OMA 88

Dark Theme
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Chapter 88 [Episode 46] Hunting Daeho (The Great Tiger) 1



@ Hunting Daeho (The Great Tiger)

(T/L note: Great Tiger – Daeho, the great tiger in Joseon era)


“He’s still as combative as ever.”

Sang Hyuk was hunting on the third floor of the Tower of Nightmare and he had been battling in Way of Proof in the same time.  And a while ago he met Gye Baek after a long time and he was able to fight with him in an exciting battle.

The result was as always 5 : 0, but the game was very intense. Because Gye Baek somehow managed to fight back against the Lone King, despite being overwhelmed, so the battle was intense for sure.


“By the way, I really have to do some item farming. Have I focused too much on titles and gold? The condition of my equipment sucks.”

Of course, the equipments that Sang Hyuk currently had were enormous things for other users to dream about. But Sang Hyuk only saw them as the items that were going to be obsolete in a short time.

Especially now, Sang Hyuk was in a position to acquire the pieces of sets, so he was required to do more farming.


“Great sword is good, it would be nice if I get two more and I also need some other daggers as well… Armor is too bad overall.”

Sang Hyuk looked at the overall settings of his items and frowned. Actually, the item farming that he has been doing was using Gold Mountain.

To be more exact, the NPCs that belonged to Gold Mountain sifted the items purchased at the auction house and the items that other users pawned at Gold Mountain.

But because Sang Hyuk has discerning eyes, it was hard to satisfy him in this way. The level of the items that the ordinary users put on the auction site or pawned to Gold Mountain was not as high as the items Sang Hyuk wanted now.


“When the fight is over, I will set up a farming plan.”

Anyway, he was planning to properly farm once before crafting Magic Armor. So that later he could concentrate on crafting the Magic Armor at leisure.


“But for now I need to be focus on this fight, right?”

Two days had passed by since he swept out Dark Blood, he could not see any particular movement. This meant that Line Dark, no, DD was preparing something.


“How do you plan to come out? It seems that you noticed that I am One Guild since you moved so carefully… If it was DD, I don’t think he’ll come out recklessly.”

Sang Hyuk knew very well that DD was a very cunning person. Others knew that DD was simply a user with good tactical sense in a fight, but thanks to his memory of the past life, Sang Hyuk knew more than that.

Although Sang Hyuk knew all about this, he did not worry.

Even though DD was preparing something, he did not care.

Sang Hyuk was confident of breaking through everything with his own strength.


* * * *


“If I give the operation name… should I say, ‘Hunting the Great Tiger’? Anyway, three things are important. If these three things work properly, he can be taken even if he is Daeho, the Great Tiger.”

DD moved toward Tower of Nightmare and told the Field Doctor, who was next to him, summarizing this operation.


“First, luring. Second, Decreasing power. Third, finishing.”

The Field Doctor did not fully understand DD’s words. But, he knew roughly how the operation would work.


“Can you handle it?”


“I have to catch it. If it was Daeho, the Great Tiger, we are the wolves, right? No matter how strong Daeho is, he can not win against a bunch of wolves alone.”

DD laughed with a confident expression.

16 guilds were mobilized in this operation. Most of the guilds belong to Line dark were involved.

Of course, not all the guilds members from the 16 guilds were mobilized, but 344 people were mobilized to meet certain conditions.

A battle of one great tiger, Daeho, and 344 wolves.

DD believed that no matter how strong Daeho was, eventually it would fall.


When all preparations were over, DD began to search for the Great Tiger, Daeho by unleashing the wolves at Tower of Nightmare. Surprisingly, Dark Blood’s malefactors were mobilized once again.

Chapters are split into pages.