Episode 135

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“Hey, you two. How long are you going to be stupefied?”

“Doesn’t this excite you, Almus?”

“Not at all.”

I answered Julia’s question with a big shake of my head.

In fact, it didn’t matter.

I can’t use spells to begin with.

I can see spells and sense them, but I can’t ……

I can’t cause some kind of phenomenon like female spellcasters can.

Because I am a man.

Men can’t formulate spells well.

I can’t be obsessed with something I don’t know if it exists in the first place.

I was more concerned about the things in front of me, money, territory and women.

“Maybe my magic formula is also part of Akashic Records.”

Tetra muttered.

Well, if you’re going to tell me that everything in the World is written down, you are bound to have found a formula or two.

“Do you two want to use magic?”


“Not really.”

They both shook their heads in unison.

They didn’t seem to be interested in magic itself.

“With magic, incurable diseases could be cured and dead people could be brought back to life!”

I’m not going to say who, though.

“Well, the person who taught me sorcery told me that the life of a dead person melts into the earth and becomes one with the World, and the soul resides in the next life. This is called a life cycle. The World continues to rotate and live by this cycle of life. This is why immortality is a forbidden area that people should not touch. Absolutely not.”

It’s a view on life and death that I’ve heard of on Earth.

I guess people everywhere think the same way.

Master Griffon also said that magic rewrites the Laws of the World.

If a lot of people use magic, the World will be unbalanced.

That would not be good.

Maybe, I don’t know.

“Master Griffon said that the last person who used magic died. I don’t want to die. I still want to be with Almus.”

Tetra’s cheeks flushed, and she leaned against me.

I stroke Tetra’s soft hair and twirl it around my fingers.

“But you do care, don’t you?”

“A little bit about the World.”

Tetra gave a small nod.

“Is there even any Laws of the World?”

There’s no such thing after all, is there?

At least that’s what I think.

No matter how much you look for it, it’s not there for humans to reach.

If God had created the World, he would not have put it in a place where people could reach it.

“Well, it’s true there’s no point in thinking about it now.”

Julia hugged me and pressed her lips to my cheek.

“I’m more interested in something else right now.”

“That’s odd. Me too.”

I brushed Julia’s hair back and pressed my lips to her forehead.

Then, I kissed her on the cheek and started biting her ears sweetly.


“Now that the war is over, why don’t we have a second one?”

I lick Julia’s lips once.


Tetra hugged me from behind.

She made a lonely sound and pressed her bulge against my back.

“Later I … please, I’m leaving now …”

“Oh. Thank you. Tetra. I love you.”

I said that and turned around.

When I turned around, she grabbed me by the cheeks with both hands and forced my lips to meet hers.

Tetra’s soft tongue entered my mouth.

Her tongue moved as if it were alive.

I was surprised when it came out of nowhere.

I moved my tongue to match Tetra’s.

Our tongues intertwined in a complicated way.

The saliva overflowed and spilled from the gap between our lips.

I sipped and swallowed the Tetra’s saliva.

It tasted vaguely like honey.

Tetra also sucked up my tongue while I sucked up her saliva.

We both sucked on each other’s saliva.

I couldn’t tell which one of us was losing or gaining any saliva.

How long have we been twirling our tongue around each other… I didn’t know.

Tetra finally parted her lips from mine, as if she was having trouble breathing.

A bridge of saliva hung between us, breaking off in the middle.

Tetra scooped up the broken bridge with her fingers and put it in her mouth.

“Hmm… tastes like Almus…”

Tetra had a foolish expression on her face, her gaze wandering into the void.

She got up immediately.

“I’m out of here then. Good luck, both of you.”

For some reason, Tetra left the room with a triumphant expression on her face.


When I turned around, I saw Julia with puffy cheeks.

Her eyes were moist.

“What were you doing?”

“No, Tetra forced me to…”

It was a surprise attack, you know?

It’s not my fault.

I was in charge from the middle, though.

“Please don’t get mad at me.”

“I’m not mad at you.”

Julia said and turned away.

