Mysterious Job

Chapter 45 Entertaining the coastside feudal lords

The current head of the Nistonia family, Soltice, arrived with his wife and daughter.


Seeing how he left his son back in his land, it seems he fears that he might get assassinated and his family line will be cut off.

But still, as the whole family was invited, he couldn’t come all alone.

And so he brought along his wife and daughter. It is certainly true that the possibility of women getting assassinated is generally low.


Kelala and I greeted them. I asked Raviara to host the wife and the daughter.


“Thank you very much for coming all this way. I want to have a good relationship with the Nistonia family. This is my vassal, Kelala.”


Kelala bowed.


“No, it is our honor to be invited by the count and the crown prince…”


Soltice’s expression was stiff. It even felt like he was afraid.


“I am the type of person who hates hiding things, so I will speak my mind but, were you perhaps under the impression that your life was being targeted?”


“N-nothing of the sort…”


It seems he is flustered by how frank I was.


“Such worries are unnecessary. The reason is that I am serving the crown prince, and I will not do anything that will disgrace his name. If I were to carry out such an act, all my surrounding feudal lords would leave me, after all.”


“I see. That is, true…”


“I would like you to meet the crown prince first. After that, I will show you around the castle with Kelala.”


It also seemed like Hasse’s attitude as the crown prince was becoming more proper as he was more generous now.

We had also gathered a number of grand furnitures for the interview room. It makes the other party feel like he isn’t just calling himself the crown prince.


There, Hasse’s seven year old daughter was also present, softening the formal situation.


Now then, with this, we have finished with the formalities. All that’s left is to follow through Kelala’s escort.


“I am Kelala Hilala. To start off, I shall guide you to the topmost floor of the castle, from which all of the city of Maust can be seen.”


From the viewing platform on the topmost floor, Maust city could be seen very distinctly, including its numerous waterways.


“It’s a very marvelous castle town, as if it was the capital…”


Seemed like Soltice was quite astonished to see that scenery fold out before him once again.


“It would be an exaggeration to say it is like the capital but thank you very much for the compliment. The population has probably crossed ten thousand.”


“Ten thousand… That is indeed a large city…”


As my territory expanded, the population also increased greatly with it.


“After all, such social status is necessary to welcome the crown prince. I am just glad that I was able to put it up, even if it’s just the appearance. Now then, Kelala, please guide us to the next place.”


“Yes, understood. Then, let us head to the weapons room.”


The place we were headed to now was the weapon collection room, made just for this day. As the territory expanded, we built quite a few big shrines. There, the best weapons were offered for triumph in battles. We gathered all those in this room.


A carpet with very minute details was also laid in the room. It was quite a vivid room, with the weapons’ ornaments aligned, as well.


“Wow… such a large quantity…”


“My actual job is military personnel, after all.”


“I don’t think even the royal castle has a room like this…”


“Although it doesn’t quite reach the level of the royal castle, I must make an imperial villa worthy of the crown prince, after all.”


Even after that, Kelala politely entertained Soltice.

Especially at the dining table, the delicacies of various different regions were presented before him, along with many different kinds of sake.


Kelala poured Soltice some sake.


“We have also prepared sake from other territories. Please enjoy the different tastes.”


“Hmm, thank you very much.”


Seemed like Soltice’s apprehension was cleared, as well.


“Moreover, we also have dancers from the capital called to perform. Please look ahead.”


Girls wearing colorful and charming clothes performed wonderfully.


“Kelala-dono, count, this is the first time I have experienced such luxury after being born. So this is the power of the people who are of the noble rank.”


It seems Soltice was slowly starting to understand the difference in power.


However, one very essential thing was remaining.


“Tomorrow, please watch the soldiers’ marching practice. My lord, Alsrod, has wracked his brain thinking of how to properly march to the capital with the crown prince.”


Kelala said with the capital’s clean pronunciation.


And then, the next day.

It seems Soltice watched my imperial guards march and their martial arts, and was really shaking in his boots.

But that was all because I wasat  near the soldiers, watching. It made them more motivated. I heard from Kelala about what Soltice had to say about it.


“How can such a big army have such systematic movement……?”


Soltice had said.


“There is a secret to it.”


“A secret?”


“My lord has galloped throughout the battlefield many times and has brought victory time and time again. Although low in number, it is not just once or twice that he defeated his enemies. To be lead by such a person, to fight under him, it is pride in and of itself to the soldiers. And so, even if it’s just practice, they wouldn’t neglect it.”


It seems Soltice’s breath was taken away by that.


“Also, it seems Shara prefecture falls along the way to the capital.”


Exactly where Nistonia family was designated.


“If the Nistonia family were to cooperate, I am sure my lord would be at ease.”


Soltice must have surely realized that that was a threat.

However, Kelala’s hospitality wasn’t something that would bring about such animosity.


And as such, Kelala properly bowed there. Or so I heard from the report.


“I am aware that this is very selfish of me as his retainer but please, could you lend your strength to Alsrod?”


Soltice said he wanted to meet me. And after meeting me, he promised that he would escort me through Shara prefecture when I arrive there.


“Thank you for your determination for the crown prince.”


I firmly shook Soltice’s hand.


With this, I acquired the Nistonia family’s navy without fighting.

Next, I will launch a full-scale attack on the Antowani family.



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