Chapter 143 – Commoners 2


The origin of the matter was that a powerful family of the Ars clan suffered from financial difficulties and imposed an extra tax.


Before the war began, I promised the commoners a tax cut.

It is a temporary taxation just before that.


The commoner got angry at this.

However, it did not immediately lead to an armed conflict.


At that time, the commoners also reluctantly paid the tax.


However, after that, the situation suddenly changed.

One of the sons of a powerful family violated a commoner’s daughter.


The daughter was keeping her virginity before her marriage.


That daughter ended up mentally ill and committed suicide.


Naturally, the family and the fiancée protested and a trial against the family started.

However, as a result of the trial, the son of the family is not guilty.


And the depressed family was assaulted by a private army on the way home.


This news spread to all territories.


The angry commoners united around the soldiers that survived the war.

At the same time, an armed uprising occurred.


And it surrounded the mansion of the powerful family.







“What are you doing? Really… By the way, the gentry should have always had a certain number of soldiers… What are they doing?”


“It seems that the soldiers also went to the commoner side, right?”


Hearing Raymond’s report, a sigh leaked from my mouth.

Well, soldiers are also commoners.


Although they love their hometown, their loyalty to the powerful family is suspicious at best.


“What are you going to do? Your Majesty”


“No matter what we do, we have no choice but to suppress it.”


If they only protested, I wouldn’t dispatch the army either.

I would’ve persuaded them one way or another.

However, if you move to violent behavior, the story is different.


Of course, the family is guilty.

However, the commoners who have moved to violent behavior are also guilty.


“Collect the soldiers who are rushing to the road construction immediately. Head to the site within two days.”







The collected troops number at 3,000.

The regular army I led approached the territory of the powerful family where the rebellion was taking place.


I feel like the soldiers are somehow restless.


“Ron, I hate it that I’m asking you to do something dangerous, but… go and tell the rebels that ‘There will be a fair redo of the trial. Disperse at once. Bring the leader of the rebel army. Otherwise, we’ll have to suppress you with armed forces.’”


The soldiers I lead are commoners, and they are also commoners.

I think both sides are at fault, but the commoners don’t think so.


You must be sympathetic to the rebels.

Even if you fight in this situation, you may not always be able to win overwhelmingly.


Rather, there is even a risk of losing.

The people do not want to turn to the enemy.


“I understand. I’ll try to convince them somehow.”







Ron came back after dark.

As soon as Iar looked at me, he shook his head.


“No, I was so excited that I couldn’t talk.”


“Really now…”


There is no way.

Are we going to suppress the rebel forces?


“But… what are they looking for?”


“No… Many of the commoners who make up the rebel army are asking for a redo of the trial. However, the mastermind is excited about something… and insists that he will break the politics of the powerful tribes!”


In other words, is there a big difference in thinking between the mastermind and the soldiers?




It may be early to think that it will still be an armed conflict.







The next day, I crossed the territory and invaded the rebellious territory.

And at noon of that day, I arrived near the mansion of the powerful family.


From a distance, you can see that the crowd is surrounding the mansion of the tribe.

They were all armed and their armament was no different from the regular army.




After building a simple position on a hill a little further away, I said to the soldiers.


“You know what happened. The bad thing about this is the unequal trials of the tribes, but at the same time the armed uprisings are also bad. They should’ve come to me before they thought of settling matters by using violence. I don’t like bloodshed. There is no tragedy big enough to kill each other among the same people. So I told them I’d redo the trial, but they refused. They were excited and turned a deaf ear to me… Is there anyone that has relatives or friends in the rebel army? If so, please come forward. Please persuade them. ”


Soldiers started to rustle.

After a while, several men raised their hands.


“My daughter is married here. Maybe her son-in-law is in attendance.”


“My younger brother is adopted as a son-in-law!”


“My friend is from that territory !!”


“My cousin has immigrated!”


I looked around their faces one by one.


“I want to ask you guys. I want you to persuade your friends and relatives. I will make a fair judgment. As a king, I swear to God and to you. Tell them that I do not want conflict.”


“”””Yes! Your Majesty!””””




It’d be nice if this improves things.







“Roswald, come forward.”


“What is it? Your Majesty.”


“If a battle occurs, the infantry is likely to be useless. In that case, your cavalry will take the lead… If it turns out bad, the cavalry alone will end up fighting the enemy.”


Currently, we are negotiating with the commoners who make up the rebel army, not the mastermind.

They don’t want much.

They just want the trial to be redone.


And I promised to redo the trial.

However, the mastermind seems to have a different idea, so I can’t talk about it.


Then, we negotiate directly with the commoners.

From the mouth of a close person, I think they would trust me.


However, there is a possibility that the mastermind still wants to fight.

I have to prepare for the worst.


“When the war starts, the morale of the enemy should be low. I will show you that they can be defeated only by the cavalry. They do not have a commander after all. If we wrap around to the side and flank them, it will be over.”


