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My Castle, My Castellan

Chapter 28 – Production line of sword of carbon steel


With the steam light of the wrench tribe, one after another, it also announced that a new day was coming. The roar of the machine, accompanied by the banging sound, had awakened McQueen from his sleep. This was the most comfortable time for McQueen to sleep after so long, since he didn’t need to worry about danger. There’s a comfortable bed, also the best care from the gnome ladies.


“It’s a pity that this bed is too small. If it’s a few times bigger, I might not be able to control myself.” McQueen relaxed his neck and leaned on the back of the chair, enjoying the gentle care of the gnome ladies. This little beauty was called Sky Semapura, the granddaughter of Lance and the sister of Avi.


As the most distinguished guest of the wrench tribe, in order to express his sincerity, Lance specially ordered his granddaughter to take care of the daily life of McQueen. Sky was beyond excited for this mission. From her two younger brothers, Sky learned that McQueen was a knowledgeable and powerful wise man. Since she got to serve such an important person, she was really happy.


Sky had changed into her best outfit, and she especially put some pink lipstick on. After seeing McQueen, she felt a bit nervous, but all in all, she was very excited to service this generous, almighty man.


“Lord McQueen, your hair has been nicely combed.” Sky jumped off of her small chair and said to McQueen obediently.


The shy look, the curvy body, the dignified manners, he couldn’t control himself…oh, he’d better stop. If he continued thinking, he would perceive himself as a beast. He started to wonder if he’s mentally sick, since he even started having dirty thoughts to this little Lolita.


“Okay, thanks Miss Sky.” McQueen stood up and looked in the mirror, wow, after changing his hairstyle, it’s like he’s just become a hundred times more handsome. “Miss Sky, you’re really great at this. I’m really satisfied with this middle parting, well, no, it’s like a 6 to 4 parting style.”


“McQueen, my lord, you might just call me Sky. I’m very honored to have your compliment.” The little girl’s face blushed a little and she had a sweet smile.


“Unfortunately it is too small.” McQueen once again sighed and said to Sky, “ok, then I’ll call you Sky. Sky, is your Grandpa up yet?”


Sky smiled sweetly, “Grandpa is already up. And he’s at the totem pole waiting for my lord for lunch.”


“That’s good, then let’s go.” McQueen stayed for a while and looked at the mirror. He was surprised by how handsome he looked. Wait, how come he wanted to smash the mirror? Could he be jealous of himself? Gosh, how come he’s now full of pride? How could he continue to face himself in the future? If he wasn’t optimistic enough, he would have committed suicide a long time ago.


OK, let’s not get angry anymore. McQueen took a deep breath and told himself, “McQueen, you’re the most handsome in the world…”


When he was walking on the streets of the Underground City, watching the wonderful technologies of the gnomes, he could smell the mechanics but he didn’t sense the coldness of it. McQueen sighed, “the technology of the gnomes is the most incredible miracle in the world.”


“You can’t say that, Master McQueen. My Grandpa said that the intelligent races on the ground have powerful magic and vindictiveness, and it is enough to break the mountains and kill a holy beast with a fist. Now that is incredible.” Sky sounded envious and she said with her clear, sweet voice.


“Haha, there may indeed be such a powerful person, it’s just two different civilizations, developing toward two directions. The gnomes are good at technology, and the war machines that they’ve made are no worse than the race of magic vindictiveness. Every race that can survive has their own means to fight.” McQueen started to use some food for thought to look impressive.


“Then, Master McQueen, do you know anything about magic vindictiveness?” The little lady’s eyes were blinking and she looked like she’s full of hope.


“Oh, that, well, I’m actually a magician.” McQueen looked around him and said somewhat helplessly, “but you know, as a city lord, I have too much to deal with, and I can’t make time to learn magic at all. So…”


“Oh, I understand, Master McQueen is fully dedicated to his people, and he must sacrifice his own world. This is really touching…” Sky was moved, and her eyes became all teary.


On the way, under the admiring look of Sky, McQueen walked into the totem pole, and he finished the gnome-style breakfast with Lance, the greatest craftsman.


“McQueen, my lord, let me take you to visit the labs of the big technicians, there’s some equipment that you might be interested at, and we’ll also discuss about the rest.” After Lance finished eating, he said impatiently.


After discussing with the big technicians for one night, and after calculating about the rice that they were going to have, Lance felt that he’s doing a good business for the gnomes. These were just products that have been eliminated, and he could already trade them with the most needed daily stuff. Lance felt that he’s naturally good in this.


The gnomes might be very welcoming to their guests, but Lance knew perfectly that he’s betting on the amount of food of one year. Lance had to give it a go for this rare opportunity. He would regret it if he didn’t.


Of course, who would be taking the advantages? Now that’s the question.


“Since the greatest craftsman is so enthusiastic, then McQueen will follow your instructions and check the laboratory.” McQueen said with righteousness, as if he’d given enough face to the gnomes.


The four-wheeled, oversized, crystal-nuclear, power-free carriage was approaching to the first target. This time, not only McQueen was there, but there were also Bruce, Will, Percy and Bank. After all, the next equipment that they were going to purchase were large ones, and it’s almost war-related. McQueen was only a small potato and he knew himself well. He then took the four leaders to have a look.


The laboratory included a production line of weapons, and this was the first stop of the group. This lab was monitored by the big technician, Gore. This technician was almost 90 years old, he welcomed the group with a warm smile.


“McQueen, my lord, and my four masters, my laboratory mainly researches on how weapons form a production line, how to maintain their quality while increase our efficiency. Not long ago, we’ve developed our first production line, which is the sword of carbon steel.”


Gore, the big technician, took out a sample sword that’s approximately 40cm long, and handed it to McQueen.


“You can check it first. As long as you have any specific requests, we can enlarge the size of the production line any time to create a sword of carbon steel that suits you human beings.”


After pretending to check it carefully, McQueen handed it to Bruce and gave his comments, “it’s nice. It’s got very fine structures and it’s very exquisitely made. Especially its sharpness, it can almost compete with the swords on the market.”


“Well, lord McQueen, this sword is still not ready for use.”


“What, still not ready? And it’s already so sharp? Even better!”

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