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Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles 125 Part 2


Reconciliation? – Part 2



If Julia can’t do it, then probably no one else can.


“A formal apology and compensation to King Equus’ country. Prince Aldo’s release from the DeMorgal Kingdom. Compensation from Rosyth Kingdom. An armistice treaty that lasts no less than 3 years. Do any of these need to be revised?”


Raymond presented a concrete peace plan.

The first two are essential, while the latter will be done if possible.

I don’t know whether Rozel will actually pay our country or not.

After all, Rozel is still far below having enough national power to do so.


Both Carlo and I showed our consent to Raymond’s proposition.

However, Bartolo did not.


“Hmm, why do we need to be talking about reconciliation? Is it really necessary to make such a treaty? We should pursue this peace, not negotiate it. There is no time to talk about peace.”


Surely there were many others who thought that way too.

They want to end the war as much as any of us.


War is so unpredictable and it costs so much money.

If this war continues, it is going to seriously damage our internal industry.


However, the time to defeat Rozel is now.


“But General Bartolo, what do you plan to do if we lose the war? I think a reconciliation really is for the best…”


“To speak of defeat before actually fighting is an extremely cowardly thing to say, Lord Raymond. Have you lost your nerve?”


“What!? I’m just saying that there’s a rare possibility of it happening…”


Raymond and Bartolo glared furiously at each other.

It was the first time I had ever seen these two fight.


Well, that was new.


“To begin with, have you ever lost even once?”


“That’s a thing of the past. We won the previous battle, and we’ll win the next one. The morale of the enemy troops has been greatly reduced. I can’t afford to lose this opportunity. The difference of power between our country and Rozel’s is no less than tenfold. I have to strike now.”


“But that’s exactly what I’m talking about. What do you think will happen if Rozel gets serious and comes at us with full force? We’ll be dragged through the mud. The soldiers want to return home and not to worry about being used as tools. Rather than a time for war, now is the time for peace. If we miss this chance, there won’t be another one.”


Hmm, they both made a solid point, huh?

I can’t decide who to side with.


I want to weaken Rozel as much as possible too.

But it sure is a risky move…


It’s a matter of a high-risk, high-reward plan versus a low-risk, low-reward plan.

Which one should we stick to?


“General Tonino, what Bartolo says… Can we win?”


The one to ask that question to Tonino was Carlo.

Tonino answers with a confident nod.


“I think we can. But we need to attack first. Now’s our chance.”


So two of our generals think we can win.



Naturally, everyone’s gaze turned towards Letis Blouse.


What would be the head of the Blouse family’s opinion?


“We would rather be settling this with a cession of territory… If at all possible, we would like to concede a portion of Rozel’s territory.”


War 3, Peace 1.


The people advocating for war had a clear advantage.


“What are your thoughts on the matter, Carlo?”


Carlo met my question with a bitter smile as he answered.


“Hmm… I think that as long as I can ascend to the throne, there shouldn’t be any problem. Our country has been ravaged by this war and we need to reorganize ourselves as soon as possible. We can’t afford to keep prolonging this war…  But on the other hand, considering just how much more powerful Rozel can become in the future, we also have a choice to strike them down now that we can…


He wasn’t being able to make up his mind.

Not that I could make such a decision myself, either.


“Lord Almus! Lord Carlo! We need your decisive judgment! Now’s the time we can defeat Rozel once and for all!!”


“Our top priority is to bring peace to our people! If we continue this war, the morale of our troops will certainly fall and that will be our ruin!”


Bartolo and Raymond urged us both to decide on the matter.

Both of them looked so intimidating…


We had better come to a decision quickly.


My poor brain didn’t know which choice was the right one!


And just when I was getting worried about having to leave it to chance while saying “There’s no going back now…”


“Your Majesty! Hawk mail from Lord Yal!”


“Hawk mail! Bring it to me, quick!”


What excellent timing!

After receiving the letter from the guard, I quickly broke the envelope’s seal and began reading it.






I spontaneously started smiling.

The other six people stared at me in anticipation.


After carefully folding the letter, I informed the six about its contents.


“The Kingdoms of Gilberd and Faldham have invaded Rozel.”

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