Rosward says something reliable.

He became better…


It seems to be a lie that a few years ago, he couldn’t handle the provocation of Regal Debell and resulted in more casualties.


“It’s reliable to have personal guards at such times.”


“We are on your side no matter what… But what is the mastermind planning?”


According to Ron, it was to break through the politics of the powerful tribes. They didn’t say anything about me, but I think they want to eliminate me in the end too.


However, I am very popular with the commoners.

If you openly identify me as an enemy, no one will follow you.


Therefore, it seems that he avoids mentioning me as much as possible.


However, what is worrisome is…


“Why aren’t you dissolving the rebel army? Either way, when I promised to redo the trial, many rebels would have thought they had served their purpose. Morale should have been greatly depressed. In this state, you can’t even win against an army weaker than yours. ”


They’d just die in vain.

I would’ve given up because the opportunity is bad.


“It’s weird, isn’t it? The timing of the uprising is bad in the first place. They should’ve started the revolt after more dissatisfaction gathered, after gathering more people and started a huge war… Now, not to mention defeating the royal government, they can not even defeat one of the powerful families.”


Two of them are perplexed.

They may fundamentally have a different purpose.


“Perhaps… their purpose is causing a large number of casualties?”


“In other words?”


“The mastermind may be from another country. And their purpose is to sow discord between me and the commoners…”


If so, this battle is even worse than I thought.


“It seems that this matter needs to be resolved without blood.”







When the sun completely went down, those who went to persuade came back.

I called them and heard their response.


“How was it?”


“It seemed like they were thinking about it. They wanted some time to think about it…”


It is not possible to maintain a state of civil war forever.

Because it gives a chance for other countries to take advantage of us.


“Okay. We’ll attack at noon tomorrow. I’ll wait for their reply until then.”


I told them so and then let them gather the soldiers.


“I’m going to launch an attack tomorrow at noon. I don’t like bloodshed… but if they want it, there’s no helping it. I’m the king. I have a duty to bring peace to this country, so if it threatens peace, I can’t leave a person alone forever. I won’t forgive him, whether it’s the people of this country, the gentry, or the slaves. However, I will definitely do a fair trial. I promise this. ”


The facial expressions of the soldiers are dark.

However, there are no signs of disturbing or extreme decline in morale.


Even if it becomes a battle, it seems that they will fight as it is.

Well, it’s okay if you don’t escape in front of the enemy.


Then the Rosward cavalry will destroy it with flanking maneuvers.







Early morning the next day.

I approached the rebels with only a few cavalry, including Rosward.


The equipment of the rebel army was almost the same as the regular army…

But their condition was completely different.


They didn’t notice that we were approaching.

Even if they noticed, they couldn’t form a formation, and the formation that was finally assembled was a poor one.


And the encampment location was also terrible, and it seems that most people are laying on fur and sleeping together in a huddle.


We approached the limit of where bows and arrows and throwing spears could not reach.


“Lulu, Soyon. I entrust this to you two.”




“Let me take care of it.”


The two jointly knit a magical ceremony.

One of the magics developed by Tetra, loudspeaker.




“Rebels! I don’t want bloodshed, but if you guys want bloodshed, I’m not going to forgive you. I’ve said it many times, and I’ll definitely redo the trial again. I promise. So There is no point for you guys to shed blood! Dissolve immediately. Also, the rebel mastermind is suspected of communicating with another country. Turn yourself in and explain the circumstances. If you do not disband by noon… I consider you an enemy. You should know that I will not forgive you. ”




The purge of the Debell clan scared many powerful tribes.

And it wasn’t just the gentry who were afraid of me. The commoners should be the same.


Rebel soldiers are becoming noisy.

At the bottom of my heart, I might have thought that they wouldn’t attack me.


It seems that they have now noticed the magnitude of their sins.

And the people’s anger is a temporary thing.

As time passed, it would draw back like the tide.


The daughter was raped, but for most commoners it was someone else’s story.

Even if you get angry temporarily, you will forget that anger over time and become calm eventually.


If they do not disband with this, there is no other way but to suppress the rebel forces.




As I said that, I left the place.







There was no contact from the rebels even at noon.

There is no other way.

I just told the soldiers that they would attack as declared, and went out.


Arrange the formation and head for the rebel army.

The rebels were informed of the attack, but they were not ready to intercept.


“Get ready!”


The soldiers held a spear with my command.

It’s a wonderful phalanx.


On the other hand, the rebels were not able to form a formation at all.






It was when I was about to issue an attack order.

One of the rebels escaped.

Starting with that, the rebels rushed out all at once.


We haven’t even clashed yet, but they have totally collapsed.


“… Do you want to chase?”


“No, it’s good.”


I won by default.

I don’t think they have the morale to rebel again.


“Roswald. You don’t have to kill the rebel soldiers. Catch only the mastermind.”


“Yes, I understand”


Thus, the rebellion had an unbeatable ending.

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