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My Castle, My Castellan

Chapter 30 – The powerful ultimate magic cave


After some roaring, the three-eyed lizard opened his mouth, and its huge hissing sound made people’s ears hurt. Seeing a round of salvo from the artillery which was about to land on the head of the three-eyed lizard. Suddenly, an earth wall raised on the ground at the entrance of the cave, blocking all the artillery.


Bang, bang…after several times of explosions which crushed the earth wall completely, they found out that the three-eye lizard wasn’t injured much. There was only one big fireball which had penetrated the broken earth wall and hit the forehead of the three-eyed lizard.


The giant fireball only blackened a small piece of skin on the forehead of the three-eyed lizard, but it caused the three-eyed lizard to growl even louder. Along with the roar of the three-eyed lizard, a spur of soil emerged from the ground, the highest was able to reach a height of three or four feet, making the ground look entirely like a mess, and countless gnome buildings were destroyed.


Fortunately, the north and south battalions have already retreated from this area, otherwise, there would surely be heavy casualties.


“God damn it, let’s get the thunder hammer ready.” Franco was furious and he yelled.


The large cannons on both sides of the underground pioneers’ bodies flashed an arc together, and sparks were flashing everywhere. The three-eyed lizard had occupied a small half of the channel, but one half of its body had already been drilled out, revealing two short thick forelimbs. Its sharp bayonet-shaped paws inserted into the rock very easily.


“Fire the thunder hammer.” Franco’s command sounded in time.


Zi…la…the underground pioneers’ thunder hammer fired, a thick arc followed the flashing trajectory, and went straight to the three-eyed lizard. This time, the thunder hammer was super fast. Ten lightning bolts were shot on the three-eyed lizard at once.


Zi la la, it looked as if the three-eyed lizard had touched 10,000 volts of electricity, half of its body was curled up by electricity, almost revealing its bones. The arc-shaped thunderbolt had lasted for 30 seconds, and the three-eyed lizard was also electrified for 30 seconds. They even started to smell charcoal.


“It’s too fierce.” McQueen counted with the watch given by the gnomes; he was staring so intensively that his eyeballs almost popped out.


“Each of these blows is comparable to the full blow of a super magician. If it were me, if I took any of these blows, there would certainly be no way for me to survive.” Will covered his injured left hand and murmured, “I’m afraid the three-eye lizard won’t live that long anymore. These are 37 thunderbolts, just like 37 magicians working together.”


“Master Lance, suggest me a price. I want 500 of these pioneers!” McQueen yelled. The underground pioneers. Would be the real master in the battlefield. When thinking of 500 underground pioneers queuing in a row to fire thunder hammers, McQueen felt as if he was watching 100 naked ladies taking a shower.


“Roar…” When everyone thought that the three-eyed lizard could not survive, it started roaring up again, there’s smoke rising from his body, making it look even more furious. Especially the one eye in the middle of his forehead, it’s red like blood, just like a demon opening its mouth.


The three-eyed lizard’s one eye was so bright and booming that the ground beneath all the pioneers’ feet suddenly collapsed. As its name implies, it’s a magical beast, and it naturally releases magic. This three-eyed lizard was obviously a soil-based magic monster.


“It’s the ground trapping trick, separate the units and crossfire.” Franco made an immediate decision and directed the underground pioneers, who were caught in a chaotic situation, to scatter. Seeing how the situation looked like, the three-eyed lizard couldn’t be blocked at the entrance of the cave, only the real sword could do the job.

The ground was constantly shaking during the battle between the underground pioneers and the three-eyed lizard, and there was a roar over and over, covering up the noise of shouting of people watching in the distance.


The carriage was retreating. The team had just felt the power of the underground pioneers, yet they dared not stay on the front line after seeing how strong its defense power could be.


“Damn, is this three-eye lizard cheating? Don’t they all say that the thunderbolt has a numbing effect? How come this sh*t is not dizzy at all? And how come it can still fight?” McQueen was helpless.


