Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles 125 Part 1



“Almus-dono. About the reconciliation…”


“Did it arrive at your place as well?”


As I finished saying, Carlo nodded.

Although I hold the initiative of this war, Carlo is the leader, for what it matters.


After all, the purpose of this war is to turn Prince Carlo into King Carlo.

As such, it isn’t weird for the same document to be delivered to both of us.


Or rather, it’s actually weird for it to be delivered to me.


“I would actually like to talk about that right now, is that alright?”


“Yes. There’s no need to hurry but we shouldn’t be delaying it either.”


Carlo nodded and answered.












Seven figures had gathered inside a large tent.


Raymond, Bartolo and I had come from Rosyth kingdom.

Carlo DeMorgal, General Tonino and a powerful noble Letis Blouse had come from the DeMorgal kingdom.

And finally, Muzio from Equus kingdom.


Since Alexios and the others were publicly regarded as mercenary I hired, they didn’t participate in the meeting.


Muzio was the first to break the ice.


“We, the Equus tribe, have come here to return the favor to King Almus. As such, we do not demand any interest. However…”


Muzio’s voice roughened.


“It’s evident that Rozel was supporting the rebellion in our country!! If I don’t have Rozel pay for it, I can’t face my dead father, brother and my comrades in the other world!!”


Muzio exclaimed, slamming his wrist on the desk.

His heart was filled with rage.


“The problem is the evidence… That shaman still hasn’t confessed, right?”


“…..There aren’t any shamans in our country who could undo that curse.”


Rozel’s shaman has information leakage prevention curse.

If they try to leak any info, their heart will explode.


As long as they don’t undo this curse, they can’t be hasty about the matter.


“Speaking of which, I have ordered to have her transported here. She should reach in about 3 days. And then…”


“I shall ask Julia to try and undo it.”


As I said that, Muzio silently expressed his gratitude.

There’s no better shaman than Julia in Aderia peninsula.

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