I grabbed both of Julia’s cheeks with my hands and forced her to face me.

“Forgive me. I will do anything you want.”

“Then kiss me.”

Julia shut her eyes.

Then our lips met.

…… This is an indirect kiss between Julia and Tetra, right?

Don’t worry about the details.

Two weeks have passed since I returned to my country.

It’s been a hectic two weeks.

Disbanding the army.

Construction of facilities to house prisoners of war.

Confirmation and implementation of treaties signed with other countries.

Then, we’ll coordinate the date and time of reparations with the Kingdom of Rozel.

When it’s all over and we had just caught your breath…

It happened.

“Dad! Dad!”

Julia shouted in a sad voice.

His father-in-law opened his eyelids slightly.

“Shut up. Julia…”


Julia hugged father-in-law.

Father-in-law gently stroked Julia’s head.

Last night I heard the news that my father-in-law had collapsed.

My father-in-law was unconscious for a long time until today evening.

“Father-in-law, here is your medicine. Please take it.”

“There’s no point in taking medicine now.”

My father-in-law pushed away the medicine I offered him with his hand.

“It’s a painkiller.”

“…I see.”

The father-in-law lowered the hand that had been restraining me.

Painkiller… means that there is no medicine that can improve the current situation.

All that can be done is to ease the pain of  death.

“I’d like to drink from Julia’s hand.”

That’s okay.

I handed the bowl of medicinal water to Julia.

Julia scooped up a small amount of the medicinal water and brought it to father-in-law’s mouth.

There were only three sips of the medicinal water that the father-in-law was able to drink.

Then he closed his eyes as if he was exhausted.

Two weeks ago he was fine. But now he is like a dead tree.


“…because it’s laced with sleeping pills.”

Julia smiled sadly.

Julia looked at her father’s condition and decided that he could no longer be saved.

So that he could die comfortably. ……

“Brother, do you have something to say?”

Raymond asked, holding pen and paper in his hands.

“… Grave in the same place as my dead wife, please. The funeral should be… simple, I might say, but… lively, please.”

My father-in-law turned his head toward me.

His eyes were vacant and did not capture the light.

“All patriarchal rights of the Rosyth clan house shall be inherited by Almus. All vassals must also be loyal to Almus. I don’t need to tell you anym…”

His voice got quieter, little by little.

“I want Julia’s son to be next in line for the throne, Almus.”

My father-in-law looked me squarely in the eye.

Perhaps he couldn’t see me, but his gaze never wavered.

“… Do what you want to do. Don’t worry about me.”

Father-in-law then closed his eyes.

Julia took her father’s hand and took his pulse.

“He fell asleep.”

After that, my father-in-law never woke up.

“Julia, do you want a drink?”

After the grand funeral, as per father-in-law’s dying wish.

While Julia was alone looking at the night sky, I came to her with a jar of wine.

Julia gave a small nod.

I poured the wine into a glass cup made of Persis.

“I was wondering how I could comfort you. You seem to be doing better than I thought.”

“I knew he was going to die. He lived ten years longer than he was supposed to. He even got to see his grandchildren.”

Julia smiled, just a little.

She didn’t seem to be in good spirits, but she didn’t seem to be depressed either.

Julia poured the wine down her throat.

Without missing a beat, I poured some wine into Julia’s glass cup.

“Drink up. Drink up.”

“…You’re going to mess me up when I’m drunk, aren’t you?”

Already starting to get drunk, Julia twined her arms around me.

I can feel the richness of her breasts.

I was not hungry after a funeral.

Well, my father-in-law looked pleased.

“Julia…what are you doing?”

A grumpy voice came from behind me.

Tetra with a jar was standing there.

Tetra’s gaze was on my arm where Julia’s breasts were pressed against it.

My arms were trapped between Julia’s cleavage.

“You can’t, can you?”

Julia smiled triumphantly.

“I can do it.”

Tetra, too, came over to me and pressed her chest against my other arm.

Tetra also had a good chest.

However, it was not as good as Julia’s.

You can feel it properly, but it is difficult to pinch it.