Lance was also speechless. Just now McQueen was almost convinced by the underground pioneers of their power and he was already to strike with full force. Unexpectedly, the three-eyed lizard stood up again, and it became even more energetic. How could Lance bear with this embarrassment? “This is a soil-based Warcraft. It is famous for its thick, rough skin and slow reactions in its nerves. Numbing it is a very difficult task.”


This is what Bruce had been arranging. He came to join the group, and there were three human fighters accompanying him. “Master city lord, we still have thousands of soldiers hiding in the newly dug tunnel. It seems that we must kill this three-eyed lizard. If it escapes, our soldiers will be in danger.”


“Mr. Bruce, rest assured, this three-eyed lizard will surely die. It has ruined so many buildings in my wrench dungeon, and it had exhausted all the wrench tribe, I’ll surely send it to Hell.” Lance said with determination. How could he possibly look well now that his business had been ruined?


“I’m wondering – how is it possible? How come there’s this ultimate Warcraft looking for trouble all of a sudden?” McQueen frowned and asked.


Bruce and Will glanced at each other and nodded, then, Bruce said, “I am afraid that the blood awakening effect on the city lord is vanishing, and it can no longer suppress the high-level Warcraft, that’s why it’s following us since it has smelled us.”


“What? Its effect only lasted for such a short while?” McQueen was shocked. This was a life-threatening event. “What can I do? Doesn’t it mean that more and more Warcraft will come to look for us?”


“I’m afraid the only way up the cave is blocked,” Bruce said.


“So why are we still hesitating? Just kill the three-eyed lizard and block the passage.” McQueen was very anxious, and he had already lost his cool. This is exactly how someone behaves when his life is in danger. Previously, when he first saw the three-eyed lizard, he was depending on the gnomes and he seemed calm. Now when he heard that the lizard couldn’t be controlled anymore, he became more anxious.


Will said, “however, once the passage is blocked, there’ll be no air flowing. How can the soldiers who’ve dug the tunnel still breathe?”


“Oh, this is a difficult problem.” McQueen was thinking about it. However, since the tunnel was a guarantee for them to go home and to continue doing business, he couldn’t give it up.


Lance replied, “what kind of problem is this? There is enough air for circulation in our underground city, and there is even a small respirator for the underground tunnel. The compressed air in it is enough for us to last for a day. Lord McQueen, will you consider buying some? Then we can start working normally soon. ”


McQueen’s eyes brightened and he said, “or, the great craftsman, you can send the mechanical brigade to help us dig the tunnel. And we’ll pay. How does that sound?”


“I also want to earn some money, but the underground pioneers are supposed for rock mines. It cannot work on the soil at all, since the mud will get them into trouble.” Lance shook his head.

“Oh, what a pity.” McQueen was now depressed. If it’s dug manually, then when could it be done? And how many respirators did they have to use? He thought that Lance might as well be taking a big advantage of them.


Bang! An acantha suddenly appeared in the wagon, scaring everyone. Apparently, this three-eyed lizard was in a better shape even after fighting for so many rounds, and the extent of its magic also increased.

“Let’s retreat.” McQueen roared, Lance pulled down the control rod, and the carriage started driving backwards. The Ultimate Warcraft was too fierce, and they must back down temporarily.

“Be careful, Rockefeller.” Franco was shouting, and the next moment, the three-eyed lizard’s tail swept fiercely onto an underground pioneer.

The underground pioneer was swept up and fell heavily on the ground, breaking a mechanical arm.


“Mortar, crossfire.” Franco yelled.

Countless artillery bombs formed a net in the air, hitting the three-eyed lizard in a blast, one after another – literally blasting it into a large mass of flesh in the air.

The three-eyed lizard roared in the sky, and there was now a bloody red light again in its one eye on the forehead. Again, people started throwing stones to it and launched a full-blown chaotic attack.

The underground pioneers had four mechanical legs and reacted quickly enough to avoid the attack of the stones. However, there were still a few of them getting hit and fell on the ground.


The three-eyed lizard, which was continuously attacked by the electric shock, fire, and explosion, was now nearly defeated. It miraculously relied on its strength as the ultimate warcraft and managed to lead the fight, even though it was under the siege of 37 war machines controlled by the underground pioneers.


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