128 Part 2


Seventh, we demand a three-year cease-fire agreement to be signed.


Almus had finished reading.


Kuryu and Mari ridiculed those demands.


“They aren’t even worth considering.”




The two of them shook their heads showing derision.

Then General Kuryu stood up and stepped forward.


“I’ll accept the first, fourth, fifth, and sixth demands. However, I cannot conform to anything else. Don’t take us for a joke!”


Kuryu’s expression transfigured into ire.

A poignant countenance indeed.


Nevertheless, it was evident that tension was running through both Kuryu and Mari.


“There seems to be some misunderstanding. Let me reiterate. We were not defeated by you. If you persist with your standpoint, please do keep in mind that it is possible to regain our territory immediately.”


Mari glared at the Adernians.

However, her piercing glare did not faze the Adernians.


King Gillbed finally stood up and conveyed his rebuttal.


“Well. I see you are rather unreasonably obstinate. If that is the case, I could not show mercy. After all, our soldiers are burning with vindictiveness, ready to take arms anytime.”


That was a lie.

The powerful clans in Gillbed kingdom surely desired for the war to cease.


For the first time in decades, not only they had managed to acquire some territories from Rozel kingdom, but also formed an alliance as well.

They did not wish for further exploits.

The powerful clans in Gillbed kingdom were thinking along those lines.


The uncovering of such inclination by the Rozel kingdom was the only fear they possessed.


In other words, king Gillbed was bluffing.


“Lady Marin/Marlin*, Lord Kuryu, aren’t you required to return to tend to a dire condition as well? It seems like your country’s backyard is on fire. I reckon it would be wise to extinguish the fire sooner rather than later, wouldn’t you say?”


Almus implicitly hinted on the Germanisians and the Gallians of the northeast region.

Incidentally, Almus was oblivious regarding their uprising.


The information regarding this threatening state of affairs was being transmitted here via the falcon post and post horses, but still yet to arrive.


While it was merely a speculation based on the flurried withdrawal of the Rozel kingdom, there was also some hope left.


“Backyard? Well, what could you be referring to … the backyard of my house, perhaps? There are many beautiful flowers (poisonous plants) flourishing in the backyard of my house. I don’t think there’s any fire, though.”


Mari feigned her ignorance perfectly.

She did not look agitated at all.



(… Could king Almus have found out the rebellion? That being said, anyone could make a speculation. Was he trying to ask a leading question to get information out of me?)


(Se doesn’t look perturbed at all … could my speculation be inaccurate? However, their frantic withdrawal was a given fact …)


Weighing in on each other, both of them exchanged silent gazes.




The negotiation had drifted in an unsettling turn of affairs.

Only one thing was certain.


Both countries desired peace.

Otherwise, someone would have walked out of the meeting already.



This marked the beginning of the negotiation.

It was unthinkable for Adernia side to accept those terms of peace either.


The weighing and balancing would start from here.


The negotiation commenced.



“We cannot accept the return of the territories to the kingdoms of Fardam and Gillbed.”


Mari was scrutinizing the two kings.


“But I think there is room for negotiations regarding the compensation.”


It was easily understood just by observing the situation with respect to the disputed territories.

Should their territories be reduced, the powerful clans in the kingdom would be dissatisfied, and hence distrust against the king would increase.

The kingdom would face great criticisms especially when the powerful clans became this negotiation’s target of repercussions.


But the compensation was not something as obvious.

It was merely a disappearance of the king’s assets.


It should not concern the powerful clans at all.


Rozel kingdom had a much more centralized system than the various kingdoms in Adernia.

However, the support from the powerful clans was still crucial.

In other words, the fate of the feudal nation rested in the hands of the powerful clans.



“But 2,500 Tarlants is too much. It’s not the amount we can approve.”


“… How much would your country approve?”


“One thousand and five hundred Tarlants.”


“You must be joking!”



In the end, a common ground between both parties was yet to be reached.



Author’s note:

1 Tarlant = 26 kg of silver

Even if Snowden blabbed, there had been no country that could destroy the alliance with the United States**

Even if Lydia blabbed, it would not directly affect Rozel.



Translator’s note:

* Inconsistencies in the previous translations: Kuryu or Curiu. I decided to use Kuryu in my translation. Please let me know what to use for future chapters.

* In the previous chapters, I believe the word “sorcerer” was used. However, I think “shaman” is more accurate because the author uses the kanji for “witchcraft (that utilizes curses) master” instead of “magic user”.

* I wasn’t able to find any references regarding their currency in the previous translated chapters, so I’m going with “Tarlant” (plural: Tarlants). Please let me know if this is acceptable.

* There are inconsistencies for the name of this kingdom: Rosice/Rozyth, etc. I left it as “Rosice” in my translation. Please let me know which term to use for future chapters.

* Previous translations used “Marin” but it should have been “Marlin” according to how it was written in katakana. I’m leaving it to the editor to decide which to use. (I put Marin/Marlin in my translation).

** Perhaps the author is trying to compare the Snowden case with the case with Lydia in the story. The author even uses the same sentence structure for both statements.

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