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Chapter 106 [Episode 55] Shadow Line of Heroes 1



Shadow Line of Heroes



The power of the Ragna blade simply obliterated everything that existed before Sang Hyuk’s eyes. Thousands of the common Mazors(Devils) and nearly 100 elite Mazors(Devils), all of them… *

And even the Magye’s(Devil World) portal has been erased from the world.

As Sang Hyuk planned, there was nothing up to 500 meters in front of him. Even the Mazors(Devils), who were just beyond the maximum range of the ragna blade were caught in the blast and died.

The only remaining ones were a few of the common Mazors(Devils), whom were a long distance away, out of range.


God’s punishment has swept away a myriad of powerful enemies. You have found four hidden quests in total.

You have cleared the S-rank hidden quest ‘War Fortress Hero’.

You have cleared the S+ rank hidden quest ‘Devil Slayer’.


[Main Mythical Hidden] Quest ‘Shadow King’s Road’ linked quest ‘Shadow King’s dignity’ has been cleared.

You have cleared the Hidden Quest ‘Magye(Devil World) Sealer’ of the SS class.

Though you should be given a lot of rewards for this incredible outcome, God’s punishment erased the karma that should have been rewarded.

Two legendary titles, three legendary items and two unique titles have disappeared. It has also destroyed numerous items that were available and a huge amount of karma.



Sang Hyuk  was expecting this result, but he was overwhelmed when it was confirmed by the system message.

But that was not the point. Sang Hyuk quickly launched the ‘Prevent the Magye (Devil World) Invasion’ window.


[Quest] ‘Prevent the Magye (Devil World) Invasion’ <Infinity Repetition>

: Stop the Magye’s(Devil World) invasion by killing Mazors(Devils), who constantly climb from Magye’s(Devil World) portal. The higher the rank of the monster, you receive a bonus to your kill count. Collect points to earn rewards and Blue Wolf War Fortress’ reputation.

Progress Situation ? [227,449 kills]


Rating: A+



As expected, Sang Hyuk lost everything else, but the achievements related to the quest were his.


“More than two thousand? Normally you can get up to 200 kills if you subjugate an elite….Why 200,000….Ah! Was that because of the Magye’s(Devil World) portal?”

Usually if you catch the lowest rank of Mazor(Devil), the kill count is increased by 1. And if you catch a higher rank, you can raise the kill count between 2 – 10.

With these results, it was almost certain that the 200,000 kills were obtained from the Magye’s(Devil World) portal.

Of course, the Magye’s(Devil World) portal wouldn’t disappear forever in one strike. Perhaps the Magye’s(Devil World) portal would recur in four days.

But the point is that Sang Hyuk has a kill count that is over 200,000.

For reference, the ‘Blue Wolf Medal’, which Sang Hyuk farmed in his previous life, was obtained by turning in a kill count of 100. In other words, if Sang Hyuk is going to trade in for medals now, it means that he can get over 2,200 medals.

Now, he cannot compute the current price because there is no one to buy them yet, but in the previous life one medal was sold for a lot of gold.

In his previous life, Sang Hyuk had suffered all day and had barely received one medal. Of course, the income was taken by the workshop, but anyway, based on the past life, the result was a number that would have been obtained if you worked 2,200 days without rest.


“It’s tremendous.”

After it was calculated, Sang Hyuk was able to realize how much he just accomplished.

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Thanks to the use of Ragna blade, even though his strength has been dropping down, it was not enough to make him fall. So, Sang Hyuk used the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King as a crutch and slowly moved to the Blue Wolf War Fortress.


* * * *


In awe (deeply respecting).

This word was the most accurate word to express the present mood.

All NPCs at Blue Wolf War Fortress looked at Sang Hyuk in awe. They saw. A single horribly overpowered dimensional traveller produced an outrageous result….

It was as if an angry god had descended on his own and blew away all the darkness of the world. Is that so? Sang Hyuk was respected by all the NPCs of Blue Wolf War Fortress, even though he did not raise favor by using kill counts.

This was the respect beyond the favorability system.

The Artificial Intelligence Systems that were designed to mimic human thinking as much as possible. These artificial intelligences were fearing Sang Hyuk apart from favorability.

In particular, the legendary NPC Tamia, the most highly artificial intelligence, was more shocked than any other NPC.

Tamia came to Sang Hyuk and looked at him with trembling eyes. Then, she tried as much as possible to suppress her emotions and opened her mouth carefully.


“Who are you?”

At that very moment, a new message emerged in front of Sang Hyuk’s eyes.


Knight of Glory tamia has accepted you as God’s Agent.

Favorability rises to the limit.

The legendary NPC Knight of Glory Tamia, created ring of fate and you received a rare rated title ‘Glory Obtainer’.


With ‘Prevent the Magye (Devil World) Invasion’, you can use 200,000 kill counting to make her perfectly surrender and to bring up the ring of fate to the 5th level (MAX).

Would you like to use it? (Y/N)


Everything was better than what Sang Hyuk expected.

Originally Sang Hyuk was going to clear up the quest by using the enormous kill count to pull Tamia and her favorability to the max and then using conversations or fight with her to complete his quest.

But he did not need to.

Tamia came to him first and she did not even use the kill count and she even raised her favorability to the limit. That was not even the end, he was able to use the kill count of 200,000, and he was able to raise the ring of fate to the limit of level five.

The 5th level of Ring of Fate was almost like ‘absolute loyalty’.

Although the reaction varies slightly from one NPC to the next, to make it easier to understand, it’s the level of ‘Brotherhood’ relation, in which blood is almost never betrayed.

Not surprisingly, she will actively help when you need help and you can even receive gifts. Of course, raising ring of fate up to level 5 was really hard.

Ordinary NPC did not have ring of fate at all and you are able to create a ring of fate from only rare NPCs but even with a rare NPC, it is possible if you keep trying for a year or two to create the level 5 ring of fate.

Sang Hyuk has played EL for more than 10 years in his past life and saw only one person who achieved a legendary NPC’s ring of fate level 5.

It was such a difficult thing.

But Sang Hyuk got that opportunity so easily.

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“Of course, it must be Y!”

Sang Hyuk choose Yes and boldly used the 200,000 kill count.


Using 20,000 kill counts, you gave Tamia a Blessing of Glory. She feels an unquenchable joy and recognizes you as the perfect Agent of Glory.

Ring of Fate grows to level two.

Ring of Fate grows to level three.

Ring of Fate grows to level four.

Ring of Fate grows to level five.

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