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My Castle, My Castellan

Chapter 29 – The rise of war weapons


McQueen and Gore shook hands vigorously, Bruce, Will, Percy, Bank, Lance and Franco were smiling brightly on the side. They were the first people visiting the laboratory of assembly line, and they had already made an agreement to cooperate. The two parties agreed to trade with 1000 kg of rice for one weapon produced in the assembly line. For the first stage, they would make a deal for 10,000 weapons first.


According to the price in the market, 50 kg of rice was worth one silver coin, 1000 kg of rice would be worth 20 silver coins. Comparing to the available weapons in the market, the price was much lower.


“Master Gore, your invention is really good for all eras. The carbon steel series of the dwarves will certainly revolutionize the entire history of weapon manufacturing in the Pifa continent.” McQueen said respectfully.


Gore was so thrilled that he was trying not to smile too much. His mouth was wide open when he said, “McQueen, my city lord, your compliment is a bit exaggerating for me. I am only trying to liberate my hands and body to let the machines decide all. That’s why we spent time doing the research on the assembly line, which finally liberated us from the process of iron forging…”




Before Gore finished, the door of the laboratory was knocked open, and a dwarf warrior hurriedly entered. He was panting, “the great master, McQueen the lord, something is going wrong. Outside the cave, there is a three-eyed lizard approaching us. It’s so powerful, and none of the gnomes nor human soldiers could resist it.”


“What?” Everyone exclaimed in unison.


“Then, my subordinates will be the first ones to be beaten down, won’t they? Will, Percy, Bank, hurry up and go there. Try to control the situation.” McQueen exclaimed in a panic, “Lance the great craftsman, we’ll continue discussing our business next time, please send us back to the cave first.”


“McQueen, my city lord, you don’t need to panic. The wrench tribe is a small one, but we can still perfectly cope with an ultimate monster. Franco, go and organize the mechanic team, and I will escort McQueen to the cave.” Lance reassured him calmly.


Franco nodded and said in a low voice, “don’t worry. I’ll go and organize the mechanic team now.” After saying so, he turned and left in big steps, while his beard was swaying.


“We’ll go too.” Lance took McQueen and the others and got on a special oversized wagon with a crystal core, and hurried toward the cave.


When the crowd rushed to the entrance of the cave, they saw a large number of army troops of the Toss City retreating to the underground city. Their noise could not cover the occasional roaring. McQueen was sure that it was the cry of the three-eyed lizard.


“The Guard Camp of the Toss City, please listen to my order, I’m Will.” Will suddenly pulled out a long sword around his waist, bending himself as if a he’s a cannonball flying toward the direction of the cave. “Everyone, calm down and don’t make yourselves too crowded. We’ll retreat to the underground city one by one and in order.”


Both Percy and Bank picked up their weapons. They didn’t have Will’s excellent jumping ability, they could only run as quickly as they could towards the cave, and in the blink of an eye, they had followed Will into the cave.


Bruce raised a big axe and was about to keep up with the group, but McQueen held his shoulders and stopped him. “Bruce, you don’t have to go. Just organize the retreat of our soldiers. Don’t run into the wrench tribe.” McQueen had set aside the shock and tried to speak calmly.


“Okay.” Bruce also knew that he was an elderly senior fighter. His strength had decreased tremendously, so he no longer resisted and headed to organize the North and South Battalions.


Lance patted McQueen’s back and tried to comfort him.  Of course, he couldn’t reach McQueen’s shoulders, “McQueen the lord can still think about such meticulous details at this time, and Lance can only thank you. Also, please rest assured, once our mechanical team is there, the three-eyed lizard will be defeated for sure.”


“Okay.” McQueen nodded, but what he was most worried about were the injuries and deaths of his subordinates. Originally, there were 15,000 people left with 15 thousand deaths, and with this incident, he wasn’t sure how many people still had to die. The Toss City was already short of strong soldiers, with one more death in either of the Northern or Southern Camp, it would still be a great loss for the city.


