Weapon Mastery

Blunt Weapon 0

Light Armor 0



Detection 0



Luck 1


Karen was the same.

She had gained 1 point after defeating a rare type. That was all.


Up until now, Haruki had done most of his dungeon exploring with Karen.


He had only gone solo twice.

When potato hunting and during the stampede.


The potato hunting had not resulted in any unexpected skill points being acquired.

There also hadn’t been any change up until the fight with the Werewolf.


With all of this considered, he started to get an idea of how he could have gotten 3 skill points.


“The stampede boss…”


Hunting the stampede boss was even less likely than encountering a rare type monster, and was also more difficult.

That’s why he had acquired 3 points.


As he had had no points to distribute, he was very thankful.

However, it felt like he was secretly tasting something good behind Karen’s back, which did not feel right.


That being said, he couldn’t do anything about it now.


So, he would make up for the points by cooking something that Karen liked.

Haruki decided this in his heart.



When they went down to the 5th floor, they saw that it was brown, just like the 1st floor.


“Karen. I want you to stay behind me and watch my back for now.”

“I understand.”


Haruki had an idea about what kind of monsters would appear here.

The monsters that would appear here were probably the Silver Wolves from the stampede.


And just as Haruki had predicted, Silver Wolves slowly moved towards them from the other side of the passage.


There were 3 in all.

Perhaps it was because they were modeled after wolves. They always traveled in a pack. It was written in the WIKI.

As for their strength, he had experienced it first hand.


But it would be fine if he didn’t let his guard down.


“Karen. Support me like that time with the Black Raccoons.”



He ordered briskly, and then he unsheathed his two daggers and charged into the pack.


He hadn’t thought they were that fast during the time he had thrown rocks at them from far away. But he knew now.


“These guys are pretty fast!”


While they weren’t as fast as the Werewolf, the Silver Wolves were very quick as well.


He could safely kill a single one.

But three at once? That was quite dangerous.


However, Haruki observed their movements calmly.



You must concentrate!


He recalled the way that the Werewolf’s muscles moved and compared it with the Silver Wolves.

And then, he found several similarities.


And once he was able to predict the attacks of the Silver Wolves, he was easily able to dodge them with the smooth movements he had copied from the Werewolf.




I can do this!

Haruki was confident after dodging the fifth attack.


However, things were still dangerous.

He had not been able to counter yet.


Every time he tried to move into a counterattack, they would press in.

Haruki could only continue to dodge.


10 times. 20 times.

He avoided the attacks of the wolves.


And then,




One of the wolves squealed as it was blown away.

At the same time, Haruki moved.


He dodged the attack of the wolf in front of him and slashed its belly with his knife.


The wolf that was on his other side tried to bite him then, but Haruki thrust a dagger into its mouth.


The wolf whose belly he had cut now fell to the ground.

The one that was stabbed screamed.


The Silver Wolf was only distracted by the pain for a tenth of a second.

But Haruki made the most of it.

He kicked one wolf into the air, and then quickly buried his blade into the neck of the other.


“That’s the first one!”


The wolf that had been blown away by magic was now attacking Karen. And so he slammed against it and threw it towards the wall.

Then magic came after it.


That was the second!


Haruki approached the wolf he had kicked before it could get up.

He moved his leg, but it was a feint.

The scared wolf reacted by jumping to the side.

It was then.

Seeing his chance, Haruki slashed its body open with his dagger.


They sure were strong.

He cut off the heads of all three to make sure they were dead.




It would have been very bad if Karen wasn’t with him.

Haruki would still have the advantage at a distance, but when up close, Silver Wolves were still stronger.


“I have to get much stronger still…”


Haruki cut open the Silver Wolves and removed the materials.


He turned around in order to ask Karen to put them in the magic bag, but saw that she was still feeling ill from the level up.

She was crouching on the ground and holding her fingers to her temples.


“Are you okay?”

“Ye-yes… I’m fine. But, uh, can I rest a little?”

“Of course.”


For Karen, gaining the experience for three Silver Wolves was a lot.


Haruki had killed many monsters in the stampede and then even defeated the boss Werewolf after that. And so he didn’t feel sick after just killing three wolves at this point.


Once Karen stopped feeling nauseous, they returned to hunting.


They would attack if there were only 2 or 3 of them. If there were 4 or more, Haruki would use his potato throwing skills,  of which he was very proud(?), in order to bring them down to 3.


Like this, they maintained the safety margin as they focused on leveling.

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