Repair – 79

Shelter from the rain



“Whee, I’m all drenched…”

By the time we reached the inn, Garnet and I were both completely drenched.

We would’ve been prepared with thicker overcoats if we planned on a longer trip but this was supposed to be a one day round-trip so we let our guards down.

That said, even if I had worn extra clothing to protect from the rain, I still wouldn’t want to travel all the way to Green Hollow through such a heavy downpour.

“This place seems pretty packed, huh? It looks like we weren’t the only ones who got stuck ‘cause of the rain.”

Merchants and travelers were making their way into the inn one after another.

It wasn’t like we misread the weather — it was an unforeseen situation for everyone.

While I was standing in line to get the rooms, I overheard some merchants’ conversation.

“My God, judging from this heavy rain, it will be hard to get a move on before tomorrow. Good thing I don’t have any living things in stock.”

“I narrowly escaped death as well. I am just returning after delivering river fish from the upper stream village to the lower. I’d have probably suffered a great loss if the rain came earlier.”

“Hoho? River fish, I see. May I ask for more details?”

“These fish, you see, can only live in the upstream river where the water is purer… If you are interested, here’s my contact…”

And before I realized, their idle complaints had changed to business talk.

These guys really aren’t slacking off, huh?

I suppose one would need such resilience to make a living as a merchant.

“…Ah, sorry, White Wolf. Can I leave the rooms to you?”

“Did something happen?”

“Some minor business. I’ll be right back.”

Soon after Garnet left the line, it was finally my turn at the counter.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting! For how many people will it be?”

“Two. I would like two one-person rooms, please.”

“I’m extremely sorry. Private rooms are all in use. If it’s for two people, we can prepare a two-person room or offer beds in a ward for cheap.”

I did suspect as much considering the amount of people here but it does seem like all the easy-to-use rooms are already booked.

Wards are definitely a no-go.

They are just cheap beds to sleep on which are slightly better than having to huddle with others while sleeping.

It’d be okay if I was alone but I would like to avoid it since Garnet is with me now.

“(In which case, no other choice but to get a two-person room…)”

And if that’s no good either, we’ll have to look for another inn in this rain.

It was like having no options at all.

“…I’d like the two-person room, then.”

“Understood, thank you very much.”

As I left the counter with the keys to wait for Garnet to return, I spotted a merchant trying to do business with a soaked guest in the inn.

He was trying to sell big towels and simple old clothing.

He also had low-ranking spell scrolls.

“You there, mister! This is a heating spell scroll! Perfect to dry up your body and clothes! How about it?”

“5 small silver coins, eh…”

It’s not really expensive but it also wasn’t very reasonable. It’d be cheaper to buy a full set of old clothes for two people.

That said, there’s the merit of being able to warm oneself.

After pondering on it for a bit, I handed over the silver coins to the merchant and bought the spell scroll and towels for both of us.

After a while, Garnet appeared from the other side of the crowd.

“Sorry, sorry. Were you able to get rooms?”

“Barely was able to get a two-person room.”

Garnet twitched for a moment and then returned to her usual self and shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s better than shared rooms, I guess. Let’s go.”

“Well? What were you doing?”

“I’ll tell you in the room.”

Immediately after reaching our room, we started preparing to dry our drenched clothes.

First, I unwrapped the heating scroll in the middle of the room and activated it by pouring mana into it.

The air right above the spell scroll instantly started to get hotter and the room was getting warmer as if we were sitting around a bonfire.

The scroll would immediately crumble if it was a big offensive magic which needs a lot of mana but since it’s just normal heating which helps in daily activities, it’ll work for a fair amount of time.

Of course, it’s not any different from a one-time use item — as in, you can’t really turn it off for some time and then restart it later on.

“Whew, warm…”

Like a cat warming up beside a fireplace, Garnet warms herself up near the scroll.

While she was doing that, I brought the chair in the room in front of the scroll to hang the clothes for drying.

I took off my shoes and put ‘em near the scroll and my outer garment on the chair’s back.

I also took off my shirt and wringed it on the bucket which I borrowed from the counter before hanging it on the chair as well.

“You should dry your clothes too.”

“I know, I know. That said, you really are thin, huh?”

“Of course. I still haven’t gotten my muscles back.”

She talks about my physique but hers was no different.

She was wearing a coat before so it wasn’t really noticeable but now that she’s only wearing a drenched shirt, it’s clinging to her skin and exposing her lady-like outline.

Makes you doubt she can fight like she does with a body like this. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call her slender.

Of course, she does train but instead of putting on more muscle, hers got more toned and defined, giving off a very slim and lean impression.

“…Oi. I can’t go about drying them if you keep staring like that.”

“Ah, my bad.”

I turned around and sat down on the chair. Confirming that, Garnet did the same as I did just now.

The presence of someone taking off their wet clothes. The sound of water dropping on to the basket from the wringing. The sound of drying her hair and skin with the towel.

However, it still didn’t feel like she wore her clothes again.

The thought that I’ve landed myself in quite the clumsy situation just got stronger by the minute.

“This might be a bit late but would it have been better for me to step outside?”

“What kind of guard locks the person they’re guarding outside?”

“…You’re absolutely correct.”

I couldn’t even imagine what kind of an expression she was making now.

Perhaps she was more calm than I thought. Or perhaps she was forcing herself.

“White Wolf. Continuing our talk from before,”

“About what you were doing at the entrance?”

“Yea, that. I was able to acquire some very intriguing info.”

“Info? Who did you meet?”

After spreading her shirt after all that wringing, Garnet finally spoke up.

“A messenger from the Silver Wing Knights. Apparently they were held up on their way to Green Hollow with some important info.”


I almost turned around hearing something so unexpected but stopped myself at the end.

Something came flying at the back of my head with immense momentum but it felt like it wasn’t thrown with physical empowerment skill.

“Sorry, that was my bad.”

“I would’ve ended up killing right now if it wasn’t you.”

Hard to know if she’s joking or not.

“Well… what’s this important info?”

“It seems the Silver Wings have decided to dispatch a squad to Green Hollow. I can almost imagine the unpleasant faces on the Golden Fangs.”


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