More and more soldiers retreated into the underground city, making the streets of the Dungeon overcrowded. Even with Bruce and a middle-level officer who started commanding again, there would inevitably be confusion among the soldiers of the North and South Battalions, they blocked the exit and preventing the soldiers in the cave from exiting.


“Lord McQueen, please let your subordinates make some way, the mechanical team will come soon and they will not be able to pass.” Lance frowned, apparently not satisfied with the mess, especially when these people even wrecked several buildings.


“Okay.” McQueen apparently noticed it too. The buildings of the gnomes were too petite for the human beings. They could be crashed at any moment if his people touched them a bit.


McQueen stood up from the wagon, with his hands circling his mouth, and he shouted, “all the two battalions, whoever hears me now, please tell the others to retreat to both sides of the underground city. Leave a path in the middle to let the reinforcement team of the gnomes pass.”


After hearing the words from the city lord, these soldiers immediately responded accordingly. They passed the order from one to the other, and the army started slowly evacuating to the two sides, making the pressure of the entrance of the cave much lighter, making the evacuation speed much higher.


“The prestige of Lord McQueen is very high.” Lance sighed.


“Hey, you’re right.” McQueen was proud of himself, as he hadn’t expected his command would have such a strong effect. Seeing how Bruce jumping up and down the cave entrance, McQueen was even more proud, he thought that sometimes what matters is not only one’s ability, but his charisma as well.


Bang, boom. The sound of footsteps came from the back of the wrench dungeon, when McQueen turned his head, his jaw immediately dropped. He saw a lot of mechanical monsters which were extremely tall, and they were approaching toward him quickly. These mechanical monsters were made of metal and they had four thick mechanical legs. The mechanical arms looked pretty giant as well, and something like cannon barrels were hanging on their bodies. The mechanical monsters didn’t have a head, but they had something like a giant drill.


“Is this your mechanical brigade?” McQueen exclaimed, when he was looking at the dozens of mechanical monsters rushing over.


“Yes, this is the mechanical brigade. The model of this war machine is called ‘Underground Pioneer: Departure of the Blast’. It is the smallest and fastest among all war machines of the gnomes, in addition to the two mechanic arms with the power of a dragon, they’re also equipped with the newly developed artillery. ”


McQueen was still very excited, “is it really so powerful? There’re even such weapons as artillery?”


Lance burst into laughter, “Of course, whatever produced by the gnomes must be a fine one. Our artillery is 100 times stronger than the pirated artillery of those damn dwarves. Very soon, lord McQueen will know how powerful they are. Sure enough, these are just war machines of the lowest grade. Actually, its biggest use is to excavate rock mines. Have you seen its big drill? At that time, even the toughest rocks can be penetrated by the titanium metal produced in the Damolo Mountains. ”


During the conversation, the “Underground Pioneer: Departure of the Blast” has already rushed to the entrance of the cave. At this point, the north and south battalions had already evacuated, and Bank was rushing out of the cave with blood, with Percy following closely behind.


“The three-eyed lizard is rushing over! Everyone, please get ready.” Percy shouted as he hurried out of the cave.


“What about Will?” Bruce yelled.


“Captain Will is going to be here shortly,” Bank replied.


In the blink of an eye, dozens of underground pioneers spread out, forming a semicircle and arranged a line of defense at the entrance of the cave. “Mr. Will, please quickly evacuate the cave. Our mechanical brigade is ready.” Franco’s voice came from the underground pioneers.


Suddenly, a white figure flew into Wrench Dungeon, and that was Will. Will’s sword had a very sharp light, and it was sweeping backward continuously. Immediately after that, a huge, ugly and wicked skull was sticking out of the cave. This was a monster with three eyes. The whole skull was covered with spikes and growls.


“Fire the artillery.” Franco was commanding the mechanical brigade.


Boom, boom, boom …


Dozens of large fireballs, flaming the trajectory, hit on the head of the three-eyed lizard.


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