129 Part 1

Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles

Chapter 4 – The Seige And The Spider

Episode 129 – Secret Diplomacy


“I’m scared ….”


Alice’s voice trembled as she spoke.

She wrapped her arms around her own body while looking down and continued,


“What’s going to happen to me if I go against him …?”

“Even if you didn’t, you could have been beaten as well, right?”

“If everything would be forgiven after being beaten, then ….”


She mumbled.



When training an elephant …

A thick rope was tied around a young elephant’s leg. The other end of the thick rope was tied to a large stake.


The young elephant would desperately try to escape, but it would not have enough power to break free.

That way, the young elephant would give up trying.


After the elephant became an adult, that mentality would remain. So even if its leg was tied to a small stake by a thin rope, it would not escape.



Alice’s situation seemed to be similar to that elephant.

She must have been trained at an early age.


Alice’s stake was Aldo.


However ….


“Aldo isn’t here now. It’s about time he’s taken into our custody. And most likely, he will be executed. Then you’ll be free.”


Alice was still looking down.


Ah ….

I guess I could only go so far today.


Only four days had passed, and if I continue to persevere patiently, she would gradually regain her spirit ….

Or would she?


I was not a psychiatrist, so I had no idea.

Julia was a shaman. However, she was unfamiliar with mental conditions where sorcery was not involved.


How many days … no, how many years would it take for Alice to become independent?






“Please have a seat. Lady Marlin.”


Marlin sat in the chair as recommended.

There were only the two of us here.


“May I ask you sone thing?”

“What is it?”

“Isn’t Gallia Alliance prohibiting individual peace without consent from other members?”


To prevent member allies from acting on their own, the Gallia Alliance prohibited its members to conduct individual peace treaties.

If each kingdom moved independently, it would be pointless to have an alliance.


“Peace treaties are indeed prohibited. However, negotiations are not. It would be wise to read the provisions carefully.”

“… I see. So, what are you going to talk about? Don’t tell me that you’d like to chat leisurely about Japan.”


That was puzzling.

How did she know I was Japanese?


I realized that Marlin was Japanese because I heard her chanted spells in the language.

But I had not been speaking in Japanese.


Could she possess some kind of Blessing?



“No, I’d like to discuss about the peace treaty. … I’m fully aware that the Rozel Kingdom will not accept it.”


Rosice national income was about 1,000 Tarlants (26,000 kg of silver).

Rozel Kingdom was a large country with more than ten times my national power ….


The estimated national income should be around 10,000 Tarlants (260,000 kg of silver).

During the talk, Rozel Kingdom was demanded to pay a total of 2,500 Tarlants.


It was a quarter of my national income.

A quarter … in my opinion, they had the capability to pay that amount without a problem.


However, their sentiment would not allow it.

Even if such a large sum of payment was demanded, Rozel Kingdom was not cornered enough to oblige.


It was indeed cheaper to pay the demanded sum than to continue fighting the war, but the actions of human beings did not always based on reason.

Sometimes we acted based on emotions.


It was doubtful that King Rozel would accept it.



“However, it’s a fact that both sides want the war to stop.”

“Oh? My kingdom can still continue the war without a problem, though.”

“I suggest you better not act so tough. There’s a rebellion going on, isn’t there?”


I finally received the information.

It seemed that the tribes in the northeastern part of Gallia had rebelled, and Germanis were invading across the river.


In particular, the Germanis led around 100,000 people for the invasion.

According to the information, Germanis brought their families and livestock and forcibly entered the country.


The situation would be similar to an invasion by armed immigrants.

From Rozel’s perspective, it had to be dealt with immediately.


They could not afford to have their troops play around in a place like this.


“Hmm … as I suspected, it was your scheme, wasn’t it? Well, whatever. So what are your conditions?”

“Here they are.”


I presented the conditions.



First, we demand the acknowledgment of our territory.


Second, we demand compensations for kingdoms of Fardam, Gillbed, and Demorgal 100 Tarlants (2,600 kg of silver) each, as well as 200 Tarlants (5,200 kg of silver) for Rosice Kingdom.


Third, we demand Prince Aldo to be handed over to Demorgal Kingdom.


Fourth, we demand the coronation of Prince Carlo as king of Demorgal to be approved.


Fifth, we demand the release of Adernian prisoners of war that had just were captured during this war.


Sixth, we demand a three-year cease-fire agreement to be signed.


* Rosice Kingdom could not obtain any territories, and hence they demanded more for reparations.



“Hmm … 500 Tarlants. Well, we could pay this amount, but ….”


Marlin had an unsettling look on her face.


The amount of reparations was suddenly reduced to one-fifth.


It would raise suspicion.


“Would you be able to convince the Adernian lords?”

“Oh? Are you worried about me?”


Her answer would be “yes”.

Rosice Kingdom was the leading power of the Gallia Alliance. Moreover, it was also the kingdom that was most likely to act on its own to attain peace.


So if we urged for an early ceasefire, the other three kingdoms would have to consider it as well.


In the first place, Rosice Kingdom fought the most in this war.

Demorgal Kingdom owed Rosice Kingdom a favor for the help they received in the past. Aside from that, the King of Demorgal was incompetent as well, although I could not say that firmly.


Both Gillbed and Fardam were … newcomers that jumped in and participated.

So they did not have much influential voice.


If Rosice could receive the same amount of reparations as Demorgal Kingdom, it would have been very satisfactory.


Or rather, I should be contented enough having reclaimed our territory.

I was just getting Demorgal Kingdom to cede a little.


“Well, that’s fine. I shall convince them.”

“I’m glad to hear that. By the way, about the prisoners of war in custody ….”

“We’ll return anyone below captain-rank commanding a hundred troops. We’ll keep captain rank and above in our custody. We’ll keep the shamans in our custody as well. Common foot soldiers won’t worth any ransom. And speaking of ransoms ….”

“It’s 2,000 Tarlants (52,000 kg of silver).”


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