Chapter 138


When I came to, I found myself in a strange place.

A light pink empty space.


Looking down, there isn’t a floor in this space.

My body was floating in the air.


Looking up, there isn’t any ceiling either.

Behind, front, right, left, I couldn’t see anything in any of these directions either.


Probably the concept of space doesn’t exist in this world.


And then I realized it.

That this is probably a dream.


After that, I went to bed with Julia and Tetra.


And after making children, I closed my eyes.

I don’t have any memories after that.


I shouldn’t be having weird dreams.

I need to wake up early.


-Oh, I would be in trouble if you woke up-


I heard a child-like voice. I’m not sure if it was a male’s or a female’s voice.

However, I feel like it’s a female’s voice for some reason.


I checked out my surroundings, but I couldn’t see anyone.


-Oh, you can hear me properly. Nice to meet you, I am… Can you understand without me giving my name?-


…A Fairy?


-Correct! It’s good that you can understand things quickly-


What the hell kind of business do you have with me?


-Hmm, you’re unexpectedly calm. It seems we can talk about important matters properly. I wonder if I should have started speaking from the beginning without being shy?-


I asked you what’s your business with me.

I’m busy.

I want to rest my head early.


I want to finish this business quickly and start having REM sleep.


-Rather, I think you have business with me? Isn’t there something you want to ask me?-


Why did you give me divine protection?

Why did you call me to this world?


-Fufu, you’re asking me these as expected. Because it is convenient to give divine protection. Isn’t it useful? You managed to beat Mari because I removed the shackles of your divine protection.-


The reason you called me to this world?


-Called… Well, there is a recognition gap. In the first place why do people get transmigrated or reincarnated in other worlds?-


I don’t know, that’s what I’m asking about.


-Reverse causality and fate power are the reasons.-



That is.


-Do you know that time has innumerable branches? It’s the so-called world lines. Well, to put it simply… Julia and Tetra are now happy thanks to you. There are many other people who have become happy. And you yourself have come to this world and enjoyed it so much.-


So what?


-And you guys think like this. I’m glad Almus was here. I’m glad I got transmigrated to another world. These feelings affect the past. This is one of the conditions for transmigrating into another world.-


…Isn’t that unreasonable?

That the future determines the past…


-Even if I told you that was the case? Even us Fairies don’t understand it well. Maybe we’re wrong.-


And also, I’m not sure if you’re speaking the truth.


-Fufu, well, I think it’s up to you to believe it or not. Well, let’s get back to the topic. Next is fate power. This is the ability to select the future and the past you want. This varies from person to person, but… The fate power you have is power that can affect the reverse causality. Many people desired the otherworld transmigration, and you desired excitement from the bottom of your heart. So the conditions were in place.-


In other words, you lot didn’t call me to this world?


-Although we can influence what time period and place you end up at, we don’t have the power to go beyond the world’s boundary. Also, another reason you transmigrated was that you died right before the transfer. Only your soul has crossed over. And by chance, you’ve entered the empty body of a child who has accidentally eaten soul grass.-


Griffon said that he never saw a transmigrated person, is it really rare for it to happen?


-I wonder about that? The ratio may not change much. It is rare for the conditions to be met and for the person to die at the same time, they can’t transmigrate just because the conditions are met after all. It is easier to cross the boundaries with only the soul, which has no physical restrictions. The difference is only about as much as passing an elephant through a needle-sized hole and passing a mouse through it though. They are still both really difficult.-


Well, I think you can pass an elephant through a needle-sized hole if you can pass a mouse through it.

I wonder if the reason Griffon hasn’t heard of a transmigrated person is because transmigrated people don’t call themselves as such?

They would’ve probably been treated as a madman after all.


So why did you give me divine protection?

Your previous explanation is inadequate.


-We Fairies are in trouble. That Mari… Or is Merlin easier to get used to? She is trying to break the rules of the world by using Magic. We want to prevent that. It was obvious to us that if you were to become the King, you’d get into a conflict with Merlin.-


Can’t you guys just give divine protections to people and make them run wild?


-Merlin has other Fairies on his side. It’d be a problem. Should I say that they are the reformist group and we’re the conservative group? We live trapped in the laws of the world. We consider this world to be a safe place, a place not attacked by foreign enemies. But they consider this world to be a prison, that’s why they want to destroy it.-



After all, if you wanted to do it, can’t you easily kill a human?


-Don’t get me wrong. We try to avoid interfering with people as much as possible. We only give the necessary amount of divine protection.-


What about Alice’s father?

Was that also necessary?


-We also have factions. It was neither the conservatives nor the reformists who gave divine protection to Alice’s father. If I had to say, it’s the pleasure group? They think of the world as a toy, a playground. That’s why they think humans are also toys given to them. They’re terrible.-


Are you the group that gave Julia lots of divine protection?

Or is it the reformist group? The pleasure group?


-None of them. Should I say they are the favoring group? They give excessive blessings to people who become a singularity or people they take a liking to and give them preferential treatment.-


A singularity?


-The key person in history. History is made of innumerable branches, but it converges once somewhere. For example, the Adernia Peninsula will eventually be unified. I don’t know if it’ll be by Adernians or by Gaulians. However, in the case of unification led by the Adernians, the husband of Julia or her descendants will unify the Adernia Peninsula.-


In other words, can I succeed in unifying the Adernia Peninsula for certain?


-If it’s led by an Adernian, yes. It could still be led by the Gaulians. For example, if you lost to the Rozel Kingdom, it wouldn’t matter.-


From what you’ve said so far, you seem to know what’ll happen in the future…

Is it possible to predict the future?


-No, it’s not possible. We are higher creatures than you, so we know a lot, and we can make predictions and guesses from that knowledge. But that doesn’t change in that it is tied to time. We’re not aware of how history will branch after this.-


You’re not omnipotent, huh.

I thought you guys could do anything.


-What we can do can be reproduced by humans. What we can’t do is… Resuscitation and immortality. Time travel and stopping the time. Perpetual motion. Creating from nothing to existence. I think it’s this much? After this is taboo… Even if you used magic, it’s impossible.-


I see…

By the way, why did you suddenly come out now?


-Merlin is about to complete her magic. You’ve seen her possession sorcery, right? That sorcery created a pseudo-personality by taking Etzel’s information down from the Akashic Records. Merlin herself can’t read the Akashic Records, and she didn’t revive the dead. But it was exceedingly close to magic…-


Why did you ignore it until now?

…I don’t have any intention of cooperating with you.


If Merlin is hostile to me, I will defeat her, but if Merlin is no longer hostile to me, I won’t unreasonably kill her.

There’d be a lot of damage after all.


-It’s okay. Because you two will one day be in a conflict for sure. If you need divine protection, you can just pray for it. Be as flexible as possible.-


My field of vision suddenly began to blur.

My consciousness slowly faded away.


The Fairy’s voice echoed in my fading consciousness…


-One last piece of advice. If a Fairy who refers to themselves as “Ore” (Masculine Japanese Pronoun) appears, you should be careful. They are from the pleasure group, they tend to deceive people. It’s all right, you have strong fate power. As long as you refuse it, they can’t forcibly give divine protection to you.-

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