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127 Part 1

Breaking the curse

Torture officer: “Walk!! Who said you can sleep? Pig b.itch!!”

Lydia: “…”


A pained expression could be seen on the face of Lydia, the Rozel Kingdom’s secret agent.

Lydia was forced to stay awake for four days straight.


Before she is sent to the camp of the Rosice Kingdom, Lydia underwent several tortures inflicted by the Equus tribe.

Whipping, nail plucking, water torture… etc.


Lydia withstood all of it.

She withstood all of it with her loyalty towards the Rozel Kingdom.


Well, she is under the curse where her heart would be ruptured if she does speak up, and that is another reason why she withstood all of it.

Lydia does not intend to die too.


When she was first captured by the Equus tribe, most tortures were inflicted with the intention to make her feel pain.

Lydia is an excellent sorcerer so she managed to alleviate the pain with her skills to a certain extent.


That’s why the torture officer has constantly used extreme methods…


Ever since she was passed over to the Rosice Kingdom as a prisoner, there was a change in the plan.

She was only given plain meals all along, but after she arrived in Rosice Kingdom, she’s properly given two meals a day.


There were also no tortures intended to inflict pain to her.

However, that does not mean that the tortures towards her have mellowed down.


It’s quite the contrary.



Torture officer: “Well then, walk. Thirty rounds! I will let you sit if you walk for thirty rounds!”

Lydia: “…I got it.”


She walked staggeringly in the prison cell.

Right at her sixth round, she lost her balance and collapsed.


Immediately, cold water was splashed over her head.


Torture officer: “Get up!!”

Lydia: “Ugh… P-please… L-let me sleep…”

Torture officer: “I will not allow that. Well, walk. I told you to walk, didn’t you hear that?!!”


The torture officer grabbed Lydia’s hair and shouted into her ears.


The torture officer actually wanted to let her sleep.

It may be easy to misunderstand that torture officers are sadists but the reality is different.


To prevent drastic actions, only honest and earnest ones were chosen to be torture officers.

The purpose of torturing is not to cause sufferings, but to force the information out of them.


However, the purpose of this torture is to cause suffering.

Or at least, that’s what the torture officer thinks.

The reason is because the instruction to force information out of her was not passed down.


Lydia: “W-will you let me sleep if I talk? P-please. I-I’ll do anything so…”

Torture officer: “I did not receive any instructions to force information out of you, b.itch. I was just told to torture you.”

Lydia: “N-No way…”


Despair surfaced in Lydia’s eyes.

The torture officer forcibly made Lydia stand up.


Torture officer: “Well then! Walk!!”

Lydia: “Impossible, impossible… L-Let me sleep…”

She repeated deliriously as if she lost her mind.


Lydia could not walk even a single step further.


The torture officer sighed.


Torture officer: “Bring the feather over.”


The instruction was passed down to the subordinates.

Lydia’s facial color changed.


Lydia: “N-no!! N-not that… Forgive me, forgive me please… I-I will walk…”

Torture officer: “No way. Be quiet!!”


Lydia was bounded on the chair and her legs were forced open.

Her beautiful bare feet were exposed.


The slave brought the goose feather over.

White, beautiful feather-


The goose feather was placed on Lydia’s bare feet.


Lydia: “N-No… Hee!!”


The feather was stroke against Lydia’s white bare feet.


Lydia: “Hee, heehee, heehahahaha!! S-stop!! I’m turning weird. I’m breaking down!!!!”


Lydia’s laughter echoed…




Almus: “How is it, Yuria? She has been weakened this much.”

Yuria: “Yes. At this point, the curse can be broken.”


It was not that the Equus tribe or I were torturing Lydia because we were sadists.

It was all to break the curse that Lydia was under.


A curse is like a chain that’s wrapped around the mind.

To undo the curse, it is important to weaken the mind.


This is quite a difficult thing to do.

If Lydia spilled the information, her heart will be ruptured.


There was a need to torture Lydia constantly at a level where she could barely withstand it.

However, it is difficult to control physical tortures.


That’s why there was a need to attack the mind directly.


Yuria: “But you have really thought of the plan well, to not let her sleep and attack her with tickles.”

Almus: “Stop saying that with the implication that I am a pervert, I just happened to know about that. …Also, I tried my best to devise a plan to not leave scars on her body.”


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