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My Castle, My Castellan

Chapter 25 – The Underground City of the Wrench Tribe


In front of the stone gate, in the cave, with the faint light of the oil lamp, the great craftsman Lance Semapura was led into deep thoughts. The light of the fire was shining on his face, and one could tell his inner struggles on it. The two little gnomes behind him were squinting and looking around.


This was a tragic history of the gnomes. What could hurt more than being betrayed by your family and kins? That time, it almost caused the extinction of the gnomes, and they had to experience a terrible migration. They had to move from the Monoricen Mountains to a distant foreign land.


Even if the gnomes returned to the Monoricen Mountains and restored yesterday’s glory, this unforgettable pain would forever be carved in their heart. This question wasn’t carved on the stone gate, but in the heart of Lance. Lance had to work hard to suppress the resentment.


After a long while, Lance finally showed a fake smile, “the grass sprouts, the fish swims, everything goes with the flow. But the friendship of the Toss City is real, Lance is willing to establish an unbreakable relationship with an intelligent person like McQueen. Given your knowledge, I’m sure you can answer the remaining five, right?” After Lance said so, he squinted, as if he was full of deep thoughts.


McQueen smiled. Lance was going to give hints now. The creator of these ten questions had made this question almost impossible to be solved. He was being very defensive more or less. He thought that it was the saddest period of the gnomes, and he must have seen everyone as an enemy to set this rule.


However, as McQueen said, the grass could grow on the cracks of the rocks, and the fish can get away from the thick ice. No matter what, the grass will grow, and the fish must swim. Something must be done for the poverty of the wrench tribe. As the greatest craftsman, if Lance’s wisdom was covered by hatred, then he shouldn’t be a leader. Fortunately, he was willing to accept the suggestions of McQueen, and he knew that it’s time to walk out of their cage.


“The technology breaks through the darkness, our hard work gives life, we will continue to sing, and our boys will remain optimistic and welcoming. I am not sure if the answer is right, but I know that the gnomes are gifted with these features.” When McQueen was speaking, he was looking at the stone gate, as if it could travel through space and look through the gnomes’ hearts.


Lie, just continue to lie, everything was under McQueen’s control anyway. It’s just a small case, and McQueen was a BOSS in online forums anyway, nothing could get into his way.


“Your wisdom is like a fire candle, illuminating the path in the darkness, Lord McQueen, your answer is a praise to the gnomes. I have to praise you again, as you have the wisdom to transcend the mortal. You are the first person ever who has answered to all the questions since our great gnome prophet Akakabrara wrote these questions 2186 years ago.” Lance took the glasses off his face, and he bowed, “please allow Lance Semapur to lead you and your subordinates to visit the home of the wrench tribe – the wrench dungeon.”


The two little gnomes and the ten gnome warriors behind them, along with the greatest craftsman, all bowed. After a change, McQueen upgraded from the great sage of the city to the great wise man in the mouth of the wrench, and successfully conquered the first tribe with a unique personal charm.


“Thanks to the praise of Lance, it is a great honor to be awarded with the friendship of the wrench tribe.” McQueen bowed back to the gnomes and turned to Will, and said, “Will, the underground tunnel plan remains unchanged. Call more people and bring the goods to the car. Let’s be guests to the wrench tribe.”


“Yes, the city lord.” Will clenched his fist and knocked it on his chest, he couldn’t express his excitement enough, and he could only do so by hitting his chest. He was expressing his inner feelings, and if he wasn’t a super warrior, McQueen would really think that such power could crush stones into pieces.


“Bruce, bring all the potions we have taken, and these things will be gifts to our friends in the wrench tribe.” McQueen instructed Bruce.


Bruce also hit his chest with the same force and shouted, “yes, the city lord.” There was no hesitation. Compared with the shock that McQueen has brought him, and the benefits that he’s going to gain, a little potion seemed unimportant.


“McQueen is really generous. Avi, Luc, inform the big technicians, they have to make preparations to welcome our guests. Prepare some fruit wine, I’m going to have a feast with McQueen.” Lance laughed loudly. Not only was McQueen happy, the greatest craftsman was thrilled too.


“Understood, Grandpa.” The two little gnomes flew across the ground like two blasts of wind, and they instantly disappeared into the depth of the cave.

