Generals are absolute! So is my army of clay dolls! From the moment both Nordri and I invaded you, your defeat is certain! Be crushed by a thousand clay dolls!”

“—I see. It’s enough to know where you are.”

Dustin didn’t pay any heed to the victory declaration of the demon general, Austri, for even a second. Instead, by using the undulations of the wall as a foothold, he leaped.

Then, he threw another magic spear at the epicenter, where a large number of clay dolls kept emerging.

“Roar, Thunder.”

The vast amount of magical power contained in the spear separated and diffused into the air. Afterwards, it gave birth to a multitude of magical spears.

The torrential downpour of magical spears was so intense, it utterly blocked the view. A roaring sound echoed, resembling that of a lightning strike.


After the thunderous noise had subsided and the dust settled, all that remained was a huge crater caused by the magic spears. The reconstruction of the clay dolls had stopped completely.

From the beginning, he was aware that the mastermind was lurking underneath the ground.

As for his basis, it was because of ‘the sudden emergence of the clay dolls’, and also the ‘purpose of breaking the barrier to invade.’

Neither the physical or magical surveillance networks that were set up around the base covered the underground.

Assuming that there was an unclassified skill in that world, which allowed the caster to dive and lurk underground, the sudden appearance of the clay dolls could then be explained.

No such ability had ever been reported in the human society. However, in the realm where demons who believed in different gods lived, human common sense didn’t apply.

The difference in knowledge between the knights, who mostly battled against other men, and Dustin, who devoted half of his life to the subjugation of the Demon King, also had to be taken into consideration.

Every skill had its limitation, and Austri’s ability was no exception.

Not only did he create a clay doll in front of the wall, he also had to physically break the wall to invade.

It could be surmised that Austri couldn’t create a clay doll beyond a certain distance, or dive deep enough into the foundation of the wall buried in the ground.

In other words, while Dustin and the army of clay dolls were fighting, Austri, the caster, was lurking in a shallow hole.

Afterwards, all he needed to do was to figure out where, and obliterate him with the overwhelmingly destructive spear—


“—No way, did you arrange this meet up just so you can brag about your accomplishments?”

“Do you honestly think that’s the case? This is why I can’t fathom a muscle brain. Your head’s as empty as always.”

Travis and Dustin proceeded to throw insults against each other.

For the past few years, whenever the two met, it had always been like that.

If I hadn’t known them for a long time, I’d be preparing myself for a clash between two A-rank adventurers.

However, there was no need to worry about that.

“Luke, didn’t you hire a black wizard? If I recall correctly, she used to be a member of the hero party.”

Suddenly, Dustin turned to me.

“Personally, I can’t comprehend how it feels to bear a grudge. But it doesn’t matter. It isn’t like I can’t sympathize with those who harbor a grudge, either.”

“What’s the matter with Noire? She was with me all the time…”

“It seems that the black wizard has a twin sister, who happens to be a white wizard. My question is, do they have the same face?”

What does it have to do with his previous story?

No, that’s not it.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be asking that question. In fact, Dustin’s question should be directly related to his battle with the Demon Lord Austri.

“Except for the color of their hair and eyes, Noire and Blanc basically looked the same. Although, due to their difference in personality, there are differences in facial expressions, as well. …Wait, could it be, the reason you were asking—”

“—That’s right.

With a serious look, Dustin uttered his testimony.

“Shortly after the battle with Austri, a woman, clad in white, appeared. She resembled the black wizard a lot. Therefore, she’s most likely the white wizard called Blanc.”

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