Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga

Chapter 39 Eldest son and eldest daughter

During childbirth, men are not allowed to be present. The operation is to be done by a female.


And as such, I was praying for the good news to come quick while performing my government duties. In a sense, it was just perfect as I had these duties. I can refrain from being too anxious by doing it.


To tell the truth, I was more worried about the mother’s health than the safe birth of the child.


It was during night time. Serafina’s attendant came rushing into my office.


“The operation is complete! It is a boy!”


“I see! The mother-is the mother alright?”


“Yes… Miss seems to be tired but it is normal after a childbirth. She is able to embrace the baby by herself too.”


“Then, it’s all good!”


I stood up from the desk.


“Umm… Miss is also a bit tired now so, could you perhaps wait just a bit longer…? There’s also a possibility a sudden change in the baby’s health right after birth so…”


“Mmm… I see… I get it. Take care of them.”


Seems like I got a bit too excited, making the attendant flinch. She probably thought a man unfamiliar with babies might accidentally drop them or something.


“It is also true that my work has piled up. I will go check later. I would like to know when Serafina is ready.”


And then, I met with Serafina later.


She was lying down on the bed but it is true that she seems tired.


“I, did my best.”


“Yeah, we don’t have to worry about a successor anymore.”


I gripped Serafina’s hand.


“I still don’t know if he will become a worthy successor or not, though.”


Serafina being a realist again.


“Because you will become more and more remarkable. I still don’t know if this child can be a man that great. Who knows, Raviara-san’s child might be more wise.”


“I thought the mother would normally want their child to be the heir, you know?”


“I want to be the hero’s wife first. I don’t want a mistake in selecting a heir which leads to the country sinking.”


“I am very blessed to have an intelligent wife like you.”


I also embraced the child but–


“It’s kinda hard to understand if it’s a girl or boy, huh?”


“That’s just how it is.”


She said laughing.


The territory was in celebration mode for a while.


Many different people came to congratulate and so it was difficult as always to deal with them.


But more importantly, as for me, I still had something weighing on my mind.


Two months after Serafina, now Raviara’s child was about to be born. It isn’t that weird since I did hear about the child being in the mother’s womb for longer for half-elves. And so it seems to be right in terms of schedule but–


“It seems it is going to be a breech delivery so she seems to be having a bit trouble…”


The attendant came saying that so I couldn’t keep still.


“Is Raviara alright? Is she?”


“We will try our best to save her at least, if not both…”


Hearing that, I went to a shrine near the Maust castle town to pray, which is very unlike me.


Please, let it all go well, free from accident.


After all, men can’t do anything other than praying at times like this.


–You also have a pious side to you, huh?


You stay quiet, job.


–There were also a few times when I went to pray as well. But, in the end, Gods are nothing but a subject to cling on to. Men need to do what they need to do by themselves. But even still, I guess it is true that there is nothing else to do, other than to pray for the mother and the child’s good health. Pray to your heart’s content. I shall pray as well.


To think I would be cheered up by a job.


Who knows what kind of a reaction the priest will give if I tell him this?


The priest beside me was Elnata, who had granted me the job ‘Oda Nobunaga’. With my success, I had him come all the way to Maust. Although from his perspective, it would be God who gave me this job but I would like to be superstitious in these matters.


While I was praying in front of the idol, someone came and stood beside me.


I had thought it was quite disrespectful of them, to come stand beside a Count but I soon realized I had misunderstood.


“Serafina, I didn’t hear anything about you coming…”


“Yes of course, I didn’t say anything after all. But the job I got from God is Saint, you know? Don’t you think it is only appropriate for me to come here?”


Saying that, she kneeled and started praying earnestly.


Old ancient letters kept assembling towards the God. The just goes to show how refined and highly educated Serafina was in her profession.


I was touched once again by her purity.


Serafina is a prideful person but she has continued working hard to well suit that.


Before long, Serafina’s words had ended. At the end, she bowed to the idol.


“I want to become a Goddess–A Goddess protecting you.”


“Really, I am glad you are my wife. So much that I would have hugged you right away if this wasn’t a shrine.”


Seems like the Saint’s prayer had properly reached God.


When I returned to the Maust castle, I was informed of Raviara’s childbirth by the attendant.


“A girl has been born!”


“Is, is Raviara alright?”


To me, who has lost both his parents at a young age, Raviara was like the only blood relative.


The attendant said with a broad smile.


“Yes, Raviara-sama has endured very well.”


I was relieved from the bottom of my heart.


“I have probably not worried as much even during the battles.”




I announced my intention to lower the taxes next year. I had also wanted to hold on to the people of Naguuri prefecture and it was the perfect timing for that.


Later when I met Raviara, we hugged each other in tears.


“Thank you for giving birth to my child.”


“I am also truly happy to have given birth to Alsrod-sama’s child…”






And then, around the time I became the father of two kids, there were also a big change in politics.


Hasse from the royal family was found.

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