When everything was ready, the team led by Lance, McQueen and his subordinates, about a thousand people, started walking deep into the cave. In this team, besides Bruce, Will, Percy, Bank, and the twenty-seven senior warrior magicians, all came together, and there were a total of twenty-one senior soldiers and magicians.


All members of the commercial team followed, even those who had no goods. Even if there were no goods, it’s still okay, as long as the deal was made. Once the underground tunnel was built, what would there be to worry about?


After a difficult path, they finally arrived in front of a huge passage after ten minutes. On both sides of the passage, they were filled with pygmy warriors wearing leather jackets, they were neatly arranged, all looking at McQueen’s team. In the front row of the gnome warriors, there were countless gnome girls wearing red robes, holding a variety of rare things, and they greeted the team with a warm smile.


“My respected friends in Toss City, my distinguished Lord McQueen, Franco Susso, representing the wrench tribe, warmly welcomes the arrival of the Lord.” There were dozens of gnomes with grey hair and long beard standing in front of the passage. They were trembling, and they tried hard not to show their wrinkles. They also tried hard to welcome the team with a smile.


“McQueen, my city lord, this is our greatest technician. Among all the gnomes, he’s the most proficient in mechanical manufacturing and technology, and Franco is our chief technician.” Lance introduced them to McQueen.


McQueen tried to look more positive, he shook his clothes and replied with a full smile, “I’m very grateful to the enthusiasm of the wrench tribe. And I thank Franco, the chief technician and all the major technicians to welcome us so passionately. McQueen is grateful to establish the most sincere friendship with you.”


“Please, my honored guests, please move to the underground city of the wrench tribe. We’ve already prepared a feast, and a table full of fruit wine. We have to allow our guests to drink enough.” Franco laughed loudly, he’s just like the gnomes and Bruce, they were all pretty loud.


When they were out of the channel, they could see everything in front of them. McQueen almost thought that he’s entered another world. Not only McQueen, but all the human beings were shocked by what they’d seen.


This was a huge, invisible cave with countless bright lights on the top, shining the entire underground city. A building with mechanical features was arranged in both a chaotic and orderly manner. Many buildings were made with huge machines, with huge gears and linkage levers. A stream of steam was emitted from the chimney of the building and was absorbed by a huge funnel-shaped machine on top of the cave.


The roads were wide, and many weird cars with four wheels running on it were made of wood and metal; there were many running machines. There was a train-like machine in front of the passage. A railroad track was leading from this head to the center of the dungeon, which was a columnar building. This building connected the ground and the top of the cave. Something that looked like an arm was stretching out from the columnar building. McQueen had no idea what it’s for.


“Please come to the train, my most distinguished guests.” Lance the greatest craftsman was looking at his guests’ expressions with satisfaction. Then, he smiled and took the team to the carriage.


For McQueen, although he was shocked by seeing this mechanical castle, the shock only lasted for a brief moment. He followed Lance politely and got into the carriage. Then, Bruce, Will and the other technicians all squeezed in. Seeing how confused Bruce still looked, McQueen sighed in his mind, “what a bunch of uncivilized people, it’s such a shame to me.”


“This is Will Frederick, the super swordsman, now the guardian of the Toss City. This is Bruce McDonald, the master of Will, the former head of the Knights. This is Percy Jackson, the guard of the South Camp of the Toss City. This is Bank Croft, the deputy battalion of the South Camp…” McQueen introduced his team one by one to the gnomes, they were all the top people of the Toss City.


The interiors of the carriage were far from glamorous. They were all seats made of wood. It looked very shabby for McQueen. Naturally, there was no surprise for him. When Lance saw this, he felt that McQueen was being unpredictable, he must be a great figure, as he must have seen all kinds of big scenes.


He actually made the right guess. McQueen had indeed watched the big scenes, like “2012”, “Avatar”, “Star Wars”, “Lord of the Rings”…So how could McQueen not stay calm? This steamed train is just a small deal. In his era, there’re already high speed trains.


“This is Franco, the chief technician of the Wrench Tribe, and the top ten masters of the gnomes. This is Truman Klein, the lab technician of the steam turbine. This is Sihe Mendeleev, the lab Technician. This is Luca York, a technician at the Landing Bird Optimization Lab…”


Like McQueen, Lance also introduced the technicians to everyone. They all greeted with a happy smile, and the whole carriage was filled with enthusiastic laughter. The leader of the Toss City and the wrench tribe had established a preliminary friendship. The train slowly started, and the sound of the whistle was swaying through the entire underground city…


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