My Castle, My Castellan 3

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My Castle, My Castellan – Chapter 3 – A 70,000-People Army


“Castellan, please go up to the wall.” When McQueen lowered his head, indulged in his deep thoughts, a white-bearded old man jumped down from the wall. Although his eyebrows turned grey, he was still in high spirits. He had sharp eyes and a straight waist, and his voice was loud and clear. He had caught the attention of McQueen who was daydreaming.


“Well, if you go up first, I will follow you. Haha…it’s too crowded, isn’t it? ” McQueen said with a smile, there was no way he would go up first, as it just meant dying even earlier. Although he had moral values to keep, he still wished to live longer. How could he afford wasting his time of transmigration on a darn wall?


“Too crowded?” The old man with the white eyebrows frowned, then he suddenly turned and yelled, “give us a little more space! The castellan just said that he’s going up, do you think he will stay here and be squeezed here with you?”


McQueen thought to himself, when did he say that he was going up? This old fool was trying to frame him, and he’s not going to give in. “Ok, let’s not do this. Since I am the castellan, I am not going to take away your job. It’s just inappropriate for me to do so. It’s fine, so please carry on, I am just here to have a look.” Under these circumstances, McQueen could only wave his hand and pretended that he cared. It was also to show off his leadership.


“My castellan, there is a seat. I have already left you a position on the wall, just above the main entrance, we have also set up a shed for you to block the sunlight.” A 30-year-old woman smiled very kindly and McQueen felt very welcomed by her gesture.


What is this – there’s even a cover to block the sunlight? They really had no clue what influence it would bring, as if Tucker had not already known about McQueen’s special identity!


“Haha, this is not very appropriate. I will let you all use it. There’s no need to consider me. Please, go ahead and use it, there’s no need to think about me. Although I am the castellan, a little sunlight won’t hurt me. What harm can it cause me if I get tanned?” McQueen said with righteousness, as if he was truly on the side of the public.


After what he said, all the people were looking at him admiringly and respectfully. They thought, McQueen was such an angel, such a godsend. Garcia, who was standing aside, was in tears as well. All in all, their castellan was a kind-hearted man. Just see how considerate he was!


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“My castellan, you are very welcome. We all still remember everything you’ve done for Toss City. This little move was not enough to express our gratitude. Please, my castellan, follow Bruce and go up the wall.” The white-haired Bruce did not consider McQueen’s mood at the moment. He took McQueen’s arm and set his body in a vertical position, then went up the wall in a blink of an eye.


“Ohhh!” McQueen felt dizzy, and it seemed that within seconds, he was stuffed by Bruce into the shed and before he realized it, he was already sitting on a small bench. McQueen felt like swearing, but as he found that thousands of pairs of eyes were looking at him, full of hope and respect. He knew that he had to control himself. All the foul languages were forced back.


“My castellan, what can we do next? Please let us know. You just need to give us an order and I will do whatever you say, whether I have to be in the wind or jump in the fire, it’s all ok!” Bruce was half naked, and he was carrying a huge axe on his back. He gasped while he was talking. Although all his hair and eyebrows had turned white, McQueen did not doubt the strength of Bruce. Just by looking at his strong, muscular arms with the veins, you could feel his unlimited power.


This old man was a real master, McQueen could feel it, after spending his more-than-twenty years on earth. Just look at his thighs…I mean, his arms, they looked as big as his thighs!


“Um…let me ask you, Bruce, how powerful are you?” McQueen coughed softly and pretended to be not worrying a bit. All the people treated Bruce as their leader, and if McQueen made a correct assumption, Bruce would be the strongest man among all of them.


“Let me respond to the castellan. I am a senior warrior. As I am old, my combat power has significantly dropped. However, I don’t think any average intermediate fighter would be able to knock me down.” Bruce said with pride and people burst into excitement.


McQueen opened his eyes widely, and he said in awe, “Oh, so you’re a high-level soldier.” Is there such a differentiation between high-level and low-level soldiers? For McQueen, a soldier is a soldier.


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Looking at how astonished McQueen was, Bruce thought that the castellan did not believe what he’d said. He immediately took the big axe off his back and gave a shout. The axe flashed, and a strikingly light blade flew outside the wall. With a loud noise, the dust was flying everywhere. When the dust slowly disappeared in the wind, a huge crack suddenly appeared.


“Hey!” McQueen took a deep breath. This crack’s appearance was far beyond his imagination. It seemed that the world that he was in was different from that he had come from. As someone who had transmigrated, who spent over a decade reading online novels, this was something that impressed him tremendously. He moved his gaze to Bruce’s big axe and asked softly, “is this the legendary vindictiveness?”

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