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“A message from my master.”



After putting away the bell, the black-winged man brought out an old-fashioned letter.

After staring at the letter for a while, Ouka extended its hand towards it reluctantly.




She had guessed whose messenger it was after seeing the black wings. There’s no doubt–it’s that person.

And since he said it’s a “message”, this is no ordinary letter.

With a sense of nervousness, Ouka slowly unwrapped it and opened the letter.



“This is…”




Reading the content, Ouka’s eyes opened wide and she was at a loss for words.

That’s because the contents were much greater than she had expected.

This is bad, this is extremely bad……



As she read through the letter, her heart slowly filled with impatience.

And that could’t really be helped either.

After all, if things go bad, she would end up losing her current happiness altogether.














I was in my room after school.

Normally, I would be leisurely rolling around on my bed or would be reading a book but I was in distress at the moment.



“There, check.”


Hearing Meru’s voice on the phone, I was instantly disappointed.

On the screen, there was a shogi board and a big “You Lose” in the middle.

I have been done in…




“Too strong…”


“AIs are learning everyday, after all!”





What more would you learn when you’re already this good?

I let out a small sigh hearing Meru’s triumphant voice.

In contrast to Meru being happy after winning, I was completely down.

I mean, anyone would be after four consecutive losses.




I was invited by Meru and went up against her in a game of Shogi but to think it would be this one-sided…

I mean, I don’t really have much of an interest in Shogi but I do hate being on the losing side this much.




“Let’s go one more time.”







I want to win once, at least.

I clicked on the rematch button and got into another game with Meru.

I concentrated on each and every move.

I was so determined on winning that I hadn’t talked once since the game began.

Did I ever become this serious about something before?




Oh? I feel like I can do it this time.

As the endgame drew near, I could see myself winning. Just when I thought “alright, let’s do this” and was about to move my piece,



“Umm, Yato-sama…”




Suddenly, I heard Ouka’s voice inside my head.







“There, checkmate.”




Reacting to Ouka’s voice, I looked away from the board.

And simultaneously, Meru announced her check cruelly, to which, I ended up shouting “ehh?!” towards the screen.

On the screen, the usual “You Lose” had appeared once again.

I saw that I had certainly been checkmated, when I looked at the board to confirm.




I’m being played with……

I guess I am no more than a normal playmate to Meru now, huh?

As I was lost for words yet again after another loss, I could hear Ouka saying “Ummm…” respectfully.




“Yato-sama, did something happen?”


“….No, nothing.”





I was feeling utterly defeated at the moment but I decided to listen to Ouka for the time being.




“What is it?”


“Umm, I had something to earnestly discuss with you.”




I wondered what it is about but thinking that it wouldn’t feel good to listen like this, I said–



“I don’t know what this is about but is it alright if I come over there for now? I wanted to head out anyway.”




I would feel even more depressed if I stayed like this.

To my request, Ouka replied with “Certainly!”. So I got up from the bed and went to the gate to get my shoes.




“Let’s try something else after I get back.”


“Please do not forget that I am on a five-game winning streak!”


“You don’t need to count.”




Getting all carried away, huh?

After losing five times in a row, even I would start feeling a bit annoyed so I promised another match after I get back.

I might be able to win if it’s a different game still…… probably.




My confidence sure gets hit when I lose like that but we won’t know if we don’t try.

It was probably fun for Meru as she gave an honest smile. To which, I just gave a bitter smile and headed towards Ouka.















“Even still, it has been a while since I played a game.”


“Do you not play games normally, Master?”


“Not particularly, no. I usually just sleep or read.”


“Eh, just these two? What else?”




“….Master, do you not think even once that you’re wasting away your days?”


“? No, not at all.”



It’s basically a habit at this point.

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