Julia seemed to have the upper hand this time.

“Storing unwanted fat…”


Tetra’s expression twisted.

“You guys, don’t fight with me in between you.”

I sighed.

I could see that Tetra was trying to cheer up Julia, and Julia was taking advantage of it. ……

I want you to choose the means and the place.

“I need to talk to you about something serious.”

“Who are you going to do it with?”

Tetra licked her tongue.


“Hmm, the three of us!”

“Not that one either!”

What the hell do they think about me?

Sure, the succession issue is an important one.

Not now!


“Okay, okay!”

Julia began to take off her clothes.

No, this girl.

“No, I’m not talking about that.”

I dressed Julia who was half naked.

“I think I’m going to build a nation.”


Julia tilted her head.

“Almus is already the King, isn’t he?”

Julia had a curious look on her face, as if she didn’t quite understand what I was saying.

“…You mean you’re going to create a country where you will be the First King?”

“That’s what I’m talking about.”

I affirmed Tetra’s words.

“I’m going to dismantle the Rosyth Kingdom and create a new one from scratch, with me as the founder. The Rosyth clan will no longer be royalty and will be replaced by a new clan of my relatives. Yes, let’s call them the Julius clan.”

The country’s name will also not be based in the King’s name, as the country of King Julius. …No, there’s a better name.

I think I’ll call it the Kingdom of Romalia, after my other father, Master Griffon.

There is no longer a need to put King in the names of countries after all.

“Let’s see. Then the next throne will belong to…”

Julia sounded a little uneasy.


Tetra shouted loudly.

Tetra shook her head significantly.

“No, Almus. Anos has Cretain blood in him. The Rosyth Kingdom’s population is mostly Adernians, and the only powerful people are pure-blooded Adelnians. There will only be needless confusion and fights over it.”

I patted Tetra’s head.

A slightly surprised expression appeared on her face.

“I’m sorry, Tetra. I thought about it a lot.”

I looked back at Julia and hugged her tightly.

“I’m sorry to worry you. I’m not trying to destroy the Rosyth clan. I’m the patriarch of the Ars and Rosyth clan, after all. I also have the will of the previous King. The next King will be your son. That will never change.”

“…I’m sorry. I…I…”

Julia let out a fading voice.

She seems to have fallen into a state of self-loathing.

“Julia, it is nothing to worry about. I’m not interested. I’ve fallen from a great family once. And it will only make you unhappy if Anos becomes the King.”

Tetra smiled at Julia.

Tears overflowed from Julia’s eyes.



They hugged each other tightly.

I think…

I am pretty certain that these two are lesbians.

“By the way, your clan name is going to be ‘Julius’, right? What about the family name? How about ‘Romalia’ after Master Griffon?”

“No, Romalia will be the name of the country.”

Well, it doesn’t matter if you match the family name with the country name.

To be honest, I’m worried that it might irritate the powerful families and commoners.

“King Almus has taken over the kingdom of King Rosyth! Or something like that?”

Well, actually, yes, but face-to-face and facade are important.


Tetra brought her face close to mine.

Tetra’s beautiful sky-blue eyes came closer and closer.

So close that our noses almost touched each other.

“What about Caesar?”


How did you get that name, Tetra?

“What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing, but… I was wondering why ‘Caesar’.”

Tetra pointed her finger straight at me.


“Gray. Almus has gray eyes.”

Come to think of it, the Adernian language is very similar to Latin.

Isn’t that strange?

Gray eyes are a very rare color.

Blackish gray is common, but “rat color” gray like mine is rare.

Or rather, I have never met someone with the same eye color.

“Why not? Caesar. I think it’s nice.”

Julia agreed with Tetra.

“Julius” and “Caesar”


But he didn’t become a King, but I did, so I’m better than him.

Oh, I’m going to build a country now, aren’t I?

Wouldn’t someone from the clan try to stab me?

Well, that’s fine.

It was Tetra’s decision.

From today on, I’m…

“Almus Julius Ars Rosyth Caesar.”

…It’s long.

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