Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga

Chapter 40 The Crown Prince and the Retainer’s Gratitude

And then, around the time I became the father of two kids, there was also a big change in the political scenario.


Hasse from the royal family was found. He came to my castle.


Appearing in front of me, Hasse had discontent written on his face.


He’s a bit older than me in terms of age, being 25 years old but he looks far older than that.


The reason behind it is simple.


Hasse doesn’t have a count rank.


Normally, as he is the king’s cousin, he would have been given the duke’s rank and a really high posting job, but as the present king, Paffus the 6th, has deemed him a criminal, he has lost all rank.


From Paffus the 6th’s perspective, getting rid of his cousin’s bloodline would guarantee that only his own lineage will be able to become king.


Of course, Hasse too isn’t such an easy mark to kill, even after being declared a criminal.


Hasse’s father, the previous king, Grandra the 3rd, was attacked by his nephew, Paffus, and was driven out of the capital 12 years ago. And as such, that would mean that Hasse has been wandering for just about 12 years too. Grandra the 3rd had died from illness 3 years after being driven out from the capital.


“Count Fordnelia, I heard that you are willing to support me, and for that reason, I have come to this land but… is that true?”


“Rather, I would like to hear your reasons for doubting it. Why would I deceive the ‘Crown Prince’?”


I intentionally used ‘Crown Prince’ here.


“Crown Prince? Me?”


“Yes, of course. Just think about it. It has been more than 10 years of the current king’s rule but was there even a single period of peace? There’s only fighting everywhere. So much that it’s a miracle the capital still hasn’t turned into a burnt land.”


It is a fact that the country was disordered. I could bring up as many faults as I wished.


“Even in the capital, the fight over power has continued — the prime minister is being changed every so often, the cabinet ministers are being assassinated. This is all proof that everyone under the king has been trying to extend their authority and that they do not care about the people. Even if you build a hut using rotten trees, the hut will eventually break down. You just have to rebuild it. If so–”


I gave a sharp glance towards Hasse.


“–There’s no one who can become king other than the crown prince. Please claim the king’s rank to rebuild Sarwiel kingdom. I, Alsrod Neivul, shall give away my life for you.”


I could understand that Hasse’s spirit had been rekindled.


This man has also surely dreamt of being the king. It isn’t a difficult task to rekindle that.


No matter how much the king’s rank can sway, there aren’t many who do not think of becoming the king.


“I understand. I also can’t endure the present king’s way of doing things. I will definitely rebuild Sarwiel kingdom myself after becoming the king!”


“That’s the spirit. Then let us immediately make it known that you are the crown prince.”


“What do you mean?”


“If we get all the dukes of different areas gather here under your name, it will demonstrate your power even more.”


“I see!”


And finally, Hasse’s eyes flared up.


He has surely been spending days not knowing what will happen the next day. And if so, there’s no mistake that he will be glad to govern the dukes.


“First, let’s send letters to the dukes to come greet you here at Maust castle. I will also send an accompanying note with it.”


And not to mention, if all the dukes gather here at Maust castle, it will also demonstrate my power. At the very least, they will think that I will get the regent post if we are able to take back the capital.

Although, it will be quite difficult to hold this ceremony smoothly.







To start off, Serafina was making a difficult expression.


“I do understand what you’re trying to do. But please also think about my father.”


Serafina’s father, my father-in-law, Eilz Kartis was also in an alliance with me so he is also expanding his territories in the north.


“If he comes to greet Hasse-sama in Maust castle, it would seem like he is working under you, won’t it? It is true that in terms of land, you’re ahead of him but…”


“That is true. I guess it won’t be enough to just ask you.”


But even still, as Eilz Kartis has the most power in these lands, the situation would completely change depending on which side he chooses. I want him to come, no matter what.


“We would need quite a lot of presents. If we don’t, he will probably say he’s sick or something and not come.”


“Got it. Then I shall prepare the presents.”


I easily gave my consent.


And immediately sent the letter to him.


Eilz also agreed to accept the conditions.






5 months after Hasse came to Maust castle, the ceremony of gathering the dukes was held.


“I am the person who will be the next king. There’s no mistaking it.”


Brand Naham, feudal lord of Olbia prefecture, Eilz Kartis, ruler of Brantal prefecture and the feudal lord of Ikuto prefecture where Hasse was originally hiding. It really can’t be said that lords from all over the country came.


But even then, Eilz and I rule more than 3 prefectures ourselves so when we total the amount of prefectures being ruled by the lords gathered here, the number is close to 10.


Either way, Ikuto prefecture and Eilz’s neighboring land’s lord mainly came so that they are not attacked for not coming.


With this, I can also tell who plans to side with me and who plans to oppose me from the neighboring country.


There’s no mistaking that this force is on a scale that can rise against the current king.


And then, the presents were given to Eilz.


“To reward Eilz Kartis for his loyalty so far, I, the crown prince, shall bestow the rank of marquis to you. I shall also give rank to your whole clan. Furthermore, I appoint you, Eilz Kartis, as the pacifying governor of the the kingdom’s western regions. Slay all the rebels!”


Eilz took his role saying ‘I gladly accept’.


That’s right, I made it so that his rank is higher than mine. I also gave a just cause for an aggressive war.


Of course, the kingdom won’t accept such a thing but, either way, the king doesn’t really have the leeway to attack this far out so it doesn’t really matter.


Now then, I guess I will invade the east with the crown prince.

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