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132 Part 2


“When do you think the accession will take place?”

“Well… I’m hoping for a month or two. Our first priority is to stabilize the country.”

After that, we discussed the specific schedule for the accession.

This does not mean that the decision is made, but it is better to have an approximate time.

After the topic of the accession, which was half small talk, we finally got down to business.

” Can you lend Prince Aldo to us?”

“…Prince Aldo? Why?”

“To let Alice kill him.”

First, we have to free Alice from Aldo’s spell. If she kills Aldo with her own hands she should be able to realize that there is nothing binding her anymore.

“Umm… why for such a slave woman… ah, I see!”

Carlo made a strange face, but then he resolved something on his own and made a satisfied expression.

He grinned and then began talking.

“I’m not afraid to cooperate if that’s the case. …However, public executions are a popular pastime. A lot of people want Aldo to be publicly executed.”

Public executions are like a festival.

In France, the citizens of Paris used to gather in the square to watch the guillotine execution, and all the rooms in the surrounding buildings were rented out just for the execution.

Then, to provide food and entertainment for the people gathered there, approval was given to set up food stalls, and it became a festival.

Then, people who were not interested in the execution but wanted to have fun at the festival gathered and it became a big event.

So, it will be a great event, huh.

Such is the case on the Adernia Peninsula.

Moreover, Aldo, the condemned criminal, is a member of the royal family and a war criminal who brought the Kingdom of Rozel into this country.

The people would love to see his public execution.

“How about something like this then?”

Hearing my suggestion, a smile appeared on Carlo’s face.

“That’s a good idea, it would be very profitable. Let’s do it, King Rosyth.”


Now we’ve taken care of Alice’s case.

Next is the prisoners’ case.

I could negotiate, but I think… Lulu is better at that.

“I’ll leave it to Lulu.”

Carlo also seemed to have similar thoughts as he also let his subordinate do the negotiation. A civil servant who was standing behind him took a step forward.

The civil servant and Lulu started a heated discussion.

Carlo and I watched.

Good Luck, Lulu!




The civil servant’s face got paler and paler.

His color changed like a traffic light, from red with anger to blue.

…This is not good.

“Then, 90% for us whereas 10% for you. Is that okay?”

“No, it’s not.”

I suddenly spoke up and lowered Lulu’s head.

The civil servant and Prince Carlo looked confused.

“It is true that our country played the larger role in this war and it is also no mistake that most of the battle results were achieved by our soldiers and generals. However, our soldiers were able to fight in an unfamiliar foreign country because of Prince Carlo’s guidance. It is thanks to the people of this country who gladly provided us with a place to sleep that we could fight. They did us a great favor. I think seven to three is a good ratio.”

Of course, my country is seven, and Prince Carlo’s country is three.

The civil servant and Prince Carlo were shocked because I reduced my share from 90% to 70% willingly.


Are you okay with that? King Rosyth. As for me, I owe a debt to your country. You didn’t get your territory from the Kingdom of Rozel. The land we are ceding to you is not very large. The compensation is also small. If you want all the prisoners, I am willing to accept…”

I shook my head.

“No thanks. I didn’t save you for profit. I started the war in order to fulfill my righteousness. As a result, we fought against the Kingdom of Rozel and other neighboring countries, and sacrificed a lot, but we were able to fulfill our duty too. That’s enough for me.”

Carlo’s eyes welled up as if he was moved by my words.

He grasped my hand firmly.

“King Rosyth, what a great man you are. I suppose a man like you is a true King.”

“You’re praising too much.”

I smiled shyly.

I can’t tell you that Rozel gave me a thousand turrants as ransom.

“But this doesn’t make me feel any better. Let’s make this convenient for you. Are there any prisoners of war that you would like to have?”

“Well, I would like someone with blacksmithing skills and someone with wool weaving skills.”

When I said that, Carlo looked at the civil servant.

It seems that it is manageable.

It’s a win-win situation.

“But… King Rosyth, just 70%?”

“It’s nothing. We’ve already won enough.”

Diplomacy is not just about picking off the other side. Especially when the other party is a friendly country.

Even if I make a profit now, if that means having a bad relationship with a friendly country it will ultimately be a loss.

“But Prince Carlo said it was okay, didn’t he?”

“Even if Prince Carlo thinks it’s a good idea and agrees with it, it doesn’t mean the nobles and people will agree with it. Some of them may not even be willing to pay a small amount of land to our country.”

A country is not run by one person. We need to make all the upper echelon happy.

“I see. So, it’s not just a matter of talking down the other side?

“That’s how it is.”



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