Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles 126 Part 2

King Fardam and King Gillbed glared at each other.

It was clear that these two countries did not get along.


While both were at war with the Rozel Kingdom, they also had petty fights with each other.

As neither were very advanced when it came to the centralization of power, they needed war in order to make the noble families within the country obey them.


Carlo watched with a troubled expression.

Officially, Carlo wasn’t the king of DeMorgal, but as he had all the power of one, he was participating in this conference.


King Gillbed is right. Now, let’s get straight to business.”


Almis continued the conference without getting angry.


“First is the reconciliation with the kingdom of Rozel. All four countries will do this at the same time. As for the terms, that depends on every countries contribution… Are we in agreement?”


“No objections.”


They all said, and so it was decided.

Currently, the reason that they had the advantage over the Rozel Kingdom was because all four countries were cooperating.


If just one of the four countries pulled out, then they wouldn’t be able to handle the Rozel Kingdom anymore.


And so none of them wanted a country to leave.


And among the alliance, the one that was most likely to leave was King Rosyth’s country.

After all, they were the only country whose borders were not connected to the Rozel Kingdom.


“Also, I suggest that we create an Anti-Gallia Alliance while confronting the Rozel Kingdom.”

“Very good, King Almis!! My country is in agreement!!”


The person who immediately agreed was Carlo.

For a country like DeMorgal, whose power had been reduced greatly, an alliance where they were all equal was too good to be true.





It was King Gillbed and King Fardam who looked less enthusiastic.

The reason was simple.

They did not like each other.


They understood the necessity of an alliance.

They knew it would be an advantage to them.

However, they did not like the other person.


There was a deep-rooted problem regarding their country’s borders.

If they formed an alliance, there was no chance that they could take back their lands through fighting.


In order to face a strong enemy, they had to forget the past.

Of course, that was not something they could accept.


Furthermore, they did not like that King Rosyth would be taking leadership.

King Rosyth’s country was the only one whose borders weren’t connected to the Rozel Kingdom.

And yet he would be leading the alliance.


After thinking about it for a while, they magnanimously said, ‘we’ll help you’…

As they were proud of the size of their countries, neither was very happy about the decision.


That being said, history had already proven that if each country acted on their own, they would not be able to resist the Rozel Kingdom.

Furthermore, it was also true that the power of King Rosyth’s country was also necessary.


And so both King Gillbed and King Fardam would work to create the alliance.




Ultimately, it was decided that in the areas where there was trouble regarding borders, they would set up military blank areas and agree to not invade them.


In other words, the matter was postponed.

What was dangerous about this, was that both sides felt that they had ‘compromised on the issue.’

It was clear that it would start again in the near future.


The alliance would last for three years.

And once every year, they would open a conference and listen to each other’s opinions.


As for the specific contents…


  • All four countries would sign a nonaggression pact.
  • If one of the four countries was invaded, the others would send reinforcements.
  • Every country would support King DeMorgal in the rebuilding of his country.


Those were the terms.

As for the scale of the reinforcements that were to be sent, it depended on the scale of the enemy army…etcetera. There were parts of the pact that were worded vaguely.


But if it was too clear, it would result in instances where you had to prioritize other countries over your own.

Everyone just cared about themselves.

And so every country would go at their own pace.


It was at least a lot better than before when everyone was dragging the other down.



After that, there was a more light-hearted conversation, and the conference ended successfully.




And now, we return to the present.




“The Anti-Gallia Alliance, huh? It must have been suggested by King Almis. After all, he will benefit the most from it.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s simple. That is the one country that doesn’t share a border with us. They aren’t all helping each other. They are helping him. The other three countries. The alliance has no benefit for King Rosyth. That’s why the other three countries will try harder to keep him in.”


In other words, that increases the power of King Rosyth’s country.

So he was essentially the leader of the Anti-Gallia Alliance.


“Huh… That young man clearly put a lot of thought into this.”


Curiu sounded impressed.

Curiu had seen Almis as a young king of action.


But now, schemer was added to that evaluation.


“Really? It’s quite obvious to me. Well, even if it is obvious, the other countries had no choice but to join. I will commend him for insuring that. But that’s how much they fear the Rozel Kingdom.”


Mari shrugged her shoulders.

King Rosyth’s country was the first among those of Adernia to push the Rozel Kingdom this far.


Without King Rosyth’s country, they could not have stood up against such a strong foe as Rozel.

This war had proven this to every other country.


“What is even more advantageous to the Rosyth country, is the nonaggression pact. As long as they have that, the three countries will not be able to apply sanctions to their military activity.”

“I see… Gillbed and Fardam will be so busy dealing with us, that they won’t be able to expand to the south. DeMorgal’s country is also connected to our border, and there are no other countries they can invade in the area. On the other hand, King Rosyth’s country is…”


There were many small countries in the south.

They could invade them as much as they wanted.


And since their borders weren’t connected to the Rozel Kingdom, they could dedicate their entire force to these invasions.

Of course, the Belvedere, Eville, and Zoldias Kingdoms also existed…


Belvedere and Eville were partly dependant on the Rosyth Kingdom, and the Zoldias Kingdom did not have enough power to go against them.


King Rosyth was going to use this alliance to expand their territory.



“That being said…haa…the reason for this recent defeat… At least sixty percent is because of me. And I would say the other forty percent is because of you?”

“Personally, I would put eighty percent of the blame on you, but it was me who led the armies…”


Mari and Curiu had dark expressions.

What kind of insults would be waiting for them when they returned…?


It made them sick to think about it.


“The problem is this peace. If we are forceful and say that we will continue this war until we take back our lands, we might be able to push through…”

“It’s King Rozel… He’s adamant that we hurry with this reconciliation. Considering how little time we have, we can’t really grumble too much. We have to compromise…”


They both sighed deeply.

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