Chapter 140 – Economic Reform 2


“Next is… dealing with the prisoners of war. What should I do with them?”


The number of prisoners of war acquired by my country is 11,200.

The population of my country was 250,000 before the war, and the number of newly increased population is uncertain, but it should be around 120,000. Therefore, the total population should be 370,000.


In other words, we got about 1/30th of our total population as prisoners of war.


And this would be… about 4 million if compared to Japan.


Yeah, the Japanese population is large.

The 10th place in the world.


Again, Japan is quite a big country.

It’s not noticeable because there are America, China, and Russia nearby.


I came to a different world and realized it twice.

If Japan came to this world, the kingdom of Rosyth would blow away.


“What does your Majesty want to do?”

“I want to use all of them as a labor force.”


Approximately 10,000 labor force.

There are many ways to use it.


For example, the construction of the capital city, roads, hydraulic control and irrigation that had been canceled due to the war.

If you put in 10,000 slaves, it should be over in no time.


You don’t have to pay wages after all.


After that, it can also be used to expand agricultural land.

The slaves in this world are like tractors.


Basically, most farmers own two slaves.



“Can we support 10,000 people?”

“I wonder? But this year’s tax was a good harvest… We can cover it for at least a year. I think it depends on the harvest next year.”


Hmm …

Slaves wouldn’t sell for much.


The reason is that if a large amount is put into the market at once, the market principle will work and the prices will drop.


“Let’s categorize them for the time being. We sell beautiful people, rebellious people, injured or sick people, and sickly people. Sell Woolen craftsmens cheaply to the Equus tribe. Definitely keep those with talents. And keep the others on reserve. ”


Whether to sell the reserved group or make it a labor force…


“Let’s call Ains for the time being.”


Let’s ask a business expert for his opinion.







“That’s right … when it comes to 10,000 slaves … isn’t it about this much?”


Ains told us how much they’d sell for.

Well, it’s cheap.


“Then it’d be better to make them work.”


I have to buy grain.

It will be expensive if we buy it from a Cretian merchant…


Should we buy from the kingdom of King Belvedere?

It is an agricultural country as much as my country, and now they should be in trouble due to lack of money.


“By the way, Ains. My country wants to start a new industry… Are there any things that Cretia and Lezzad are missing now?”

“Something Cretia and Lezzad are missing…”


Ains had a troubled expression on his face.

It seems Creatia already has everything that can be produced in my country.


“Oh, that reminds me …”


“Did you know that Cretia was defeated by Persis?”


I have heard about it.

It seems that the homeland of Cretia has been conquered by the Persis Empire.


However, it seems that Ains is not so shocked.

The Cretians are originally an ethnic group with strong independence.


Although it was a suzerain, it was a different city-state.

Although it was conquered by a foreign country, I wouldn’t want to send reinforcements or help them.


Or rather, I wouldn’t be able to help them.


Although it is a problem that the business became difficult.


“Actually, Persis prohibits the cultivation of hemp and opium poppies.”


That is also…

What about magic and medical treatments?


“Persis strictly prohibits anyone other than the royal sorcerers from studying or using magic  to prevent assassinations. Cretian conquered by Persis is no exception, and many hemp and poppy fields seem to have been burned. Really, it’s a terrible thing. ”


Well, I wonder how much hemp and poppy fields Creatia had.

90% of their intended use is a luxury item, isn’t it?


“If it is produced in the kingdom of Rosyth, we can make a lot of money…”


It’s a devil’s whisper.

I know it’s profitable.

It will certainly make a lot of money.


But as a modern Japanese, is it okay to do it?


Selling drugs to other countries and making a fortune …


But even if we didn’t do it, someone else might do it.


Besides, recently many countries on Earth have tended to lift the ban on hemp, and poppies can make morphine.

Isn’t hemp and poppy ethically safe?


In the first place, I had tolerated the domestic production of hemp and poppies

Because it is necessary for the sorcerers.

I was planning to regulate it in the end, and I was in the process of preparing for it.


As a matter of fact, signs of it being in fashion are beginning to appear in my country little by little.

This is unpleasant.


It may be better in terms of maintaining public order to crack down on it thoroughly before some people grow it poorly and make a monopoly on it.


“… Well, I’ll think about it.”

“I’m expecting a good reply.”


Ains smiled.

That smile probably had no malice in it.


For them, narcotics are just a luxury item.

He may even think that it is good for health.


“The rest is the trees. There is a chronic shortage. I need a big tree to build a ship… I have cut down all the big trees in the territory.”


Trees, huh…

They don’t regrow quickly.


Once it became a bare hill, the vegetation did not recover.

On the contrary, every time it rains, a landslide occurs, which is a serious problem.


There are many untouched forests in my country, but when it comes to large trees, they are mostly used up…

No, there was that!


“Big trees, maybe I can do something about it.”


“Oh. I can’t talk about it in detail, but… I’ll contact you again when I have a chance.”







“So what do you think of it?”

“It’s the Romalia Forest.”


Raymond stared in wonder.


“Sure… there is untouched wood over there. Not only that. There should be a lot of animals… Griffon’s curse will be solved thanks to His Majesty…”


The forest of Romalia has big trees… There are many trees that are well over 100 years old.

There are also trees with thick trunks that can only be surrounded by a few adults.


And the ship needs a big tree.


Cretian three-stage and five-stage ships have parts called keels.

This is the backbone of the ship and its life itself.


And the keel is made from a single tree.

Therefore, in order to make a big ship, a huge and strong tree is needed.


“It’s a good time, and I’m thinking of effectively controlling the Romalia Forest.”


“Effectively control it…?”


That’s right.

If that vast forest could be incorporated into our territory, our national power would jump up.


And a surprise attack on King Gillbed’s kingdom and King Fardam’s kingdom will be possible.




“Let’s reclaim the land. And make villages in various parts of the forest in a way other countries do not notice them. The main industries are forestry and animal fur. The profit margin is high. And slowly increase the villages and connect them with a road. After building a road throughout the forest to facilitate the movement of troops… declare it our territory. ”


I, the son of Griffon, rule over the Romalia Forest.

I already have a justification.

The country’s name will also be Romalia.


The Kingdom of Romalia will be established only after controlling the Romalia forest.


I am confident that I will win even if it leads to a war.

There is locational advantage there after all.


There’s no way I can lose.


In that case, the usage of the prisoners of war will be decided naturally.


“Gauls are accustomed to the forest. They are the perfect slaves to use for reclamation.”


To prevent rebellion, the ratio of Adernian and Gaul slaves should be 5:1.


And tell the Gaul slaves, “I will release you in thirty years. By that time, the land you have cultivated is yours.”


There’s no mistaking that they would work with great joy.


Well, I can’t just reclaim the Romalia forest.

There is still a lot of land that can be used as agricultural land in King Rosyth’s country.


You can’t eat wood or fur, but you can eat wheat.

The country cannot be established without securing food.


The relative importance of that area can be considered later.


Also, it may be better to do tree planting activities at the same time.

No matter how much the tree sells, it will be exhausted if it is indiscriminately cut.


That’s right…

To avoid the curse of Griffon, cut the trees systematically while also planting trees.

Should I explain it like that?


Curses are convenient tools.


“That’s why Raymond. Let’s get ready now.”



I shouldn’t forget to get permission from Griffon.

Although I think it’ll be okay.

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