127 Part 2

If we were to instruct the torture officers in this world to weaken her mental state as much as possible, who knows what kind of dangerous torturing tools they will bring out?


Forcing the head into hot water, slicing off the nose and ears, changing the bone structures with crushing devices…

Tearing apart the heart and sexual organs…

Forcing down weeds and causing addiction dependency…


There are too many tortures that are too extreme for women.

For that matter, lack of sleep and tickling will not damage the physical body.


There is a huge damage to the mind but… it will take a week before she totally loses her mind.

It’s only the fourth day now.


I’m sure she will recover soon.

Well, it’s a little iffy since I’m the only who’s talking about it, but I think it is the right way to do it.


Or rather, I do have skepticism towards the effects of the torture.

It could be a case where one spouts nonsense to escape from the reality that one doesn’t want to know.


For accurate information, interrogation is better than torturing.


Yuria: “Well, I will quickly go and break the curse now. I will be back.”


Yuria grabbed a large amount of medicinal herb and headed for the prison.

After that, she will intrude into Lydia’s mind and break the curse.


By doing this, her heart will not be ruptured.

We will be able to retrieve accurate information from her.


Almus: “You have to make this a success. If not there’s no meaning to her receiving those tortures.”

Yuria: “Who do you think I am? I’m the best sorcerer in the Rosice Kingdom.”


Yuria closed one of her eyes.


I only realized that’s a wink, ten seconds after Yuria left.


It was just too terrible…




Yuria: “…”


Lydia gazed into the empty space with dead eyes.

Right now, Lydia was allowed to be seated.


However, since the chair was extremely unstable, it will topple over if she falls asleep.

Even so, she gets to sit and think of nothing, and that’s far better than walking.


Looking at Lydia in that state, Yuria apologized in her mind and started preparing for the sorcery.

Magic fragrance was imbued into weeds, opium and the others; these were then placed in several parts of the jail cell and lit up with fire.


A huge magic circle was drawn on the floor with Lydia in the center of it.

Lydia just looked at that with vacant eyes.


Yuria dripped blood onto the magic circle and mixed her own magical power into the magic circle.


She then placed both her hands and a huge amount of magic was poured into it.


With a magnitude that’s hundred times greater than that of the average person, the magic power surged into the magic circle all at once, and it illuminated with harsh lights.


After Yuria has activated the magic circle, she approached Lydia.


Yuria: “You can sleep now. Get down from the chair and lay on your side, on the floor.”

Lydia: “R-Really?”

Yuria: “Really”


Lydia collapsed from the chair.

She pressed her face on the ground and fell asleep.

Yuria placed her hand on Lydia’s face.


Yuria: “Well then… will the curse be broken?”




After sending Yuria off, I headed towards another prison.

In that prison, there was a blonde lady bounded by chains.


It was Alice.


There was no reason to torture Alice so only her physical movement was restricted.

The bed was also hard, but she was able to take some rest, and her meals were the same as those of the common soldiers.


Almus: “It has been a long time.”

Alice: “…It has been a long time. King Almus. What brings you here?”

Almus: “I came to implore you.”


I sat in front of the jail, and have my sight on the same level as Alice’s sight.

Alice quietly shook her head.


Alice: “I am happy about your intentions but that wouldn’t do.”

Almus: “Hmm. To be honest I don’t know the reason behind your loyalty for Prince Alde. From what I’ve heard… you haven’t been treated very well, weren’t you?”


I have already heard about Alice from a servant who worked at the palace in the Demorgal Kingdom.

It seems like Alice was always beaten up by Alde.

Also, she has received other terrible treatment from him.


I kind of suspect that it might be Stockholm syndrome but…


Almus: “Why did you pledge loyalty to him?”

Alice: “I did not exactly pledge loyalty to him. It’s just that…”


Just that?


Alice: “…It’s nothing.”


I see…


Almus: “Well, that’s fine. I will come here again tomorrow.”


After saying that, I left the place.

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