Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles 125 Part 3





Yal’s duty was to instigate the Zoldias Kingdom into attacking the Belvedere Kingdom.

He succeeded, and the two countries were now in a state of war.

His role had been fulfilled.


However, it would have been a waste to just leave it at that.

So I had dispatched Yal to the Gillbed and Faldham Kingdoms.


This could work.

Both countries had experienced various hardships because of Rozel.

Their chance for revenge was now or never. Therefore, they would certainly be joining the fray.


“Oh! I wouldn’t have expected any less from Lord Almus!”


Carlo looked at me with respect.

I wish he had stopped as he was making me feel awkward.


Conversely. Tonino and Letis were looking at Carlo with shock.

Such important diplomacy was being developed without the DeMorgal Kingdom.

Carlo should have been angry. Or at least utter a complaint or two with some degree of cynicism.


Well, at least I had the excuse of “I wasn’t sure whether or not this would succeed, so I didn’t want to get too excited about nothing.”


The reason behind me not including the DeMorgal Kingdom in these proceedings was that I was planning on turning the DeMorgal Kingdom into a dependent state.

It would make for a good buffer zone.

Ultimately, I wanted to take away its diplomatic autonomy.


So as part of that strategy, I had decided to leave the DeMorgal Kingdom out of this.

It was all so Gillbed and Faldham would see the importance of the Rosyth Kingdom, and the fall of the DeMorgal Kingdom.

Would that make me a mean person?

Being deemed “mean” is the best compliment a politician can receive.


In fact, several tribes in the Germanis region and the northeastern part of Gallia have already gotten wind of Rozel’s defeat.

This was thanks to Ains and Abraham.


The people of Kirisha trade with countries and tribes all around the world.

Using such a trade network, sharing information is quite simple.


Abraham was especially eager about it.

He might have been happy about me telling him I’d let him see his great-grandson.


The tribes in the northeastern part of Gallia wanted their independence from Rozel, and the people of Germanis had been waiting for their chance to prey upon the lands of Gallia.

They were sure to make their move as soon as they learned about the situation in Rozel.


“Well, I think we have Rozel right where we want them. What do you think, Carlo?”

“I agree. Now’s the time to rally the forces of the Adernians! We shall drive those scoundrels out of the peninsula!”


…No, I didn’t think that would be possible.





Thus, the allied forces turned away the messenger of peace and began their assault on Rozel.

At the same time, the forces of the Gillbed and Faldham Kingdoms rushed into the Rozel Kingdom.


And at the same time, several tribes from Germanis and the northeastern part of Gallia began their disturbances.

Amidst the panic, King Rozel ordered General Curiu to return.


So General Curiu was forced to begin his forced march back to the Rozel Kingdom.

And the allied forces were right behind him.


That pursuit depleted the Rozel army’s numbers even more.

Less than ten thousand of their soldiers were able to return to the Rozel Kingdom.


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