128 part 1

Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles

Chapter 4 – The Seige And The Spider

Episode 128 – Peace Negotiation


Three days had passed since the formation of the Gallia alliance.

A peace negotiation was held with Rozel kingdom.


The negotiation took place in a city closest to the borders of Rozel kingdom and king Dermogal’s territory.


Each king from both sides of Adernia attended the negotiation, while Mari and General Kuryu* were the representatives from Rozel kingdom.




King Muzio of Equus broke the uncomfortable silence weighing on everyone.


“We, the Equus tribe, dispatched our troops in light of repaying our debt to King Almus. Therefore, we demand no compensation or territory from Rozel kingdom.”


Muzio glared at Mari after making such statement.


“However, the shamans* of your kingdom wreaked havoc in our country. We demand your apology and compensation for that.”


(Hmm, he dared bring that up at this moment. I thought he would’ve avoided airing the kingdom’s dirty laundry in public. But I guess this is an appropriate time to get angry, isn’t it?)


Mari scrutinized Muzio’s reaction.

Muzio’s tremoring hands were an indisputable evidence of the magnitude of his anger.



“What evidence have you got?”


“There was a Gallian shaman in the rebellion.”


Mari smiled.

“There are also Adernian shamans in our kingdom. Just because the Gallians are behind the insurrection, that doesn’t mean that they are our spies.”


Indeed, there was no evidence.

A powerful incantation was utilized upon every spy that was deployed abroad to prevent information leaks.


Even in a kingdom advanced in sorcery such as Rozel kingdom, there were only a handful of shamans who could utilize that sort of high-level incantation.


Actually, were there even shamans who could undo that incantation in Adernia?


Mari was taken aback by Muzio’s retort.


“The culprit confessed and claimed that she operated under the orders of Rozel kingdom to inflict confusion in our country.”


“… Really?”


Living in style for over 500 years was not just for show, making facial expressions exceptionally easy to read like an open book.


Mari understood that Muzio was telling the truth.


However, she insisted on a confirmation, just in case.


“I apologize for being crude, but I’d appreciate it if you could produce this said culprit.”


Muzio signaled his guards.

A moment later, the guard dragged in a woman with hands bound behind her back – it was Lydia.


It was difficult to confirm her facial expression since she had her head hanging down and hair covering her face.

But the slight trembling of her shoulders was evident.


“Show your face.”


The guard grabbed Lydia’s hair to reveal her face to Mari.

She was ghastly pale with teary eyes.


Mari let out a quiet sigh.

She then turned around to face Muzio.


“I don’t know her. Who could she be? I’d be troubled if this merely a stunt you pull.”


“How dare you so impudently ….”


Any evidence presented would be meaningless unless Rozel kingdom conceded.

And Rozel kingdom had no reason to concede.


No matter how much evidence was put together, it would be good enough to be dismissed as a hoax.


In the first place, deploying spies abroad was a commonplace practice embraced by every kingdom.

What was the point of blowing this matter out of proportion now?


Nevertheless, Rozel kingdom’s influence would weaken should an apology be declared.

That must be avoided at all costs.


This was diplomacy, not a trial.


If the Equus tribe only instigated this allegation against Rozel kingdom in private and did not disclose it to other Adernian regions, there might still be a possibility for compensation, though an apology would be pushing it.


Rozel kingdom might have to pay hush money regarding this matter anyway.

But then again, it would be consolation money camouflaging as a gift for the new king’s inauguration nevertheless.


Alas, Muzio had disclosed this matter to other regions.

It was unwise of him; and a little too late to take back even if he could.


If he desired compensation, he should have presented this allegation in a confidential diplomatic meeting with Rozel kingdom.

This would be Muzio’s diplomatic failure.



However, from Rozel kingdom’s point of view, dealing with the repercussions and criticisms from neighboring countries would be way more problematic than making a deal to pay hush money in a confidential diplomatic meeting.

If the king of Rozel’s loyalty were to be doubted, the lords within the kingdom would feel the reverberation as well. This could lead to the destruction of the kingdom.


The vengeance against Rozel kingdom would then be a great success.

Being perfectly aware of this risk, withdrawing now would be the wisest choice.


“Well, no matter. Now I understand what kind of kingdom this is. This matter will be known all over the world regardless.”


“No matter what you say, the truth is the truth.”


With a face as white as a sheet, Lydia was dragged out of the room.


Thus the prelude to the negotiation was over.

What followed was a full-scale peace negotiation.



On behalf of the kings of Adernian regions, Almus read the prepared conditions.


“Our demands are the following seven points.”


First, we demand the acknowledgment of our territory.


Second, we demand the restoration of the original territory to the kingdoms of Fardam and Gillbed.


Third, we demand compensations for kingdoms of Fardam, Gillbed and Demorgal 500 Tarlants* (13,000 kg of silver) each, as well as 1,000 Tarlants (26,000 kg of silver) for Rosice* kingdom. (A total of 2,500 Tarlants.)


Fourth, we demand Prince Aldo to be handed over to Demorgal kingdom.


Fifth, we demand the coronation of Prince Carlo as king of Demorgal be approved.


Sixth, we demand the release of the Adernian prisoners of war that had just occurred during this war.

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