Picked Up

Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles 126 Part 1

The Anti-Gallia Alliance



“Tsk…if only those savages hadn’t moved…”


Curiu threw his goblet of wine down to the ground.

The reason that the retreat had resulted in great losses, was because King Rozel had rushed them.


King Rozel had clearly overreacted to the unusual movement of the Germanis people and the Gallia tribes from the north and east.

Curiu had no time to prepare and was forced to march right away.


Furthermore, these Gallians were always confident when they were winning, but became cowards the moment that the tide turned.

That was another reason that their losses were so high.


“Well, it is done. Of course, they would have made a move…that defeat was especially painful.”


A defeat of this magnitude had not occurred since the beginning.

And Rozel had many enemies.

It would only be natural to swarm them as soon as they had shown a gap in their defenses.

“For now, not the Equus tribe, but the Alva people to the south… I’ve contacted the sorcerers that I had infiltrate the Aries and Lupus tribes. If they act, then Equus will have no choice but to draw back.”


If the Equus cavalry left, the allied forces would be weakened considerably.

That would definitely force them to retreat.


“Still, an Anti-Gallia Alliance, huh… How careless of them. Don’t they know that while they are preoccupied with us, the country of Rosyth will swallow them up?”




A short while earlier.



“So, we finally made it here….”


I was standing on top of a hill and looking down at the field.

A river was running from the west to the easy as if to cut the field in half.


This was the line that separated South and West Adernia.

It was the original border between the Rozel Kingdom and King DeMorgal’s country.


And by original, I meant that through a hundred years of fighting, the Rozel Kingdom had pushed down south, and so the borderline was moving down as well.

In other words, the allies were able to take back King DeMorgal’s old lands.


And it wasn’t only King DeMorgal’s lands.

Gillbed’s kingdom and Fardam’s kingdom had also succeeded in taking back their lands from the Rozel Kingdom.


So you could say that it was a great success.

Of course, it had all gone so well because of good luck.

It would not do to get overconfident.


“I didn’t expect things to go so well. But going even farther north will be…”

“I know. Letting things continue for much longer is impossible.”


I said, interrupting Raymond’s words.


Of course, there were some powerful families and officers who were insisting on continuing to go up north…

I could not let them sway me.


In fact, there were also soldiers who were starting to wish to return home. The Equus, including Muzio, was among them.


If we lose, everything will be for nothing.

And so the peace treaty should be made now.


…After all, I was starting to feel that we had won too much.

If the Rozel Kingdom said, ‘We won’t stop fighting until King Almis cries!!’ then I would cry.


That being said, compromising too much would cause people within and outside of the country to raise their voices in objection. The would say, ‘King Almis is worthless.’


Diplomacy was so troublesome.



“By the way, how many did we capture? Did you finish counting?”

“There are sixteen thousand. A great result. They can be sold or taken back. Well, I suppose many will be released after negotiations have been made.”


Sixteen thousand, huh…

Slaves were important to the labor force.


I wanted them for cultivating farmland.

However, taking too many could raise the probability of a revolt.


They were Gallians, after all…


What slave to population ratio would keep me out of trouble?

I heard that a third of the population in ancient Rome were slaves…


Now that I think about it, how large was the slave population in my own country?

Only free people were recorded in the family register.


It would take too much effort to record the number of slaves as well.

After all, slaves couldn’t pay taxes, so there was no point in counting them.


Perhaps I would have to do a large scale population census later on and find out.

It was necessary to have an accurate idea of your country’s power.



“I see that we were able to seize many weapons and provisions.”

“The provisions are plunder, so they should be returned to the country of King DeMorgal. But we can keep the weapons.”


What could be used were thrown into the weapon storage, and anything that couldn’t be used was crushed and remade into new weapons or farm equipment.

Iron was still very valuable.


Iron production would go up if there were blacksmiths and professionals among the slaves…


“Well, it’s almost time now. I’m the one that invited them. And so I cannot be late.”


And so I turned my back on the lands of the Rozel Kingdom.

I had to go and greet King Gillbed and King Fardam.


“I never would have thought that a middle power country in the north of South Adernia like ours would one day stand side by side with the three northern countries in a conference.”


The conference of Adernia kings was about to begin…




The conference started on a night with a full moon.

The giant moon glowed warmly over the great land.


Those who gathered underneath the moon were the four kings, each having ulterior motives.

This was to be the first international conference in history.


“Everyone, thank you for gathering here. Tonight…”

“Enough with the pleasantries, King Almis. We should get straight to the point.”


King Gillbed interrupted Almis’s words.

Among the four countries, it was King Gillbed’s country that was seen as the most powerful.


It seemed that he was not amused at the fact that a young king from an inferior country was managing the meeting.


“Hehe. The young are so impatient. If you rush so much, people might think that something is worrying you, King Gillbed.”

“You think too much, King Fardam.”

“Hehehe… It’s just my advice, as the oldest one here.”


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